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  1. Yes. This is something that makes the cult particularly threatening in a way that other antag types aren't at present. Overall I suppose the game mode isn't awful, but the major problem is that the cult has a way of permanently removing players from that round's security. As HoS I've tried making up for the losses by demanding that deconverted cultists join security—particularly the more belligerent or violent cultists, or cultists directly responsible for soul-sharding—but this rarely works. I think the problem is that people are IC/OOC obliged to support the cult when they've been sharded or
  2. Well they would, if it afforded any actual privacy (and it's close enough to a high-traffic area that there's always someone looking in) so at the moment, they don't.
  3. This post is a bit older, but CMD is a discussion point that comes up on a regular basis so I'll weigh in. Riddle me this: if we do implement Clone Memory Disorder, exactly how much is the cloned character meant to forget? Everything about their killer in specific? Everything from the moment they started the shift? (A little too broad for my tastes, but at least it's something that can be consistent). If security (as I often do) sits down and asks, "What's the last thing you remember before waking up in the cloner?" exactly how far back is the cloned victim's memory supposed to be blank?
  4. So, disclaimer: my understanding of contractor isn't that solid. I don't know how much potential bonus TC a contractor can earn, or how much TC is awarded per successful capture. I'll operate on the premise that Spark is being literal with the "almost 40+ TC" comment, but anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong. I think the big problem here is that the two roles aren't designed to be combined: Contractors are supposed to have high TC, but their weakness is that they're strongly discouraged from going loud and lethal. For hijackers, they're given freedom to go for maximum lethalit
  5. I think it would be interesting, but mind you it would need to be an ability that can be manually toggled on/off by the changeling host, or it'd be a (very risky and ethically dubious) way for security to verify whether or not a subject is a changeling.
  6. Plasmamen and Vox being inherently spaceproof. Vox raiders, the gamemode. Mutiny, the gamemode. Shadowling enthrallment being entirely undetectable and irreversible. Shadowling thralls having their own glare ability with a lengthy stun duration. Changelings having a paralysis sting and needing to use proboscis absorption to get genomes. Gamma armory was attached to the station by default (albeit heavily fortified) so the crew could theoretically hack their way in and loot it outside of a Code Gamma situation. The old Bay chemistry system, emphasizing f
  7. Wanted to try a couple of different perspectives. Basically I wanted to have one sketch of Cecilia at a high angle and another from a low angle. My idea was to make it look like she was being reflected in something like a pond or a window, but I'm not quite sure I got the angle right for that. It turns out you can gank one of the deadliest megafauna in the game by just swarming it with killer tomatoes. I admit I've sort of shelved Kirsten as a character (as it so happens, she shares a name with a server regular who's been around for longer so I prefer
  8. The cargo drop pod tablet is a cool idea. There’s already the null crate system for traitors in cargo to try for extra gear, but I’ve noticed that with how crowded the station gets, it’s essentially impossible to pull off discretely—placing illicit orders is difficult enough since the QM, AI, HoP and other cargo techs can all see what orders are being queued and by who, and then of course actually retrieving a null crate from cargo when there’s so many other cargo techs around is a crapshoot at best. The supermatter sliver is an interesting idea. Permadeath is always a brutal business, bu
  9. I admit, this prompted me to look up how MIG welding works. I never realized how inaccurate SS13's depiction of welding was until now. Alright, I'm responding specifically because you solicited advice here. If you do want to get better, my very first piece of advice would be to figure out a way to fix this. I know with social distancing rules it definitely doesn't make sense to pick up a sketchpad at this particular moment, but whenever you're comfortable, the way to become better is to just have a sketchbook out and to be working on it. I'm definitely not an elitist abou
  10. I've never tried 4th edition, so I can't provide any sort of expert opinion there. That said, I'd say SR 5e's rules are written and organized poorly in the book, but make sense when they're put into practice. Between D&D and SR, it felt like Shadowrun's rules and character creation were thought-through a little better than D&D. One of my pet peeves with D&D 5e is that the races all follow Star Trek logic, in which the full gamut of dwarves, elves, etc. can be described as, "Just like humans, except considerably better in numerous ways with no real tradeoffs compared to humans" wher
  11. I strongly agree here. As it is, Code Blue for 'suspected threats' barely, if ever, gets any use. If officers find a husked corpse with a missing ID in a locker, the response isn't "Oh, maybe this is a murder victim, maybe just a freak accident, Code Blue while we investigate," instead the sensible thing is to conclude "this person was murdered and looted, probably by a changeling. Code Red." Frequently even if I, as the HoS, only get partial reports and feel the alert should only be set to 'Blue' while the detective and security finish investigating, frequently the rest of command will
  12. I don't mind the nicotine addictions to an extent--before this change, cigarettes were a minor buff to someone's abilities, so at least this is somewhat more sensible that someone who's huffing cigarettes won't be in very good shape compared to someone who doesn't smoke. That said, I agree with what's said here that the withdrawal and addiction thresholds are ridiculous, especially taken in direct regard to each other. It's stupid to experience nicotine withdrawal to the point of having a paralysis-inducing migraine while actively indulging the addiction by smoking. There's no way to sustain o
  13. PSA 2: Weapons on Patrol The annoying thing is that the Sec players who need this advice the most are the ones least likely to listen to this advice: Running around with your weapons unholstered makes you considerably more vulnerable and liable to be attacked than if you're patrolling with holstered weapons. "But Machofish, having my weapon holstered just means I have to click more buttons when I see a threat! That split-second could be a life-or-death matter!" And yes, that is a strong argument. Unfortunately, SS13 logic causes it to be false. Wins often go to wheoe
  14. This would be an interesting mid/late round event, I'd be onboard so long as it's implemented as a 'major event' along the vein of terrors, swarmers, blob, xenos, etc. I'm pretty sure this idea's been thrown around before. I haven't seen too many major issues regarding vox traders myself but some of the repeated concerns I've heard from server staff include: Back when vox had much tighter lore cohesion, vox raiders would often get unusual breaks from vox amongst the crew, regardless of their actions. Eler00 touched on this above. Given the server environment these days, I find only a
  15. I'm experimenting with seeing how useful my work can be as an educational resource for new sec players. I'm not sure how many new sec players look at this thread, but I keep seeing the same mistakes repeated over and over again in regards to dealing with certain threats. If this gets positive reception I might release more visual PSAs for new security. So, my first topic here is going to be a few basic pointers on xenomorph combat: Second piece of advice: Head protection. Of @Fursamie's character, Domitia Aquila. First time I've
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