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  1. Right now, as someone who really latched onto Xenobio for one of my "Get to know the game" areas back when...I quickly found out why people either get super bored and don't do it....or why they do it and cause hell with escaped sentients that cause trouble, or otherwise create hostiles that are an issue....It gets super boring, and once you get Red/Dark Blue/Yellow....your obligation to the station is pretty much done, unless golds are needed for DNA vault. (Personally I don't get bored, but it does get slow and meandering because I refuse to become one of those people who make a mess and issues.) Anyway! Onto the idea! Using either a randomly picked gateway, or even a lavaland alternative, lets get some slime rancher in here! Xenobio would only start with a couple slimes, and instead of growing them, waiting for splits and colors...once fed enough, they produce a crystal...This crystal can be fed to other colors to make new colors...though at higher areas, the danger of creating a monsterous slime that cannot be used and require extermination. Cores would still be a thing, and used as they are now, but the crystals would be the paths for getting certain colors, and also a way for Science to make more money for the station in a way, or simply used themselves as a sort of new decorative construction component. Shiny crystal chairs, walls, ect. Could also cross into botany in that some slimes might not want to eat monkies/people (at first) but plant-matter (Beware Dionas!) Coding Difficulty: I don't code, but suspect it'd be quite hard Scope: Could be pretty large, thinking on it. Balancing: Tricky, figuring out the "Mutation" chance for coloring slimes, and if they'd become a monster, or some rarer form of color (Imagine Rainbows being very rare, needing a very quick feeding of many other colors in an order, else monster!) Was just...a random idea/suggest popped into my head after playing the game the idea is based on, and also so many people saying Xenobio is boring.
  2. To chime in a little for a bit of an idea. What about a code-locked suit thing in Mechanics, with a simple suit/helmet (space, so not EVA directly), that the Mechanic could request the code from...Say, the HoP (A roundstart paper in their office or something, akin to the PDA server code-lock thing) So while they wouldn't need actual access, they'd still need to get clearance to leave the station with such. Personally as a Mechanic, I do usually end up trying to play a minor-engineer, helping patch the station up, and patrolling around the exterior after a little space lookie loo to see what's around, so having an atmospherically sound suit is somewhat helpful, even if strictly speaking, not required for the solid job description. Also worth mentioning, the lack of pod building for the crew is also partially because of the lack of space for more than a pod or two in the bay. The Engineering Revamp actually was nice in that matter, due to the garage having space for...technically I think it was 4-6, if people park right.
  3. That just makes me wish Vox could be "Held" instead of grabbed, and with less movement penalty...and they have to resist even more to get free of such...(Then we also need shelves too)
  4. This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen, plus Karri totally would have put herself into a box to give to the few people she really considers her best friends. Sadly she only ever figured out how to shove a borg into a locker to wrap and give away, to the HoP.
  5. You weren't the only one. Same Janitor got blown up by a holo like 5 times, each time, Karri collected limbs, dragged to Robotics, and helped put them back together X
  6. From a couple days ago, just a small portion of all the gifts Karri had made that shift....So many things wrapped and given out, passed around, and thrown about....Eventually just converted the auxiliary storage into a small giving kiosk deal. She even got a medal for it!
  7. I think a place to start would be to...not forcibly make them all just gas-based chemicals poisons. Maybe a few would be gas-releases, others simply contact splashes, and so on....Keeping them more a theme and function to magically ideal things as well could be a more balance oriented goal. "Alchemist's Fire" being a flask that splashes out some fire, for example..."Blizzard in a bottle" similarly freezing an area, ice on the ground. There could of course also be positive potions in the mix, meant to be drank or given to allies, though also do so on throws, so a wizard has to pay attention to what they pull out, or drop and leave in a hurry. Things like a very short duration invisibility, a general healy potion, some form of temporary genetics powers come to mind with it as well (Minus hulk as that's a spell already). Giving this a high point cost in things would also be a bit of a balance to it, not able to take too many other things alongside it. I can see a bit of potential for just a different sort of play with wizards in this, perhaps less a bag able to grab out of, but a slow-charging, random pouch-grab thing. Slowly generates charges, and can be used to produce a random flask/potion, they can be saved and all, but aren't tiny items, small, pocket sized, so you could get a collection, but with the random generation, you wouldn't be a promised way to have all the ones you want all the time.
  8. Name: Karri Full Name: Kareen Arin Inara Age: 26 Gender: Female Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Therapist, Xeno-biologist, ACTUAL FREAKING Assistant, and most recently, Representative of NT! Biography: While of an average birth and childhood, what wasn't average was her fair bit of a learning and developmental disability. Through her childhood and early teens, she had quite a difficult time with words and numbers, though seemed quite interesting in trying to learn. Eventually she broke through with the help of therapies and tests to get to where she is now. This does leave her with a somewhat different trait in her speech patterns, making her sound less intelligent (and somewhat Voxxy, thanks to who helped her learn common) than she actually is, and she still has a bit of a hard time with reading and writing, though is capable of each, and when focused, can actually mark out a few paragraphs quickly, if a little hard to read. Luckily for her, aside from everyone's childish bully and being made fun of for being odd, she was supported well, and has developed quite an outlook of positivity, and a desire to help others, as others did for her. Security Records: Several notes of possession of objects that create light, and a lighter are present from pat-downs and searches performed over time. Conscientious Objector to Violence and Harm - Does not fight or harm anyone she views as a person if she can help it. Few non-humanoids meet this requirement, though sentience does give her pause in consideration at least. Doesn't extend to non-harmful self-defense techniques, or swatting weapons/pushing people over to try and help or run away. Medical Records: Technically member of persons in the higher tiers of function in the autism scale. Afraid of the Dark - When darkness comes, the less light she has, the more and more panicked she becomes. Former Smoker - Used to smoke, might be tempted to do so again with the stresses that some shifts bring. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): No matter what department or job Karri is assigned to, she always tends to wear an opened jacket from the uniform, her normal jeans, and carry a satchel on her hip. A lighter blond color fur coating her body, blue highlights, covering her feet and hands in a furred glove and boot look, she keeps her long hair clean and somewhat neat, and out of the way, while her tail is kept neat and she tries NOT to have it wag all the time, despite always trying to be happy and seem so. She does always seem to have faintly lost look to her, but once focus is gained, there is a bright intelligence behind her somewhat odd manner of speaking, and actually simple view of things. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Feel free to ask questions and the like in the thread, or comments, or any such things!
  9. Save the pen (which you have in your PDA, and can stash on a free ear), Folders work much the same way, offering you instead of having to flip through the papers, a select-able window to pick to go right to a certain page, or take out just that one. Much easier IMO than the clipboard which I've always used as a QM as just a quick place to stash and stamp orders and the like. (Also you should always be renaming the papers you write as an IAA)
  10. I play a human, if only because I find the interactions and trying to judge how a blue dyed, cat-ear wearing young woman would react to all these different species and situations rather fun. As for jobs, when I actually play in a round, I aim for smaller or side-role jobs, the highest I've found enjoyable thus far is being the Detective, or IAA. Quartermaster is also one I've gone into, though for the life of me, it's either boring as hell, or annoying as all hell, when the techs either decide they don't have to listen, or there just isn't any true need for cargo beyond the station goal.
  11. Question/suggestion on that, even. Possibly applicable in other spaces as well. Is one-way glass possible? IE able to see out, but not in? Shutters could come in that flavor in multiple places, instead of blocking all visual ability, simply limiting the ability to see into an area, while those within can observe without being seen in turn. (Police lineups/interrogation rooms come to mind here) placing these on the IAA/Processing room, or Instead of moving the office, create a smaller side room for people to observe from...allowing IAA's/HoS/Curious Sec to watch and see without being seen themselves...Also more interesting places to commit crimes in of course, if elsewhere, and even in sec itself an idea spawned from there.
  12. The following can be considered IC knowledge. For it to be restricted IC knowledge to say Security, add [Clearance: Security] before the text. Sec and Medical records are Sec/Medical clearance. Name: Sierra Lydia Hunt Age: 24 Gender: Female [Clearance: Medical] (Transfemale) Race: Human Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Cargo Tech Quartermaster Detective Security Officer Freeloading-helper (IE Civvie roles where she still tries to actually help with things) Biography: Born in space, and destined to stay in space it seems, Sierra was a bit of a wild, homeless child, learning to drift between ships, often stowing away on them and running or crawling around the maintenance accesses to stay hidden and safe. As she grew older, she became a smuggler for quite some time, at first simply running illegal goods around various stations, all the way into sneaking herself and others aboard ships headed elsewhere, running people to (presumably) better places. She grew to be a young woman of...questionably sanity at times, her dedication to wearing fake cat ears and a tail...her inability to recognize mice as anything but a long lost pet "Mr Cheesums" (Or even that they change colors at times...and count)...She is none the less dedicated to getting her job done, and done right when possible....even when she was inevitably caught due to a hacked, dangerous cargo door crushing her leg and getting her in a heap of trouble with none other than our wondrous overloads NT. Debts in progress, including a new leg...she puts forth her nature to get jobs done, and right, while somehow seeming to be a sane person among the many interesting crew members she serves alongside. Qualifications: No actual qualifications on record for skills. Simply exhibiting a professional attitude and knowledge of wherever she is working is what keeps her being in jobs such as the QM, or Detective. Very good at running Maint passages to find lost goods, or crates for Cargo...and noping the hell outta them once things get sketchy. Security Records: [Clearance: Security] - Formerly a smuggler of small illegal goods and people into ships and stations. Is known to often carry a knife on her person when she feels there is a threat nearby, and is not afraid of combat. Medical Records: Missing left leg due to incident detailed in biography. Attends monthly checkups for health reasons, as well as therapy for quite a few different things going on in her brain. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Commendations [only to be added by admin]: (I know it says by admin, but I gotta say, she got a medal for being the QM once, doing her job, getting station goal out before the hour mark, covering her ass with clearing orders for things on green/blue for the HoS, and so on) Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes:
  13. I think it'd be more to be able to tell which people are playing Miner for the combat and kinda ignoring the actual supplying demands, and which are doing good miner workings. So often do I just see miners yelling "ORM UPGRADED YET?" and refusing to return and supply the station with stuff until it is...Then they do once, get the upgrades they want, and either go die in lavaland, or come back after a while, in full drake armor with 3 lava staffs and a sword and just....don't do mining anymore after that.