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  1. Just a lil snippet of a Wild Karri in her natural habitat. Decoration Creation Pile. This shift in particular saw use of 5 full paper bins, 7-ish rolls of tape, and 175 Marker Beacons for decorations, all done in under an hour.
  2. Name: Amanda Full Name: Amanda Talia Ralchk Age: 40 Gender: Female Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O+ General Occupational Role(s): Detective, Internal Affairs, Representative. Odd-jobs in other positions. Biography: Amanda hates people. She always has, and likely always will. It's not a singular person in general, though there are plenty examples of single people who piss her off. While she is only Karri's half sister, on their father's side, she treats the blue girl as if she is nothing but the best and closest of family. Much like her sister, she didn't gr
  3. Ah yes, the spirit realm, or spookzone. I know it well, and I've been a part of the hauntings in malpractice bays! The lighting is pretty well done!
  4. Huh, the Witcher post there almost feels like an Elder scrolls + Witcher crossover, if just because I could see Khajiit existing there, as one of the many racially hated peoples, but still considered peoples XD
  5. Did the rancher become the squish, or did the squish become the rancher? Or is that just a collection of rock-cat largos squished into a people shape?
  6. No beret for the NanoTrasen Representative. (Also generally command in general is a pet peeve, so often one or more are just...unaware of things, or don't take advice from anyone) Heads that refuse to fire departmental members that cause issues. Bridge Hobos No non-rainbow pride representations! White gloves don't allow you to remove lightbulbs Spook Cooldown too long. Need to spook more, must spook Vox. IAAs who try to think they have more power than they do. Characters that have a trait of always causing issues. Always.
  7. Processing Data Log Entry #31564-I Data Loading.... ERROR. FILE CORRUPTED. ATTEMPTING RECOVERY.... PARTIAL RECOVERY COMPLETED. DISPLAYING RESULTS "So me and the other agents can't really agree on the plan, so we make a compromise. Two of us head on in, doing a full disguise. Infiltration. You know, it's in our fucking name. Fake some documents, get legit IDs, and so on, while those two idiots agree to hold back for a little while before going all guns blazing." The woman spoke as she started dressing fresh out of a cloning pod, an officer nearby recording all she spoke, as well as
  8. Those ranges provided make me just feel damn old...considering in all my time having played this, I could have selected three different options entirely <_>
  9. Sierra - God Fucking Dammit. Meow(OS/IPC) - Gib Mouse Nao Karri - Kindness, Innocence, Facepalm
  10. Right now, as someone who really latched onto Xenobio for one of my "Get to know the game" areas back when...I quickly found out why people either get super bored and don't do it....or why they do it and cause hell with escaped sentients that cause trouble, or otherwise create hostiles that are an issue....It gets super boring, and once you get Red/Dark Blue/Yellow....your obligation to the station is pretty much done, unless golds are needed for DNA vault. (Personally I don't get bored, but it does get slow and meandering because I refuse to become one of those people who make a mess and issu
  11. To chime in a little for a bit of an idea. What about a code-locked suit thing in Mechanics, with a simple suit/helmet (space, so not EVA directly), that the Mechanic could request the code from...Say, the HoP (A roundstart paper in their office or something, akin to the PDA server code-lock thing) So while they wouldn't need actual access, they'd still need to get clearance to leave the station with such. Personally as a Mechanic, I do usually end up trying to play a minor-engineer, helping patch the station up, and patrolling around the exterior after a little space lookie loo to see what
  12. That just makes me wish Vox could be "Held" instead of grabbed, and with less movement penalty...and they have to resist even more to get free of such...(Then we also need shelves too)
  13. This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen, plus Karri totally would have put herself into a box to give to the few people she really considers her best friends. Sadly she only ever figured out how to shove a borg into a locker to wrap and give away, to the HoP.
  14. You weren't the only one. Same Janitor got blown up by a holo like 5 times, each time, Karri collected limbs, dragged to Robotics, and helped put them back together X
  15. From a couple days ago, just a small portion of all the gifts Karri had made that shift....So many things wrapped and given out, passed around, and thrown about....Eventually just converted the auxiliary storage into a small giving kiosk deal. She even got a medal for it!
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