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Every Nanotrasen crewmember is always issued with an Identification Card, better known as an ID Card. It is one of the most important items someone can have on the station, as this thin and unimposing ID Card is what allows you to get from point A to point B on the station without being buzzed at by doors. It also allows you access to certain computer consoles or other machinery, depending on your access. Your ID contains a variety of personal information, including your name, age, occupation, blood type, and DNA hash.

A person with the rights to access an Identification Computer can edit your ID to add or remove access. It is usually modified by the Captain or Head of Personnel. Additionally, every department head has access to a department management console located in their office. This console can be used to grant or revoke department access, along with hiring or demoting staff.


IDs determine what information people can tell about you from looking at you and for Security Officers determining what job you have, your statuses, and who you are. How you wear(or don't wear your ID) determines this.

If someone wears something that obscures their face in any way, they'll be identified as the name on their ID card, not the person who's behind the mask. Priority takes place when using IDs; if you're holding an ID, doors will focus on the access applied to the card in your hand, instead of the ID on your outfit/PDA. IDs can be kept inside of a PDA, this is useful because it can be used to hide your identity while also being able to access things.


Heads of Staff ID Cards

These are often high-risk items. They provide extended and even full access to all departments. This allows people to enter restricted areas such as the AI Satellite, the Bridge, and a few other key locations.

ID Description
Nanotrasen Officer's ID
Id centcom.png
An official-looking ID, straight from Central Command. These are held by Nanotrasen Navy Officers and Special Operations Officers; people paid too much to value your existence. They are all-access, but unless you are the most robust spessman alive you will die trying to take them.
ERT Member's ID
Id ERT.gif
Held by Emergency Response Team members. An official-looking ID, straight from Central Command. They have access to everywhere on the station.
Captain's ID
Id gold.png
Held by the Captain. Colloquially known as the 'All-Access' ID Card, the Captain's gold-plated ID represents power and might. This allows the Captain to access every area and device in the station. A spare starts in the Captains Quarters. Desired by all.
Held by the Magistrate, Blueshield, and Nanotrasen Representative. A sleek, Nanotrasen-themed ID card. All of these have access to the Bridge, but very little access beyond that. The Nanotrasen Representative has the most access by default; sharing the same areas that the Head of Personnel can enter.
Head of Personnel's ID
Id silver.png
Held by the Head of Personnel. A shiny, silver ID card that shows honour and dedication. Has full access to the Service department and access to the Bridge; EVA; Expedition; Vault, and basic access to every other department.
Head of Security's ID
Id hos.png
Held by the Head of Security. A no-nonsense ID card for a no-nonsense Command member. Has full access to Security and access to the Bridge; EVA; Expedition, and basic access to other departments.
Research Director's ID
Id rd.png
Held by the Research Director. An ID card of dubious stability; it seems somebody experimented on it a bit too much. Has full access to Research, as well as to the Bridge; EVA; AI Satellite and Upload; Expedition, and basic access to the Brig.
Chief Engineer's ID
Id ce.png
Held by the Chief Engineer. A structurally sound ID card, lined with hardened materials to overcompensate. Has full access to Engineering and access to the Bridge; Teleporter; EVA; AI Satellite, and basic access to the Brig.
Chief Medical Officer's ID
Id cmo.png
Held by the Chief Medical Officer. A sterilized ID card; smells like formaldehyde. Has full access to Medical and access to the Bridge; EVA, and basic access to the Brig.
Quartermaster's ID
ID QM.png
Held by the Quartermaster. A clean ID card. Has full access to Supply department and access to Bridge;EVA; and basic access to Brig.

General Crew ID Cards

These are general crew ID cards. They provide light access to the department they're assigned to and also access to public areas such as Maintenance.

ID Description
Cargo Technician's ID
ID CT.png
Held by the Cargo Technician and Quartermaster.
Shaft Miner's ID
ID SM.png
Held by the Miner. Has full access in cargo.
Warden's ID
ID WRD.png
Held by the Detective. Does not have access to the temporary and permanent brig, but it does have access to the Detective's office.
Security Officer's ID
ID SEC.png
Held by the Security Officer.
Detective's ID
ID DET.png
Held by the Detective.
Internal Affairs Agent's ID
ID IAA.png
Held by the Internal Affairs Agent.
Scientist's ID
ID SCI.png
Held by the Scientist.
Geneticist's ID
ID GEN.png
Held by the Geneticist.
Roboticist's ID
ID ROB.png
Held by the Roboticist.
Engineering ID
ID ENG.png
Held by the Station Engineer.
Engineering ID
ID ATM.png
Held by the Atmospheric Technician.
Medical Doctor's ID
ID MD.png
Held by the Medical Doctor.
Paramedic's ID
ID PMD.png
Held by the Paramedic.
Psychiatrist's ID
ID PSY.png
Held by the Psychiatrist.
Chemist's ID
ID CHM.png
Held by the Chemist.
Virologist's ID
ID VIR.png
Held by the Virologist.
Coroner's ID
ID COR.png
Held by the Coroner.
Clown's ID
ID CL.png
Held by the Clown
Mime's ID
ID MIM.png
Held by the Mime
Chef's ID
Held by the Chef
Bartender's ID
ID BAR.png
Held by the Bartender
Botanist's ID
ID BOT.png
Held by the Botanist
Chaplain's ID
Held by the Chaplain
Explorer's ID
Held by the Explorer
Janitor's ID
ID JAN.png
Held by the Janitor
Chef's ID
Held by the Chef
Standard ID
Id regular.png
Held by Misc. Crew; Service. Standard identification cards are issued to the general staff and members of the Service department. They have an array of access depending on their job.

Special ID Cards

These are general crew ID cards. They provide light access to the department they're assigned to and also access to public areas such as Maintenance.

ID Description
Prisoner ID
Id orange.png
Held by prisoners.
Old ID Cards
Id theta.gif
Outdated/retired Nanotrasen keycards
Guest ID Cards
Id guest.gif
ID cards that can be attached to your normal ID. Used by heads of staff to temporarily grant access to a department for a crew member.
Silver ID
A regular ID with a fancy sticker on it.