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  1. How did none of you bring up the glory that was IPCs not processing reagents, meaning any IPC with a syringe had a 300u beaker on hand. I'd fill myself with tricordrazine and go around making medical an afterthought. That and Potassium Chlorophoride being intended to cause heart attacks, but heart attack code was unfinished and nonfunctional, so the chemical just permanently stunned you for as long as it was in your body above 10u.
  2. @FPK, those effects were not touched, they are already lessened before the rework.
  3. This kind of thing happens, it's nothing to worry about, really.
  4. Would that not make it official, though?
  5. /tg/ tablecrafting is probably the best choice here, if anyone's willing to port it. Also stops the unnecessary machines which do nearly the exact same thing.
  6. Hello, wiki/lore-team. I've been in touch through discord, but figured I should compile a list of changes I have made to Greys in my first of many PRs which will make your lives harder (Sorry.) In this PR, not too many changes should affect the wiki or the lore of the Greys, but I'll put the ones that do in bold. Remote talk can now be used on creatures in a radius of two screens from the grey, removing the line of sight restriction, but not buffing it to its previous capabilities. Psionic Hivemind (the Grey language) is now Z-level wide, but requires at least one hand to be able to hold an item, justified IC-ly by having them press their finger to their temple. Greys are once again allergic to water, but not water derivatives, such as Holy Water. Fire extinguishers and showers are now deadly weapons. Greys treat sulfuric acid as if it were water, taking no damage from it at all. Remote Talk can now be formatted slightly, allowing for slightly better usability in the consistently blue notification chat. Notably, there is one final change I'd like to make, but it will not be included in the current Grey Rework PR. I intend to give Greys the ability to create illusions which living humans can see, but not interact with, giving them more mental control over a situation to build upon their lack of physical strength.
  7. Odd, it didn't used to do that, and I can't find any PRs that modified that intentionally. Shouldn't be a terribly hard code change for anyone who's willing to pick it up - I've got essays to write and code on my plate, unfortunately.
  8. Notably, the Tribal tab is based around objects which could reasonably be produced in Lavaland, at least going by /tg/'s standards (where we adopted the crafting system from). This will be fleshed out as we port over more Lavaland changes, but likely not in the way you'd want. Give a bit more in-depth examples of how things would work, and coding might happen.
  9. I'm working on this right now. All races will get a complete overhaul, starting with the Greys. You can track the progress and changes I've made on Github, and if I recall correctly, there is a post in the code discussion forum about discussing the code.
  10. I sorta prefer the old sprite, really. The thinner sprite just makes it look awkward with arm position, and notably, given our pixel limitation, the breasts now look a little bit too massive. Consider that in most natural reference pictures of the female body, the breasts are practically flush with the upper body, with minor deviation given breast size.
  11. Rather than limit it's - er - limitless shot capability and range, I suggest changing the effect of being hit with it; Maybe even nullifying it. There's no point to having a portal gun if you can't actually use it as a portal gun, but if you're using it as a weapon without doing cool and interesting things like shooting one below and above a person and laughing at their pain, you're using it wrong.
  12. By that logic, one would drop all of their belongings upon becoming a FOINE RED MYST. Seems like, for balancing, it'd be all or nothing.
  13. I think something I definitely want to see is a Grey make it look like there's a hole to space in the center of the room, since that's a major deterrent for most people.
  14. With my work on the Grey Rework in its final stages, I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas they'd like to see considered for Grey species differentiation. Following by my design doc, here's the intended goal of the changes: If you have any suggestions that follow this, or any arguments that changes I'm currently making go against this, please discuss!
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