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  1. Also on this topic, the current Vox sprites actually make them physically larger, and easier to attack or interact with, than other races. It's minor enough, but really noticeable, especially once you have a Vox and any other race standing side-by-side. Dwarfism would bring them more in line with the other races in terms of clickable area.
  2. Those have been my thoughts exactly. I enjoy playing Vox despite their mechanical drawbacks, simply because I find them fun to play as a race. But at the same time, I just wish for them to be brought up to speed with some of the other races, without giving them such a hug mechanical advantage that they would be THE race to play for anyone seeking to be the most mechanically powerful.
  3. On the topic of the footsteps, I feel it would be a MUCH greater boon if Para had the footstep sounds/styles present on /tg/ based servers.
  4. I agree with both of you, to be honest. What I had thrown up were some general ideas, and it's great to hear some feedback on them. The speed boost SHOULD be a temporary thing, locked to an ability like the Unathi tail-sweep. It fits the lore really well, and would allow a Vox to make a quick getaway if they need to, while keeping it balanced. As for the shock, yeah, full immunity is OP as skrek. I like the idea of having them merely be immune to the stun of it, while taking the burn damage.
  5. Vox, for a long time now, have been an integrally unbalanced race. Back in the days of yesteryear, they had a feature removed that made them space proof, but...nothing else was changed to compensate for this loss. They still remain an unclonable race, same as the significantly more powerful Slimeperson race, and only retain very small plus sides compared to the race's immense downsides (bones that are easier to break, a 20% vulnerability to brute damage, relying on specialized internals, etc.). I'd like to put forward a few potential suggestions of features to add to the Vox, and to open
  6. First Name: Esforikakiti Last Name: N/A Gender: N/A, goes by they/them Orientation: N/A, they are a Vox Nicknames/Alias: Esfor Pictures: (Art by Octus/Tokorizo) Age/D.O.B: 18 years Place Of Birth: Vox Arkship "Refugee of Lost Souls Searching the Stars" Species: Vox Primalis Blood Type: A- Alignment: True Neutral. Esfor will do what they need to do, and try to protect themselves and those around them Affiliation: Employed by Nanotrasen, sold by their Arkship. Holds minor loyalty to the "Refugee" Religious Beliefs: Follows n
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