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  1. We'll all miss you, Caz. Take care of yourself, and thanks for sticking with us. Fly safe out there, yeah?
  2. We'll be working on the idea in the future. I've got a few ideas in mind to not keep security so occupied, possibly a way to go the whole 'revolutionary' route and a few other things. We'll see where that goes when I run the event on my end next time. Might be later tonight or Saturday.
  3. Johann Szechepen is my CC officer and reflects pretty well on aloofness with my personality alongside a dedicated desire to make life interesting--marrying an insect queen, getting blackout drunk on some unknown beverages and whatever else comes about; Alice the Albino Amalgam sorta has a patronizing (or matronizing I suppose) aspect and loves to see what happens when you mess with people by teaching them things that are technically a crime; and who could forget the man, the myth, the legend, Roy Vasiliev. Unlike him, I am not French. Everything else seems about right with his personality though. My older characters reflect my personality back when I made them--N'ildrask, Leaflet and Elecktro M.A.N., being my senses of insecurity, wonder at the universe and utter annoyance to everyone and everything for shits and giggles back when I made them. There's a spark of each of them still somewhere in my characters.
  4. That was certainly unprofessional of Abydos, and I do apologize on their behalf--they'll be spoken to. As someone who has experimented with this in some rounds, I can safely say that this has been received well (via vote poll) on the several instances that I have experimented with. I support the idea and here are a few things I have noticed: It would (and has tended to) make antags more cautious instead of being a bit more open and explosive with some of their objectives. Overall, this is a good thing as any damage caused by a rubber bullet can cause broken bones--which while it may cripple an antag, it may make them more willing to make deals and would end up with greater RP and some interesting hijinks. Additionally, it would make officers be more careful as they can only carry a limited amount of ammo on them (not saying that they don't with lasers/tasers, but clips can't just be reloaded that quickly, and there aren't ammo boxes everywhere as opposed to recharging stations). I noticed a bit more restraint on the side of the officers during a few of my test runs--which was received somewhat well as well. Total ammo can be increased via ordering from cargo, autolathe or protolathe as a change in regards to the concern for more ammo. Thirdly, on the topic of rifles not having a non-lethal option--I also experimented with this, coming up with magazines that hold rubber shots, shotgun stun slugs, and a few other non-lethal projectile ammo types. Fixing that isn't the issue, and perhaps the energy guns may not need a replacement as that tends to leave them stranded with no one using them--that unfortunately is a bit of an issue (although it can be kept on legacy). Overall, I think a partial replacement is a decent idea, remove/restrict tasers and give out rubber enforcers and keep the energy guns. That has gone well enough from the tests that I have performed. I've not tried replacing the energy guns though, but if you want a lethal and non-lethal option, then the ammo type of a weapon can be modified and a new magazine can be made in the code without an extreme amount of effort.
  5. Sup. I'm around. Sometimes. Sorta. Kinda. I'm on, but on the chance that i'll be playing a character; you'll see N'ildrask Vaalkom, Leaflet, or Electro M.A.N. about, doing various things. Welcome to the Cyberiad.
  6. This... Actually seems interesting. I'll look into doing this.
  7. You picked admins for TA, trustworthy people for GA, and trustworthy people who devoted their time and effort to extensive lengths for SA. Unfortunately, it seemed like many of those who became SA stopped interacting with the actual players of Paradise, or stopped playing altogether. The system worked adequately as it was, it was just another filter for those who worked for their own volition to get what they wanted through with less of a hassle. Sugar coat it for what you want, that is how it came off to me, and how it still appears. Power may be available to those who consolidate it, but the authority of its use derives from those under it. The creation alone undermines the system that was in place, along with the structure and trust that the admins below it work for. Merit, yes, should get you far, and to the point of which SA exists--I do not disagree; however, it is beyond reprehensible to say that it is 'for the good of the server'. 'For the good of those in the committee and above', I would argue, is the more correct phrase. Opening the vote for PR's to merge to the rest of the administrative staff seems like the next step down, and to be honest--we've been trusted enough to wield the power and use it; neglecting us further seems more like my previous comment than for the betterment of the server. I don't believe there are many people who care too much about the length of time (albeit not months preferably). Detailed cooperation between those who work on the code/map and those who create the PR's is ideal--though from what it seems, the current structure favors speed over detail. I believe the general anger here derives from that current state, the people who work as much as the other staff do would like to see the discussion put in place by the powers that be, so that they may tweak and edit them to better their chances at getting it approved. While it is understood that it may be impractical, closing off the developer for the merge seems rather impractical period; you don't allow them any chance to defend their own progress--and that is where the sort-of 'malicious intent' comes to mind.
  8. Allow me to give my insight and a fraction of my anger towards specific subjects surrounding the github, and the order of the staff. Pardon me if I express a faux pas, fellow admins, for my opinion may be slightly off-centered. I won't give names, to prevent slandering. As of the moment, I loathe the situation with the administrative process. When I was a mentor, I looked at the admins above, saw them as friendly, inviting and overall holding of their values together. When I became a mod, I begun to feel the pressure and stress of what went on, and my respect for those above me grew, knowing how much more they had to deal with. TA came around, and then I only became more annoyed, irritated by the questions and some of the people below me. At the same time, I noticed those above me (GA's and SA's), trying to use their power to influence others in the staff. Time went on, and TA evolved to GA--my shenanigans in the events, or my discipline as an admin, I still know not which made the agreement swing in either favor, nor do I know the opinions of those who were with me at the time. It was here, that I started paying attention a bit more in detail to my surroundings. I disliked the way and reasoning that separated GA's and SA's--it seemed like an arbitrary jump of power to hand to those who have been more or less loyal to the server. It was about this time that I also noticed SA's who had the position appearing and disappearing--expecting the same sort of influence and power that they had once before. When Earthdivine asked me for people who I thought were competent and trustworthy enough to jump to TA, I chose the two people who I believed would have similar opinions, along with those prerequisites. I trusted both of them, and still do. I digress from my main point with the story, however. Ever since I first arrived, the attitude towards development was along the lines of: 'This is ours, they shouldn't get the say in it.' This certainly urked me with how things around Paradise went. It still does, as this still is the attitude. Anyways, after my advancement to SA, I was hoping to make my point more clear and try to start influencing more into the happenings about Paradise, as my predecessors had done before me. However, to my surprise, another level of arbitrary power called the 'Senior Senate Committee', consisted of a handful of people that are preferred, I take it, in the upper staff that make more decisions. I despise this to every fiber of my person. The pulls and merges are decided upon by those who operate the github, along with those in the senate and above. There are many ways that it could be done, but I do not agree with the way it is handled currently--at least enough to write, post and keep this here.
  9. I gotta make heisenbee a hound. Where's my genetics machinery--time to fuck with DNA.
  10. Hey folks, Ely here. I like events. Making them happen, giving more flavor, more life to this game (as it gets a tad stale from time to time). I've decided that I would take requests for events to perform, if you've got any specific ideas in mind. I'll display the format i'd ask for y'all to put it in before I consider it below. Any/all are welcome to try, can't guarantee that i'll try everyone's though--busy work and class schedule. In addition, I don't look at the forums all too often, so if you want, toss me a notification on discord, i'll pay attention then. FUN FORMAT!!! Title of Event: Pretense (if you want me to message the station prior) Equipment Necessary(Style of equipment, flavor, surroundings what do you want?): Plot (if one exists): Prize for Completion? (If yes, then explain): Custom Sprites/OGG's? (If yes, provide me a link, or request from something you've seen before from me): <3 Elysian_Prince -----------------------------------------spessman
  11. hOI! Oim Elysian. I'm sure I've scarred plenty of you for life, but I'll go ahead and make one of these because... I dunno, it's 4 am and I can't sleep, sue me. My character list includes: N'ildrask Vaalkom, my golden ace kitty mrowl. First character in this insane asylum and still running good with four job specialties, three divorces, two loves in life and one roborg arm. Curious about any? Feel free to ask. Leaflet, the first plasmaman to permanently work on the Cyberiad. He huffs gas and... Well, plasma gas. Science specialist, though can be found in engineering from time to time. He's a conscripted diplomat from the home planet of the plasma people and is slightly detached from reality. Has a crush on a plasmagal on station though! Krakricha. SKREEEEEEEE! Yaya, voxxy love pods. Pods go pew pew and shoot special sparkles in space! Can be found as a mechanic, security pod pilot, or in security. Is pretty loopy. Roy Vasiliev, one of three hoomans. My spy, my infiltrator, changeling antag! CIA haircut and flashy style. Johann Szechepen, Chief Diplomacy Officer of NT. If I make an announcement, 99% it's him reporting. I've forced a marriage as him on some poor vulp, gave some NT rep kinky things (fuzzy handcuffs, whip, ball gag, etc.), saved a few jobs and fired people as well. Married to a wryn hive queen and is a bit of a subtle pervert. Can't be perfect, can we? Vizier, my last human. If you see him, he's probably not here to help. Special CC DS force (wuts a DS, admun?). Goes in solo or with a team. Electro M.A.N., the meme bot himself. Wacky, never serious unless he downloads hadass.exe. Usually likes to zap or play pranks on people. Find him in engineering or a head of staff position. Last but not least, Anita Jolyce, my only vulp. Timid, surgeon, female, I don't usually play her much, I've not developed a personality too thoroughly for her yet. -------- Now a bit about me, me. I'm some 20 year old Floridian scrub who's majoring in Astrophysics and minoring in calculus. Fun. Usually laid back, always loves sleep. Find me on steam, can't miss my name. Well, catch you all onboard, folks.