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  1. Definitely in favour of using the mostly unused space to the left like that.
  2. That's why I suggest splitting off xenobio together with it into a separate job. It would mean golem production, slimecores and xenobio creature spam would be separate from RnD powergaming.
  3. Well I imagine there would be some remapping involved.
  4. Maybe you could bundle it with xenobiology and create a separate job for those two?
  5. Oh, it was hidden for some reason (still visible to admins though). I guess it's not the finished version then.
  6. While I like the idea of remapping robotics, I don't think your picture actually goes nearly far enough. It's still the same amount of space. Robotics simply needs to be bigger/have more rooms, which requires a general science remap, imo. Move toxin storage closer to toxins mixing and/or move the servers and you gain a lot of space for robotics to expand into.
  7. Personally, I think we should keep the number of players that are known to not be antags as small as possible. The entire game thrives on paranoia and knowing everyone could be a syndie. Having even more people be for sure not antags would go in the opposite direction. Personally, I think IAAs and brig docs should lose their mindshields.
  8. If your surgeon needs 20 minutes for a simple surgery, something has gone very wrong.
  9. You can already do that. You can remove them surgically like other implants of that kind.
  10. Traitor RD aren't that much worse than traitor scientists, both have full access to the RnD powergame setup. Sure, by default they can't make mechs but they can easily make the machines for it
  11. I am still in favour of replacing xenos completely with Terror Spiders.
  12. Honestly, I think death alarms should be able to be produced somehow, then we could also cut the number the BS starts with a bit. Maybe make them a mid-level RnD item with high costs.
  13. RD doesn't have a hardsuit on Para. And I don't see the need for the HoS to have one. For one thing, the HoS should be spending his time coordinating Sec and not chasing after criminals in space.
  14. Personally, I think there should be only a single loot item for defeating the death squid, just give one of the ones you have now at random. You can even just make them spawn when the squid dies like other megafauna and completely avoid the kiting away issue. Say he ate someone that had those items and you find it in his guts or something. Also, keep in mind those syndie mobs are pretty weak, especially with their slow AI. I wouldn't be surprised if someone could clear that syndie base with a single laser gun and a recharger, is that intended?
  15. He kept screaming for people to turn the PA down for over five minutes, but his headset was empd by the singulo. It was hilarious.