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  1. Logically speaking, yeah, it would make sense for security to have at least basic access to each department; but gameplay wise it's funny to watch frustrated officers waiting for the AI probably more balanced for them not to; given the how easy it would be for them to chase antags or get more supplies; you could also argue it's a strength that only security borgs should have to benefit the team more.
  2. Honestly I've always preferred the idea of time-locked things over karma, but I don't really see that happening. You can't change the feelings of what make people want to give karma, so I'm afraid you may just have to try new things until you find something that works. Myself? I've never really been the kind of person to get a lot of karma; even with following the tips like playing doctor. Unfortunately the only actual advice I can give for earning karma is to play a character that's easily noticed (See: spark's friendly robot person, or gimmicky/meme'y characters) or playing a noticeably good antag; I recall getting the most karma at once by being a pretty good shadowling after taking over an SSD one.
  3. I like the third idea, but not the first or second. I dunno, I just get the vibe of cult but with two players in one body.
  4. rb303


    Will miss you Shadey, it's been nice having you around.
  5. Softsuit, actually- Hardsuits require the helmet to be attached beforehand, and the captain's softsuit actually has very good protection, almost double that of a standard security armor vest, except it covers your whole body and protects from more damage types.
  6. Creative and realistic ideas, but ultimately I don't see it happening; mainly just because people who play vulps like having tails and a variety of footwear. That and getting organ damage, which requires surgery or mitocholide to fix, from just taking chest damage from anything seems like it would just be really annoying. Flashes damaging eyes hurts enough.
  7. I found out about the Barotrauma game via 4chan while I was bored, tried it out and saw on the website that it was inspired by SS13. Naturally I wanted to give it a go since I loved sci-fi games and loved Barotrauma. Didn't get very far when I tried spess back in 2016 for my first time, dropped it then came back a year later when I was bored and playing Barotrauma again, got into Paradise and enjoyed it a ton so I stuck around. Now I'm trapped. Help me.
  8. If it was someone I didn't know and had nothing else to eat.. then sure, as much as I hate the idea of disrespecting the dead and stuff I'm still gonna go for survival first and apologise later.
  9. rb303

    how to fix vox

    oh no, a vox inevitably died and got brought into medbay, what do? First things first, get some formaldehyde in it. Usually found in the coroner's black locker, formaldehyde prevents the body from decaying any further. This is important especially when fixing vox that have been dead for a long time to prevent them from turning into skeletons. One unit is enough, but if you're in a rush just use a syringe and inject 5 units (5u). Next, you'll actually get to wanting to revive the vox, to do this make sure that the combined total brute, burn and genetic damage is below 150. This step is very important. Once you've done this, bring the corpse to the cryocells, turn one on and force feed the body a strange reagent pill, often made by chemistry if they're competent enough. This chemical will revive the body if the total combined damage as mentioned before is below 150, if not the body will explode. Once the body lives again, quickly inject them with an emergency autoinjector and shove them in the cryocell, then wait until they are fully healed. Once done, eject them from the cell and quickly shove them into a sleeper, if it is fully upgraded put as much charcoal and salbutamol in them as possible, and 20u of omnizine if you can. Vox revived from strange reagent will be suffering a lot of toxin and suffocation damage, and these two chems will help counter that. Take them out and inject them with a full syringe of spaceacillin to kill any small infections. The next step is surgery, put them in the bodyscanner and get ready to prioritise. The first thing you're gonna want to fix depends on what's fucked, If the heart is dead FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY. Vox will die quickly if the heart is rotted, to fix dead organs including the heart use surgery to extract them, drop it on the floor then splash them with a beaker containing 5u of mitocholide, 1-5u is fine but it's generally easier and faster to just quickly transfer 5u from a bottle. Once you've done this, quickly pick it back up and shove it back inside, if it was the heart you took out defibrilate them immediately, then close up the chest if the lungs are fine too. The next priority is any internal bleeding, you may need a bloodbag IV drip attached, but the salbutamol you pumped into them prior to this should prevent death from it for a while. Once you've fixed any bleeding and revived the organs as mentioned before you'll probably have to fix a few dead limbs, simply cut them off and splash them like organs, then reattach them and remember to reconnect the tendons with a hemostat.. and finally, fix any bones. If all goes well during this lengthy procedure, you should have a fully revived vox who is either very thankful or SSD. Be proud of yourself either way. Should the vox die during any point of the surgery, keep defibrilating them. Strange reagent is an awful chemical and should only be used as a last resort. If the vox is awake during surgery, call for someone to bring you hydrocodone, a painkiller which will prevent surgery mistakes. If it is unavailable, simply ask the vox to sleep, or inject it with a ton of ether. If you're slow, asking for help via requesting chemicals like Perfluorodecalin or charcoal to keep the vox topped up on medication that removes the toxin and suffocation damage. Keep in mind, I'm very aware that I'm missing quite a few tips, like filling a spraybottle with mitocholide then spraying a pile of organs to heal them all at once, but this guide was more intended for doctors who haven't had time to prepare for vox and have suddenly gotten a dead one that they need to fix ASAP. I expect a ton of "you can do this and that which is faster", but in my experience this is what is the simplest and has always worked for me.