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    Natalya! A neat space Russian with a habit for catching criminals. I love the effort she puts in to her backstory, and it's always a pleasure to roleplay with her. I had some great times as sec drinking on green in the bar while talking to Nat. Fun times. Da!
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    haha its space related this time
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    People tell her that a crop top isn't standard issue. She stuns them.
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    Hi yes the next time I have to jab every single part on an IPC with a screwdriver/ crowbar or an organic with a cautery because some nerd didn't finish a surgery and I can't figure out what they were doing last I will break @Dumbdumn5's computer with a plastic coffee cup lid Something that says 'their [limb] is cut open!' would do wonders.
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    This would do wonders, I had a magistrate come in who couldnt figure out why he was bleeding. Turns out the brig phys had left his eye wound open from an Xray implant and the guy nearly bled out after it being open for so long.
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    When it comes to the ancient secrets of the universe, there aren't many people you can turn to for help. The chaplain has his godly magic, but knows next to nothing outside of his domain of work. Wizards... well, you're lucky if the worst that happens to you is you get turned into a corgi when you meet one. So who should you turn to when you come across some ancient artifact or book? How about the guy that has access to all the knowledge? The idea behind this to give the Librarian a minor duty that they can perform in their spare time. It's not mandatory, and can feed into RP with the mechanics you have to deal with to 'discover the secrets of the universe'. Ancient Items: At the start of the round, randomly spawned books, artifacts, and containers will appear. They'll rarely show up on the station, and more commonly be seen in space ruins and Lavaland. These 'ancient artifacts' are a bit similar in mechanics to strange objects, in which their exact use is unknown until studied. However, unlike strange objects which you just toss into the EXPERIMENTER to learn their use immediately, these artifacts take a bit more work. They'll vary in appearance depending on the possible results from unlocking them, giving you a hint as to what it may be. Decoding: In order to unlock or activate the artifact, you need to either do something specific with the item, or solve a puzzle of some kind. Before that though, you need to translate the inscription on the artifact. At the start of the round, a few different Ancient Languages will be randomly created. For simplicity, they'll be the normal alphabet scrambled in a random order or made up of numbers matching certain letters. The first step is to determine what language the artifact has on it. To help you, you can print out a 'Translation Text: (Ancient Language Name)' from the library computer. It'll take a bit of trial and error testing out the different languages, but you may be able to narrow it down depending on if letters or numbers are used. Once you figure out what language it is, you use your translation text to figure out what the message on the artifact is. After translating the message on the artifact, you will then have to do one of two things. The Word of Truth: The first possibility is a riddle or puzzle. The answer will usually be one word for simplicity, and must be spoken aloud. However, simply saying the word in Galactic Common won't work. you'll need to reverse translate the the word into the ancient language, and THEN say it to unlock it. If it is an especially rare artifact, you may even need to have the word spoken in the language of a certain species. Have fun trying to find a Kidan to speak the code word in Ancient Chittin. To prevent cheating, the artifact won't react to synthesized voices, such as the AI, borgs, or pAIs. Once you get the word spoken, the artifact will react and reveal it's true form. Fire Will Reveal the Truth: The second way an artifact will be revealed is though subjecting it to a certain stimulus. These can be anything from 'The secret will show when exposed to flame', to something like 'The artifact is awoken by the screams of a dozen people'. With those two as examples, you would have to either expose the artifact to fire, or get a dozen people to scream near the artifact. This has a lot of RP potential to it as you will have to often recruit people from around the station to help you unlock the artifact. Once the proper stimulus is used, the artifact will activate and reveal its purpose. Unlocking True Power: So you got a Vulp to swear in Canilunzt, or you got a miner to toss it in lava. The artifact is now unlocked! What did you get? The thing that is revealed is dependent on the type of artifact that you found. There are three different categories, each with their own table of potential items. Items: This artifact takes on the appearance of a rust and dirt covered... thingy. It's hard to say what it is, only that it's some sort of useable item. This can potentially be rare weapons like wizard staffs, cult clothes and weapons, alien tools, or even stuff that has been lost to history (return of removed items?). Or you could reveal a trombone. I mean... it's not the worst thing you can find. Ancient Text: These books are old, dusty, and full of cool secrets. Of course, whoever wrote it didn't want their secrets to be discoverd so easily, so the nature and use of the book is locked and hidden till the proper trigger is used. This book can potentially be one of several things. You have a chance of getting a single use wizard spell, such as the Recall spell. Great for those DnD games where you need to recall the d20 that jerk keeps throwing across the room. You may get a book that has a complete translation of a language, allowing you to instantly learn and speak it. The book may hold secret information that may be of value to others, such as which gene is linked to a certain genetic power. Worst case scenario, you uncover a generic book that a miner accidentally left on Lavaland. Ancient Container: This is the lootbox of ancient times. This box could potentially contain anything! It draws from both the book and item artifact table, and if you're really lucky, may actually contain multiple items. They're a bit harder to crack than the item or book artifact, but tend to have better rewards to make it worth the effort. However, with reward comes risks. The container has the potential to house something bad, like vampire bats or a gas trap that poisons you. And don't think about simply trying to break the container open. Doing so will destroy the contents. So that's my pitch for a new librarian/library mechanic. I'm aware that something like this would probably take a ton of coding, and I'm not expecting it to be something that's accepted. Still, it's fun to theorize about possible new mechanics. I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on how this can be altered or improved.
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    Hey everyone! Im 20 year's old and from Europe (gotta justify my mediocre english) SS13 is the first game I truly enjoyed since few years, I am glad I decided to stay in paradise after checking out few other servers, the playerbase, staff and the code, I love it all! Currently im playing diona Grass-Walker Of Daybreak, playing most departments. You may have saw me few times, either fully focusing on work and with barely any roleplay, failing miserably as antag or complaining about lags as observator Thanks to everyone for teaching me a lot of things and being so supporitve, also sorry for this being so long :l
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    Nov 11th: brandonsacawv has returned to the staff team as Game Admin.
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    Getting drunk while on duty ? my kind of style also requesting someone to build a bar while on duty is also my style
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    Gosh you're really knocking them out one after another huh? And they're great too!
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    Even with that being the case: A) Roboticists don't have easy access to that, especially at the start of the round. B) You are correct, it doesn't work for IPCs C) I... don't think it should be necessary to shove them into a body scanner just to see where someone's cut open. Even if it's coded so I have to remove all their gear, I should still be able to see where they've been visibly cut open. These aren't tiny cuts we're talking about, these are massive slices that blood is gushing out of.
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    You can, but it really would be nice, to just at a glance be able to see that the magistrates eyes are bleeding like he just looked into the ark of the covenant. Not even for just my sake, but for his. After the brig doc forgot to close him up, when you examine yourself, just a little thing of "Open Wound" would be great. Seriously that magistrate was pale as a sheet and needed a blood transfusion, and had absolutely no idea why it was happening. The fact he didn't have a near fatal staph infection in his eyes and brain was a miracle at that point.
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    You can bung people in body scanners, to tell you what is open, don't think that works for IPC though...
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    YES PLEASE! To often I have to rescue people from bald surgeons, and more often than not the only indication that there's an issue is the 'They are bleeding' message. I mean, I should be able to see that a person's brain is exposed.
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    On the tenth day of spessmas, Nanotrasen gave to me... A dead clown in security.
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    that is quite a shocking picture
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    What Is This 'Super Antag'? Super Antags are admin spawned variants of standard antags that are absolutely OP. Because of this, they're only for admin events and are sometimes treated as a code Gamma emergency. There are currently four super antags in game for when the admins want to meme it up. The Ancient One is a vampire that has all of its powers, unlimited blood, and can turn other people into vampires. Arch Wizards get 50 spell points. Syndicate Officers get unlimited TC. And Empress of Terror is a super powerful spider spawner that can take on mechs. However, there is currently no super antag for cultists, an antag that could probably use a bit of admeme help when all the cultists are deconverted in the first thirty minutes of a round. The One Who Has Seen 'Him': The Ascended Cultist is a cultist that has had a brush with their god. They could be a cultist given a special divine gift from their god, a physical embodiment of that god, or one of the heads of the cult's order. No one is more knowledgeable in the ways of their god than they are. The powers they possess make them a threat to the entire station, even if they are the only cultist on board. They start out with a full set of cultist equipment, including shielded robes and a sharpened blade. They come equipped with unlimited use talismans, or if possible, the talismans in spell form that can be triggered with the action buttons. They can perform most rituals by themselves, including convert, sacrifice, cultist summon, and the emp ritual. Not the god summoning ritual though. They still need other cultists for that. The have a few powers as part of their dark blessing, including regeneration, xray vision, arcane bolts, and a strong resistance to stuns. They are able to bind a slaughter demon to their service, which forces the demon to obey their commands and act as a body guard. Of course, none of this stuff is balanced, but Super Antags in general are OP. Still, it's fun to speculate on ideas for super antags for the different antag types. Feel free to post any ideas, comments, or suggestions you have on a super cultist antag.
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    This list is very comprehensive, but it would be even better if it distinguished how important each upgrade was. The most important upgrades are: ORE machine (matter bin multiplies ALL minerals you get) Robotics fabs (manipulator reduces mineral consumption of the #1 most mineral-consuming machines) R&D Machines (same reason as 2, plus enables you to print more upgrade parts if you upgrade protolathe first) Medical Cloner (clones faster, phasic scanner enables autoprocess, may even let you scan people not previously scannable. Overall, huge boost to medical's ability to keep crew alive, and enables easy cloning of people whose bodies are not recoverable, e.g: gateway explorers) When doing science upgrades, you need to do those first. After those the next most useful set is: Robotics Cyborg Rechargers (faster recharging, self-repair, makes cyborgs more useful) Medical sleepers Kitchen appliances Xenobio machines All autolathes (both cargo and science lathes) Teleporter (to stop people spacing themselves)
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    There are a lot of appeals that get processed through this forum. While a majority of them have been accepted this is often after a lot of posts back and forth. This results in players being unable to play the game for a longer time while they're waiting for their appeal to be processed and in the admin team spending a lot of time working with people to bring an appeal to the successful stage. This post is intended to help cut that time for everyone by telling you upfront what you'll need to include. 1) Use the template. As a policy, any appeal that doesn't follow the template will not be processed until you use the format from the template. This template covers all of the information we need to know to process your appeal and it keeps everything in a consistent format which is easy for the admins to read and respond to. 2) Read the rules. These will show the code of behaviour that you're expected to follow while on the server. Your appeal is a commitment to follow these rules in the future, something which you can't do without reading them. If your ban was legitimately based on breaking any of these rules, then you'll be expected to identify what rules were broken so that you can demonstrate that they won't be broken again. 3) Decide what sort of appeal you're writing. They'll generally fall into the following categories. Identifying a factual mistake of the admins: If you didn't break the rules, then let us know. While we investigate every ban, mistakes do happen. Sometimes we get the wrong person's ckey if multiple people were involved in an issue. Sometimes a situation that looks like one thing was actually something else. In these cases it's best to get straight to the point. Identify what the ban was for and what we thought was going on, then explain the actual situation. If we were wrong then your ban will be lifted. Apology and commitment to improve: If you've actually broken the rules then the ban was legitimate. Regaining the privilege to play on the server may require some work on your behalf but if you can demonstrate that you're going to be a valuable member of the community and able to follow the rules in the future, we will work with you to find a way to bring you back. The best way to show that you're genuine is to understand and identify what you did wrong, if you don't know then how can you change it. If you genuinely don't know, even after looking through the rules, then feel free to ask and we can explain. It also helps for us to know why you did the action you were banned for. This isn't a matter of making excuses, it's helping us to understand the situation you were in and perhaps provide better strategies for handling that situation. Finally if you are going to change your behaviour, then say it so that we can see the commitment that you've made. If you're not genuinely willing to commit to this, then don't bother with this form of appeal. You might pull the wool over our eyes and convince us, but what's the point if you'll get banned for the same thing in a week's time. Work with us and we'll work with you. 4) Avoid using arguments that aren't accepted for appeals. There are some arguments which aren't accepted as valid reasons, while it's impossible to be fully comprehensive here are the ones we see most often. I don't like your rules Your appeal isn't a place to question the current rules of the game. That would be the suggestion forum. We will only be granting appeals to people who will commit to following the current rules of the game. If the environment you want isn't what we provide then unbanning is a waste of everyone's time. My brother did it You are responsible for everyone who uses your Byond account. By giving someone your password, you're enabling them to perform whatever actions they want in your name. Now this does sometimes happen and we're not asking you to lie if this is what genuinely happened, but it's not a defense. Instead you'll need to follow the policy above and understand what went wrong (allowing other people to use your account) and letting us know how you intend to prevent it happening in the future. Abusing the admins It should go without saying that abusing the admins isn't a good way to get us to invite you back to our server. However sometimes in the heat of the moment things slip out, so I'll remind you here to avoid this method. While we'll try to look past this, it does send a signal that you're not looking to co-operate. It should be a temporary ban If you're going to do the right thing, why would we wait to bring you back instead of doing it straight away? If you're not going to do the right thing, why would we ever bring you back? We only use temporary bans when that seems like the best way to change someone's behaviour. If you think that some time away will be a strategy you can use to commit to following the rules, then that's fine. You're welcome to suggest a temporary ban as the best way to bring you back, but this isn't detention or a prison sentence, it's not about providing justice or "paying for your crime". It was good roleplaying You choose the character you play and all the consequences that follow. Your character isn't a real person and we can't hold them accountable for your actions, it has to be done the other way around. Someone else did something wrong first If you've broken the rules, then it doesn't matter what anyone else has done. This is your appeal and unless we've clicked on the wrong person's ban button, we're not going to ban other people based on what gets decided in your appeal. Letting us know what someone else did, at the time with an adminhelp is the best way to see that appropriate action is taken against them. Once you've taken vengeance into your own hands, the issue gets so muddied that it's hard to take any action against them. 5) Listen to what the admins reply. If we're asking you questions or trying to teach you something, then it's pretty clear that we intend on keeping you around. We rarely waste this sort of effort on someone we're kicking out forever. Usually we're telling you exactly how to get your appeal accepted. Regards, M Kenner. Senior Admin.
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