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  1. Tip taps into vox thread all sneaky like Ok so... yous hear voxxy out... give voxxy more skree yaya... is all goods?
  2. I was one of the roundstart blobs, we all did really well and soon overcame the crew, I started in scimaint and mainly provided general expansion + resources. After we had won, one of the admins did the station detonation thing, where the whole station gets wiped a tile layer at a time. Only... I survived... with the use of precise timing and the vast quantity of resources I had stockpiled beforehand. I managed to place a single tile beyond the detonation point and transfer over to it before the destruction hit me.
  3. Flooding with metal foam would be much better than attempting to slip people coming from space, who most likely have magboots. Most of the times I've had to deal with the AI directly like this, it has been malph, so I just thermite in from the south, disassemble the SMES, thermite that wall between the SMES and the AI and then jobs done.
  4. Who attacks the AI from the front anyway, when you can just thermite your way in from space...
  5. There are terror xenomorphs on the station, the atmos supply pipes are at 50million kPa, several people tried welding vents, but the resultant burst blew off all their limbs. Rissa Williams just got on station. What does she do?
  6. Battling Blob in xenobio. Prime an acid grenade I made to clear blob tiles. Get put into crit and collapse by application of accelerator cannon to back of head. Drop acid grenade at feet which finishes me off. Get nuggeted by blobbernauts.
  7. Rustle Quills, await response.
  8. Vox and IPC are very RP heavy, they have some major weaknesses and minor (if can even be considered) strengths. Slime People and Vulpkanin are mechanic heavy, they have Major Strengths and minor weaknesses, in relation. Vox They used to be considered OP space faring race, but were heavily nerfed to the point that the only real strength they have is slash damage on basic melee attack, but they have four "boons" which I consider to be, for the most part, utterly irrelevant: Immune to decay and will not skeletonise. - If you are dead long enough for this to happen, 99/
  9. The thing about this thought process however, is that it brings into question sentience as a concept. Human beings are considered sentient, yet our thoughts and emotions are simple electrochemical reactions. Humans are coded through ancestral DNA and environmental exposure, in a slower but similar fashion to how a computer program or AI is programmed, we receive information which triggers a reaction. One could argue that even our imagination is just brought about by simply churning through a vast amount accumulated information. At what point does an entity become sentient?
  10. Also Plastic Golems can still vent crawl if they have implants.
  11. Golems are now actually vulnerable to viruses.
  12. BeanOS


    Imo, Runtime should have the ability to force people into help intent and pet them, whenever they meow.
  13. Because it isn't useful. Personally I'm of the mindset that the janiborgs and service borgs should be combined, while changing the service borg cartons, to an actual dispenser, so they can make more drinks.
  14. We already have body augmentation, you can augment every main body part, including head and chest, replace organs with cyber ones. The main bonus of being fully augmented, is the increased resistance to damage, but you lose the ability to be injected, and surgeries require you to start them with a scalpel, but continue with a screwdriver and crowbar.
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