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  1. I mean, I just dislike lavaland's loot overall. It's way too powerful compared to what you get on station. You could just make it so the armor/loot/weapons/etc dont work on station other than legion core. But i agree that if the mobs arent getting nerfed you shouldnt nerf to essentials to healing either. Especially since pretty much everything there can break your bones and finish you fast.
  2. (CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO GET SCREENSHOTS) I'll word this out to paint the picture: i was a wizard, i decided "i'll be friendly" and ahelped to make sure its ok and when they said sure but there will be consequences i just thought "yes". So i teleported into scichem to gather some tools and found a nerd. When i teleported out i went to the experimentor because im a nerd and dont think. They called me out over the radio so i went to arcade where i found a nerd helping me get tickets since i didnt have an id to play the claw game. Shortly after i went to the bar and picked up some card
  3. Basically, in a nutshell, i have a fun little idea! It's basically a vending machine that allows the chaplain to dispense different "follower hoodies". For example, brown ones, black ones, red ones, blue ones, etc, some with stripes or signs and all the such. This would be a cool little thing since you can then proceed to make your own little "cult" of followers and have some fun like that. Maybe even add a "relic machine" that dispenses a few different mimics of relics that don't do anything other than look like the ones the chaplain uses and have the damage of a replica katana (which is bare
  4. Where can i obtain some commission info
  5. Judging by this i propose one last thing before i give up on the idea, i could replace tasers with enforcers and make 9mm non lethal ammo printable at a non-hacked autolathe under the security tab of it. Might as well forget the auto rifles as your right they are pretty negative but i feel that it would be good to have officers have a sidearm on them that can easily be switched from lethal and non lethal. I can remove the breaking bones (if my theory is correct). Basically my conclusion is that enforcers are a very nice weapon and its a shame to not see them in action more. I think it's time w
  6. Thanks for all the feedback anyways guys. I talked with some other nerds about it and thought i'd share it here to see all your opinions. You really should be better than calling something a player wants to talk about "dumb" as an admin. It's quite insulting and not that professional of you to go around calling what people want to talk about "dumb"
  7. How would you all feel if i replaced the energy guns in the armory (we got laser guns anyways) with auto rifles and added a enforcer with one mag full of non lethal ammo to the officer starting kit (in their backpack). I think this could be a good addition because officers could use a sidearm that can switch between stun and kill (9mm and 9mm non lethal) along with having some more bullet weapons instead of mostly laser weapons in the armory.
  8. Heya. This is just mah little thread for posting my art junk. Mostly pixel for now as im practicing getting my digital artwork with a mouse to go half an inch without a zig bump. Anyways here's what i got so far.
  10. Just a lil' thread for who you all consider to be your friends in ss13. Mine are: Dayana, Vespa, Cory, Mocha, Torque, Srusu, (gah theres a few more but my memory sucks on call.) Anyways just share your favorite nerds or not i guess *shrug
  11. As with the new updates, as slime people have had some new changes (namely the kinda broken system newcrit), along with the keeping of the extra brain damage, i feel slime pricing should be nerfed as they are more human like and not as distinct as the other high price races. I feel a repricing to 20 would fit it better as it is not as bad as a ipc but is still not that different/good.
  12. Clearance Level: Public NAME Matthew Walker AGE 24 GENDER Male RACE Vulpkanin BLOOD TYPE B+ BIOGRAPHY As a young vulp he always took an interest in research. At the age of 9 he started building simple drones capable of basic tasks. By age 16 he had decided to go to a nearby college where he learned in the fields of medicine and engineering. At the age of 18 he signed up for the USSP army where he was trained as a pilot for platoon dropships. By the age of 21 he abandoned the squad assigned to his dropship by fleeing to nearby Sol-Gov
  13. I can't explain why but the colors you draw with leave me in awe each time. You also find a way to bring out the colors really well and match them with everything else. Your art is amazing to look at and i'm glad your a part of here.
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