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  1. Y'all need to six up some good puns before this convo makes mayonnaise look too spicy.
  2. Hello! Allow me to address a few things as this is put in the 'admin complaint' section as opposed to the event section, so I shall treat it as such. First off: Hindsight does tell me that they were indeed poorly equipped for nonlethal situations, yes. I took suggestions towards the end of the shift as to changes that could be made, and I do plan to (if this is done again), put them into account. Secondly: The event that happened was for either the Knights of the Twelve Planets (for a more medieval training scheme/squad), and a guardsmen unit from the Elysium Project, more equipped with lasers, other relevant gear. I asked for command/the captain to choose six crewmembers to be a part of the training squad--this was not selected from the ghosts or by myself. That there was a traitor in there, I will say, is a point of circumstance that I did not look at after the final 'Knighting ceremony'. Thirdly: Access, additional equipment, etc. was something I left for the captain to handle. I did request that they be given appropriate permissions, but beyond that, I made no changes to IDs, aside from renaming with 'sir or 'lady' as a prefix to names. As for authority and status in the crew, that should have been clarified and will be in the future. As for immunity from space law, I told the captain that 'they are absolved of past crimes, but this does not absolve them of future ones' and tasked them all (the other knights) to react to eliminate anyone going against the oath they made on the bridge (Protect home, people against threats within and without) so they had a sense of self policing. They also were in groups of two to provide some accountability for one another as well. As for additional items and other specifics that could have been changed before, I will look into them if this situation is given a second chance to come around with. I will conclude by saying that a first time trying an idea out to go off the beaten path is not perfect, far from it. Nor will I ever really reach said point, truthfully--my main goal is to have an event where others enjoy something that doesn't usually happen in a round, and you have my apologies about miscommunication and equipment.
  3. I did this with xenoarchaeology now and then, hiding artifacts (lesser known items) in walls with an absolute SHIIIIIT ton of gibtonite to be careful about. You'd think it do better with xenobiology--and for ghosts to do this?
  4. We'll all miss you, Caz. Take care of yourself, and thanks for sticking with us. Fly safe out there, yeah?
  5. We'll be working on the idea in the future. I've got a few ideas in mind to not keep security so occupied, possibly a way to go the whole 'revolutionary' route and a few other things. We'll see where that goes when I run the event on my end next time. Might be later tonight or Saturday.
  6. Sup. I'm around. Sometimes. Sorta. Kinda. I'm on, but on the chance that i'll be playing a character; you'll see N'ildrask Vaalkom, Leaflet, or Electro M.A.N. about, doing various things. Welcome to the Cyberiad.
  7. I gotta make heisenbee a hound. Where's my genetics machinery--time to fuck with DNA.
  8. Hey folks, Ely here. I like events. Making them happen, giving more flavor, more life to this game (as it gets a tad stale from time to time). I've decided that I would take requests for events to perform, if you've got any specific ideas in mind. I'll display the format i'd ask for y'all to put it in before I consider it below. Any/all are welcome to try, can't guarantee that i'll try everyone's though--busy work and class schedule. In addition, I don't look at the forums all too often, so if you want, toss me a notification on discord, i'll pay attention then. FUN FORMAT!!! Title of Event: Pretense (if you want me to message the station prior) Equipment Necessary(Style of equipment, flavor, surroundings what do you want?): Plot (if one exists): Prize for Completion? (If yes, then explain): Custom Sprites/OGG's? (If yes, provide me a link, or request from something you've seen before from me): <3 Elysian_Prince -----------------------------------------spessman
  9. hOI! Oim Elysian. I'm sure I've scarred plenty of you for life, but I'll go ahead and make one of these because... I dunno, it's 4 am and I can't sleep, sue me. My character list includes: N'ildrask Vaalkom, my golden ace kitty mrowl. First character in this insane asylum and still running good with four job specialties, three divorces, two loves in life and one roborg arm. Curious about any? Feel free to ask. Leaflet, the first plasmaman to permanently work on the Cyberiad. He huffs gas and... Well, plasma gas. Science specialist, though can be found in engineering from time to time. He's a conscripted diplomat from the home planet of the plasma people and is slightly detached from reality. Has a crush on a plasmagal on station though! Krakricha. SKREEEEEEEE! Yaya, voxxy love pods. Pods go pew pew and shoot special sparkles in space! Can be found as a mechanic, security pod pilot, or in security. Is pretty loopy. Roy Vasiliev, one of three hoomans. My spy, my infiltrator, changeling antag! CIA haircut and flashy style. Johann Szechepen, Chief Diplomacy Officer of NT. If I make an announcement, 99% it's him reporting. I've forced a marriage as him on some poor vulp, gave some NT rep kinky things (fuzzy handcuffs, whip, ball gag, etc.), saved a few jobs and fired people as well. Married to a wryn hive queen and is a bit of a subtle pervert. Can't be perfect, can we? Vizier, my last human. If you see him, he's probably not here to help. Special CC DS force (wuts a DS, admun?). Goes in solo or with a team. Electro M.A.N., the meme bot himself. Wacky, never serious unless he downloads hadass.exe. Usually likes to zap or play pranks on people. Find him in engineering or a head of staff position. Last but not least, Anita Jolyce, my only vulp. Timid, surgeon, female, I don't usually play her much, I've not developed a personality too thoroughly for her yet. -------- Now a bit about me, me. I'm some 20 year old Floridian scrub who's majoring in Astrophysics and minoring in calculus. Fun. Usually laid back, always loves sleep. Find me on steam, can't miss my name. Well, catch you all onboard, folks.
  10. The following's my opinion--take it as is or not, your call. So i've done my best to try create an environment in game where things aren't 'static', and i'll try and be brutally honest here. This has (and this is speculation by me--I tend to be a bit paranoid at times), caused some issues between what I want to do and some of the upper staff at times and damaged my reputation with them to an extent--reasonably so, which is one of the factors to my latest absence stretch. When I do events, designing or enacting them, half of what my head goes on is not so much the complaints from the people--as I try my best to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. If they don't, then i'll step aside from what I've created to try and cater to them as well--make the player feel a bit more special. Sometimes, yes, I do go far in what I do--but it's moreover trying to keep things in a shift going, or more excitement. It's not necessarily as much 'damaging on purpose' more or less than the situation I had in mind getting out of hand. But, I digress--back to the topic at hand. Now. With Keroman's idea--giving the 'free-time' idea to GA's is a sound idea, because I think that we've become too stale in slow rounds. More rounds are being slower overall, less is happening that diversifies this. I feel that giving the air of creativity over to the admins themselves to work with what they can scrap together with game mechanics is a great idea. Adding mechanics, styles to work with helps, definitely. But it delays the sense of 'staleness', in my opinion. Individualism on the server should be a more focused topic in regards to listening to ideas as to what should go on, or poking at players. Focuses on random people in game tend to create an overall sense of 'difference' about. I'll throw a few examples I did: - Wryn queen being forcibly married to Valthorne Halibur. - A.L.I.C.E turning into a tsundre and messing around with Head of Command (or some other AI). - Soviet Skeletons reminiscing about their great homeland. - Tutorial Major Honk showing new players the basics of the game. - Johann Szechepen personally coming to the station several times. - Central Spy Bureau agent Roy Vasiliev stalking around and being extremely suspicious. (also creating people with the objective 'stalk x') - Creating horror houses, graveyards, kung-fu dojos, zen gardens, etc. - The British 1st Line Infantry was a one-time thing where I gave people bolt-action rifles and redcoat stuff, and then made them shoot each other at CC while the crew docked. - Freedom Ops taking place instead of Nuclear Operatives--as the suits are near-equivalent in resistance. - Nations 'sponsors' and attempted at rule set--which was received positively on both accounts. Obviously the list goes on, but I think you get the point. Admin interactions with the server itself shouldn't be limited to 'limited-scale' events and general banning/unbanning. It's understandable that Seniors should be respected more because they've been on the server longer, or are more dedicated to it--but restricting the GA's/TA's (to a lesser extent), stifles creativity and possible enjoyment by the rest of the server. The mentality, in my mere opinion, needs a shift, a more laissez faire approach if you really want something like this. I'm not saying that no restraints should be there--it's just that the feeling of pressure and messing up--getting spoken to by uppers tends to overpower the desire to do more fun things with the server. This is, of course, a starting opinion--I also think that the staff should be more open to public opinions/desires overall, as without them, there wouldn't be a server really. An established playerbase is good to have, but yes, we come up eventually with a 'staleness' or 'boring' effect, which is natural, given the state and nature of the game itself. We just need to be adaptive and work with one another to get new ideas in the open. It doesn't matter if it's bad or good, or incredible or horrendous--we just need something different.
  11. Heretic says that but her avatar says otherwise.
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