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  1. I like this idea. An alternative could be the spark effect that IPCs have when they're drunk. Noticeable and a constant reminder for roboticists to fix the dead borgs standing around in robotics.
  2. Goon station has a system similar to what you're suggesting. Goon generally has a lot of cool changeling stuff that I hope makes it onto Paradise one day.
  3. I agree to a certain extent. I think the less doubt there is, the better everyone involved can enjoy their rounds without getting their time wasted. The issue I've run into is that people get brigged for 15 minutes for snipping a couple of wires on a camera. You and I know this is DtSA, but the new and aspiring sec officer might not. There might be experienced people around to correct it, but then they ctrl + f in space law for "cameras" and find nothing. I'd argue that camera cutting happens often enough that I don't see a reason not to include it in space law. I don't think that every single
  4. Going with my general theme of clarification to prevent speculation, I'm suggesting adding a couple of very small additions to Space Law. Firstly, adding the act of cutting cameras to code 100, "Damage to Station Assets". I've included a screenshot of the law below. I experienced a round where Security were debating whether cutting cameras would be a code 100 (DtSA) or 300 (Sabotage), and discovered that neither mention cameras. Obviously, cameras are station assets, and I personally believe that screw-driving a camera and snipping some wires isn't really worth throwing someone in the b
  5. You can also gib people with genetics syringes. Imagine a traitor running around with a rapid fire syringe gun loaded with 6 gibbing injectors and a backpack full of more injectors. It's a cheesy and objectively broken way to kill people. It's not even difficult to get a gibbing injector, it's probably the easiest one. You can still use the injectors for your antag needs, you just have to be creative about it. Like soap slipping an officer chasing you and then injecting them with every disability known to man.
  6. I like this idea as well, as it eliminates the NEED for a hud implant and replaces it with an OPTION for a welding shield implant. I can imagine Kidan playing security and antag would still opt for the welding shield implant, though while useful, not always necessary. It would, however, free Kidan playing mining, medical and science from getting mandatory implanting.
  7. I forgot that was a thing. I do agree with the general consensus on this thread, though. Vox maluses outweigh their boons. The speed burst ability might be neat, though it should be short duration with a hefty cooldown. Might encourage security to start aiming more for legs instead of head/chest with lethal weapons. Might also encourage security to just blast them because they expect changeling or adrenals right away. Hard to predict, but I'd like to see it in practice.
  8. That's what wrongful testing is. I agree. There's been a lot of interesting points brought up here, but I feel like the thread has derailed at this point. I'd like to maybe see an SOP change, but to be honest, as a sec main, I don't really see this problem occur often enough. Wrongful testing is a symptom of shitsec, and from what I've seen lately, they don't last long. The admins have been doing a good job of cracking down on them. That's not to say that the better variety of sec doesn't make mistakes, but if an overly suspicious crew member get deconverted by sec, then who's r
  9. The problem isn't with testing for cultists, there's ways for that already. The problem is wrongful tests. I don't see how adding more tests is going to solve that.
  10. There are many examples of harmful chemicals being mixed together to become a harmless chemical or, in some cases, a beneficial chemical. While it wouldn't be odd, that's not necessarily how chemistry works. Turning this into a mechanical issue won't fix the problem, it'll only add to it. Cults are nebulous by nature and security often make mistakes in an effort to stop them, due to ignorance of the gamemode or impatience. Punishing crew by dealing toxin or brain damage due to security's mistakes isn't gonna make the issue less of an issue, you create a new issue. As I stated earlier in t
  11. Depends on who's in security. I'll pass out sentences to officers as HoS.
  12. It takes 50u of holy water to deconvert cultists, if I'm not mistaken. Also, If this does nothing to cultists, then you can easily track the damages to non-culted individuals and instantly know they're not actually cultists, which seems pretty meta. I agree that there's an issue of security giving holy water to anyone who wears a gas mask in maints, but there are actual instances where security have to give holy water to suspected individuals with no cult items on them. An example could be a known cultist is apprehended in a room in maintenance with runes and a cuffed crew member. They're caug
  13. Thank you for taking the time to do this. This'll help avoid misunderstandings, and I'm excited to see how it works in practice. Would it be possible to add possession of weapon, assault and aggravated assault to escape attempt and attempted murder, murder and manslaughter to a successful escape? An often seen problem in perma is when security gets disarmed of their weapons and assaulted. Rarely do they die from what I've seen, though. Something like this might help further clarify in situations where officers are involved.
  14. Problem is, attempted murder is an exceptional crime and not capital, so it's not grounds for execution. I absolutely agree that they should be viable for execution here, but again, not according to space law/legal SOP
  15. I don't know why I always forget about that console. It's been there for years.
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