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  1. What would be perfect is if there was a 'paperwork' pda cartridge/pda program that replaces the document editor function of modular laptops. You could have them come with pre-defined templates you can use or modify, the ability to print or scan documents, etc.
  2. I'm not sure I agree. You could probably do a busted-open borg, or a borg lying on its side or something. Though getting one for every possible borg sprite would be a lot of work.
  3. Even if transformations itself didn't heal lost limbs, clings could simply turn into a slimeperson and then regrow their limbs that way.
  4. On the other hand, the more specific the laws, the longer they are. Longer laws means more people going TLDR, skimming or just forgetting parts.
  5. I don't want to derail this thread too much, but tldr: The idea of SR is the corpse needs to be mostly intact or it freaking gibs you, a skeleton is the opposite of intact even if this isn't represented by actual damage. EDIT: On double-checking, it appears that being a skeleton DOES prevent SR revival. makeSkeleton() gives you NOCLONE on top of SKELETON. As for the Vox buff, dwarfism has been discussed before, I believe. At the time, people were against it since dwarfism is fairly strong mechanically, but it would definitely be very fitting. The speed burst idea might be too strong.
  6. SR working on skeletons could probably stand to get changed, then.
  7. Agreed. I can easily see this being used, for example, on the poor newbie traitor that was caught 15 minutes in trying to buy things in maint, who won't be a huge threat without any TC. There's definitely players that could still be a huge threat without any items, with a tracking and a chem implant. But uh, I have a feeling they'll make so much trouble for sec during arrest that they won't get paroled in the first place.
  8. X-ray guns were nerfed, though. It was a bit ago but I believe they got across the band nerfs to damage, charge and range. They are already only effective against blobs and require high tech levels and lots of materials. Big Blobs are very strong, often warranting an ert or even more to stop. They can feel very unfair when ten of them annihilate a fresh blob just starting out, but I believe that is more an issue caused by 1) station being too small for our pop so blobs get found instantly and 2) miners getting back far too many minerals so the cost is not a real bottleneck. More generally
  9. It was brought up in the survey meeting and I was asked to make a thread explaining why I think the Brig Physician has issues. First, let's start with: What even is the Brig Phys? If you looked at Brig Phys SOP or their wiki page, you might think a Brig Phys is primarily for treating prisoners. After all, their entire SOP is concerned with what they must or must not do to prisoners and how to treat them. I also believe this was the original intention. In practise, though, the Brig Phys' primary task is treating Security members and serving as Security's private medbay. A Brig Ph
  10. If we do give them CQC or similar, we need to decide one very important question: What punny name do we give this martial art? It wouldn't be SS13 without a punny name.
  11. I think this is a good idea. Medbay getting its own janitor slash bouncer could really help, since it's such a chaotic department when things go down.
  12. IMO, we should make credible escape attempts count as an escape for execution, too. If you want to smash up your cell and try to take out the warden when he enters perma you should really expect to be executed if sec feels like it.
  13. Feel free to code a mute toggle and make a Pull Request, I am sure it would be popular.
  14. I've addressed this in my initial post, under lore reasons. But to reiterate: First, some maintenance areas are flavoured as abandoned station proper areas, which were originally meant for people to go to. Old bar was designed for people to go there, initially. Old surgery was once a normal surgery room, etc. Second, just because an area isn't meant to be travelled through often doesn't mean you don't give them any ventilation, especially on a space station. And if you're at that level of cost saving, why does maintenance have lights?
  15. Why do you propose different versions for nukies and traitors? I don't really see the need for it here.
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