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  1. I did this exact same thing once. Little did I know the path they would take in disposals was broken and I just so happened to be walking right past the break. And so begun a spiral into, well, you can probably predict what happened. Some might have even heard of it before.
  2. One thing I think I mentioned once or twice in the meeting is the concerning amount of 'singleplayerized' roles. There are roles where you are pretty much shut off from the station and have your own mechanics to play with(genetics, xenobio, viro, etc.), and those where your average interactions are so short that you might as well be interacting with NPCs(chef and R&D come to mind.) At some point in the past, something thought these features would be a cool idea without considering the fact that this is a multiplayer roleplaying game. You can have all the features in the world, but if they
  3. Oh man, we're going to be seeing so much cool art real soon!
  4. They may not all be deaths, and they may not all be stupid, but I'm shilling my thread in the Stories area anyway.
  5. I swear, it feels like you're on some quest to draw every regular here. If it means more good art, then that's great.
  6. Well, about time I tried to draw something with a bit of a story behind it. For context, I was the CMO, and one of my surgeons, Ezaera King, declared that he had implants available. I know I didn't need them, but I also got the feeling that there might be something suspicious about them. Ever the "fun"-seeker, I decided to let myself get implanted. To no one's surprise, it seemed he had got his delivery mixed up and injected a mindslave implant instead(in case it wasn't obvious, they were a traitor from the start.) He tried to get me to bring the Captain in to do the same procedure, but h
  7. Did you, by any chance, replace the regular pumps with volume pumps?
  8. Let me get this out of the way: Conversion antags are probably my favorite type, because it allows other people to join in on the fun of being an antag. That being said, shadowlings have some issues. The outcome of the round is determined almost immediately. If the slings make one slipup, then the crew will kill them all. If Security runs into maints right away, slings will win. There is no long struggle over the course of the round, it's always a curbstomp, it just changes who's curbstomping who. Cult also shares this problem, but that's another topic Shadowstep is too fast. The
  9. There are few who know the one known as Rebekah Hunter, and of those few, most probably know her for one thing: the countless deaths and disasters to befall her. Many of these incidents have memorable results, or memorable buildups, and I feel it is time to share a few of those. The Nerd Next Door Up until this point, I was having a nice, pleasant day with no incidents. Then I rolled Captain. I went through the typical motions of Captaining, up until I started hearing things about some goofy nerd in dumb robes, who just so happened to be the schmuck the Wizard Federation sent that wa
  10. What if we disabled the top 10 most purchased items temporarily and see what happens?
  11. Same, I like the style you've gone with in what you're doing!
  12. I know some people might oppose this on the sole basis of "mEtAcOmMs", but I believe the benefits far outweigh the potential negatives.
  13. Money, it's a gas. Well, if you're an IPC that runs on burnable materials, that is.
  14. In little more than five minutes, a light that had been faded away days ago suddenly shone again. Not just this light, but everything too. The power had been restored! Who were these figures, and why had they saved them? Suddenly, a message over the radio. "What, you didn't think we were gonna let the station die without a survivor to warn Nanotrasen about the guys who killed it?" And then, the ship vanished.
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