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Well we're here with Elysian

Strikin' out like an Ophidian

Kickin' up the beat again

Like a grade-A comedian


He's got the dank memes

And the O-G-G's

You'll be burstin' at the seams

Like a Vancouver sublease

People say he just a mouthpiece

Those people now they be spread up on the altar piece

Makin' peace with their gods for their daft mistakes

You pokin' fun at Elysian? Man those knees he'll break


So dope it's criminal

Borderin' on subliminal

Spittin' hot rhymes

Opposition he be killin', yo!

Girls be like damn, 'cause this Taj has a master plan

Whip out his fuzzy 'bussed cuffs, what you gonna do man?


He in the morgue, yo, breakin' up the riot

Robustin' plasmamen 'till they've got a liquid diet

He like to keep the server quiet, except when he don't

Everybody knows his uploads be real dope


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Well it's time to get real, yo it's time to get Synnester Spittin' rhymes so sweet hawkin' truth like a minister Trawlin' 'round town with an Unathi crew Spear point sharp and a fly IQ But

I am fucking losing it


Yo it's johannHAWK

Workin' round the CLOCK

Stirrin' up trouble 'till his pay gets DOCKED

He's a first-world REBEL

Spittin' hot rhymes and LIBEL


Got some fluff that needs SPRITIN'?

Got wrongs that need RIGHTIN'?

With Johann in your corner you'll assured to be FIGHTIN'

Strong to the FINISH

Man eats his SPINACH

Your odds of comin' out alive they jus' DIMINISH


His siq's got QUOTES

His sprites dem COATS

Got so much dosh he gotta store it in TOTES




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WELL, you better watch out 'cause it's time for the Fludd

Leave you kickin' an' screamin' face down in the mud

Yeah, you think you're hot kid but you ain't number one

When Jedr's on the mic and Fludd's on the gun


YEAH! His name is Fludd12

Puttin' trophies on the shelve

When the beat is hot

Man he'll dig and delve


Workin' 'round the clock

Bustin' out his glock

Keepin' thugs in line,

With a swagger in his walk


And let's not forget about Jedr

He's a real mic shredder

On the club signboards?

Yo, his name is on the header


Take you round the town,

Yo, this man is no clown,

When it comes to gettin' chicks

This suckah's got the crown


They be spittin' it hot and rovin' block to block

With this dynamic duo your world is gonna ROCK.


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I find my lack of lyrical creativity disturbing.


We're gonna have a problem here...


Y'all act like you never seen a rappin' person before

Jaws all on the floor like Halogen just burst in the morgue.

And started kicking ass worse than before.

The wiki's thruth get's enforced, she's got to endure.


It's the return of the... "Ah, wait, no way, you're kidding,

That page didn't just say what I think it did, did it?"

And the admin team said... nothing, you idiots!

Adminbus, right. We don't care for you plebs, aight!


The Para peeps loving the 'Kin.

"Kin, Shady, I'm sick of 'em

Look at 'em, walking around writing the you-know-what

changing the you-know-that." "Yeah, but she's so smart though!"


'Cause she's the Kin, Shady, yes, the real Shady.

All you other Shady's are just imitating.

So won't the real Shady please stand up,

Please stand up, please stand up?


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You guys're talkin' 'bout those badmins

like they own the coop -

(that's 'cuz they do)

but don't forget the smaller roosters too,


We ain't got pretty feathers

and we're rough around the edges

but us motherfuckin' mentors'll

teach you how to style some hedges.


Questions? No problem,

we've got time for that.

No matter big or small,

we kinda like our chitchat.


The wiki's where we specialize,

we'll cite it without fail,

but lacking Shadeykin's hard work,

we'd have all gone pretty pale.


Some of us know Medbay,

and others might know Sec,

but we all know how the Engine works -

it's loose? Who didn't check?!


Greytide, however, is really not our thing,

our names are light blue, but we don't have bling.

What we can do is teach you the station's S-O-P,

so that griefing dipshit is little more than a flea.


i regret this


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The Chief Nerdlinger of the SOP's

Sayin' Shadey can't rap so I'ma make him see

What happens when you cross the girl with the golden grills

With the razor-sharp raps and the dopest mic skills

(you get badmin raps is what happens)


Yeah TullyBB be bouncin' 'bout,

Makin' SOP and showin' he's got clout,

Goin' head to head on them wiki pages,

Leavin' a legacy that'll last throughout the ages,


So you better watch your back as I be spittin' this ode,

'Cause Jenkins comin' hot with a nuclear code,

He'll be slinging bluespace like there's no tomorra'

Blast your ass clean off when you fax it an' holla'


Showin' Steve what it means to be a real man,

With a swagger in his walk 'cause he's got a master plan.

'Cause you ain't a real G 'till you got yourself a list,

Of things you can't do 'cause your superiors are pissed

Of your beer keg record and reckless disregard

For every tenant that they've written and the image that you've marred


So lets give it up for this Central boy,

Yeah clap your hands and make some noise,

'Cause without Jenkins they'd be lookin' at us

And we'd be next in line to throw under the (space)bus.




Edited by Shadeykins
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Un, yeah. You thought I was done?

N'awh, I ain't evuh finished


With a swagger comes Ping, yo this boy can sing

Knock ya' straight out the park in a single swing

His moves so incredible, that rhythm indelible

Rhymes so sweet you could say they was edible


He don't mess around, nah he ain't no joke

He's crackin' griefers like eggs, tear 'em down to the yoke

But let's not forget, that there's two to a team

And there's one more man in this dream machine


Unh, Yeah! Well it's FreeStyla, Profila, Flow Styla'

Rollin' round the town like a tru low-rida

Yeah, he's breakin' it down with those seniormins

Unh! Makin' a splash, knockin' tonic and gins


'Cause this home boy ain't afraid of what you got

Take you round the town to the ol' SOVIET BLOC

Yeah! Bust out his 9 and his Kalashnikov

Takin' them shots like he was Romanov!




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Posted (edited)

Well it's time to get real, yo it's time to get Synnester
Spittin' rhymes so sweet hawkin' truth like a minister
Trawlin' 'round town with an Unathi crew
Spear point sharp and a fly IQ

But that ain't all 'cause now school is in Seshi
Gonna knock you on your ass like a B. Kard. Keshi
But don't get it twisted cause these scales are true
Ain't gonna do drive-by or jus' flash some blue

'Cause this lizard is real and his words ain't sweet
Steppin' up to him gonna get your ass beat
With a grab and a table and disposals too
But let me spit it real 'bout another 'min foo

He's a brit, keep it real, spittin' tea like steel
He fly mad on the beat like a Tesco's deal
Yo' his name is Affecy and the mic he hot wrecky
Peddles dope PRs and eats code like brekky

Now you might say wait cause this boy's a maint
Ain't a 'min now yo! Shadey show restraint
But I ain't got none 'cause this codecat's a wizard
Leave you dazzled with his C and lost in the blizzard

Of his complex code and his algorithms
Turn acute obtuse cause the boy's got visions
Of a bygone place and a bygone time
Crushin' bugs underfoot like a mastermind



Edited by Shadeykins
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2 minutes ago, Shadeykins said:

He fly mad on the beat like a Tesco's deal

I am fucking losing it

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