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  1. I don't count anymore, so let's get this one high. THREE.
  2. To whom it may concern, Unfortunately, due to recent events in my life and the amount of personal projects I'm taking part in, I am retiring from my position as an administrator. The last two years I've spent here have been an incredible adventure I can't thank you guys enough for. As always, I'm online on Discord and will be there most likely until the end of my days, so feel free to PM me for a chat. See ya.
  3. This isn't metagaming, as per our rules and what happens literally every round. People just know what they can expect from antagonists, since it's possible for the characters to have seen them previously. Things like these are a perfect example of an interaction that should be removed with a code change, not the Admin tram trying to reign specific people in for something that doesn't even break the rules.
  4. Feel free to join our Discord and ask an administrator. Alternatively, an attempt to connect to the server will yield you a message with the relevant information.
  5. It's a nice idea, just nobody wants to bother coding it. :P
  6. Holy hell that's amazing. :o
  7. Hah! The taste feature is a pretty recent one. Before that, we didn't really have a system for telling people what tasted how. The main reagent responsible for making people get fed is just called 'nutrients' and it's present in almost every food out there. As such, almost all foods taste like nutrients - bland. I'm looking to do another pass on the taste system, possibly adding a way to make things taste better or worse depending on how well you do in the kitchen, but I'm not yet sure how I'll go about doing that. In any case, it's not your fault.
  8. Yeah, we were planning on changing it semi-frequently, but we're just too lazy to do it. Thanks for the reminder, though.
  9. There'd be no point to this forum if people couldn't make suggestions that were found to be bad in the end. Don't worry about it and keep having fun!
  10. I moved this to General Discussion, since it's not really an Admin Complaint. I could drone about this topic for hours, but I already did numerous times. There are threads like these popping up almost every week now. Like this one here: https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/10695-the-problem-with-most-security-officers-and-the-crew If you see an officer breaking the law, adminhelp. If you're being annoying to people, expect them to be annoying in return.
  11. You want to find anyone proficient in coding or get into it yourself and make a Pull Request on our GitHub.
  12. I think this has nothing to do with meta knowledge or strengthening realism. You can catch someone with documents and just let them go knowing full well what these are. As long as you're not selectively letting your metabuddies go on rampages and dunking on everyone else, things should be fine. I think the issue stems from the fact that antagonists rarely have any sort of mercy when confronting Security. If you lose a fight against an antagonist as a Security Officer, you can expect to die pretty quickly, especially with certain players, who, for example, would cut your head off and melt it with acid. It's just a part of the way things work right now. Because of this, you don't want to risk the person you caught with documents to later come back with a revolver/acid/whatever and murder you violently, so you cuff them and ensure that doesn't happen. In my opinion, the attitude most Security run with is only a reaction to the way antagonists treat them and it's them that should somehow be nudged to be more interesting than just murdering all their targets and smirking to themselves as they escape on a welded pod.
  13. Nuke Ops that don't declare war are in general pretty boring in my experience. By the time someone screams about them having boarded the station they can already have their hands on the disk and everyone wastes 30 minutes of their time and has to start over with whatever they were doing that shift. I think it'd be a solid idea to make Nuke Ops /have/ to declare war. In my current pitch they'd get a five minute grace period to get a good pun going and declare war themselves (using the pun, of course) or, after the five minutes, the war would be declared automatically. Ideally, this would go together with a rebalanced and pop-dependent amount of TC, which I'll be looking into regardless of whether this suggestion itself gets any traction. I'll be implementing this myself if this gets enough support.
  14. There seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding about this change here. It's NOT a mere delay to what the chems do, but a large part of chems' functionality torn out. Things like Strange Reagent proc not on every life tick, but on application - their "mob reaction". This tears the whole behavior out, while leaving the thing proccing when injected with a syringe or drank. You'd have to go look at the specifics of code behind alle the chems to see what exactly this disables. For example fluorosulphuric acid will no longer deal its massive damage on application, but only 1 burn and 1 toxins each tick (or similar numbers, I'm not quite sure), meaning it becomes pretty much completely useless when applied this way. The behavior is not in line with syringes and I think making mechanics this unintuitive is silly. I believe we should nerf the specific memechems people overuse and not just put this monstrosity over the whole chem system.
  15. As other admins have said, us admins are generally really bad at telling whether someone is pushing the limits of greytide, as we can't just follow a single person on their exploits throughout a whole shift. Adminhelp if you think someone's being an abusive greytide and not contributing to others' enjoyment of the game. As for the antagonists - I don't think there's an easy solution available to us. People have always powergamed to some extent and will always do so. It's not hard to come up with the names of a few people who have been around lately who do exactly that. Going blindly after objectives and stocking up on weapons, reagents and tools that will help them be the most robust in any situation. I think we should do our best to convince them somehow that even a defeat can be enjoyable and help them realize the wonders of making others enjoy the game. I'm personally not sure how to go about this. One of the ideas pitched some time ago would be to remove greentext. Leave objectives as a way to direct people towards specific antaggy actions and draw lines around what is allowed and what isn't, but not reward actual objective completion. We'd be able to add a lot more non-specific, RP-motivating objectives if we didn't bother checking for the green.