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  1. He is the very definition of a fat chonker. For those unaware, this is one of my cats, Derek How the hell he finds the position he is sleeping in in this photo "comfortable", is beyond me.
  2. I would start on simple spelling fixes, then work your way into slightly more complex things
  3. Believe it or not, this game. I wanted to contribute and DM is how I learned coding standards like OOP and other things which I use in every other language now. Yes its archaic in places, but DM is actually kinda nice.
  4. It should really be the former, but at the moment it’s definitely the latter. I don’t like highpop so I just work on things on the side.
  5. Getting all of our pending map edits in instantly
  6. Aahahahhahahahah I wish I think they will co-exist, but never fully replace BYOND. Every server already has their foundations on BYOND, their existing code teams, their people with accounts, etc etc. Switching to SS14 for example would invalidate our entire coder team and our maint team as its an entirely new lang. Opendream may get somewhere as it still uses DM, but I see that as like, the replacement for when BYOND kicks the bucket.
  7. There is a registry tweak you can do to allow it to use up to 4GB, but BYOND itself is only capable of addressing to 1.8GB, so the moment you go over that limit, you run into major stability issues and stuff starts to fall apart very quickly .
  8. Lack of TG bloat so we can actually sustain >60 players without running out of memory. For context, DD caps out at 1.8GB of RAM
  9. Vox In all seriousness, the dorms pool controller. It has no use unless someone emags it once per millennia, and used to cause horrific turf init issues
  10. I have had both and I like both, they are nice pets The former
  11. I am fucking tired of this being thrown around as a buzzphrase on the github to the point where I will actively call people out who throw this out.
  12. I like off-station content because it makes stuff feel less packed on station I really like the idea of wizard because of the chaos, and absolutely hate revs I think they should be both Yes
  13. Heads of Staff and Maintainers share the same authority/weight in making codebase decisions, with a few exceptions: Heads have no vote on fix or refactor PRs Heads can object on design solely, maintainers can object on design and implementation Heads cannot veto a PR singlehandedly, nor can maintainers unless: The PR has copyright/legal/license issues The PR is going to cause horrific issues to the server down the road due to implementation The server host has no decision in pull requests, apart from an implementation veto regarding techn
  14. I powerpointed it up and tweaked it to how it runs, as far as I know
  15. @MxNimbus433I was unaware of the threat level thing, after reading up, this seems fine. Objection withdrawn.
  16. Not in favour Wizard + Nukies + Cult in the same round? No thanks
  17. @Sirryan2002 should be fixed now
  18. @Shadeykins and @Sirryan2002 are now wiki managers
  19. High pop has always been a dislike for me for to performance, lack of job slots and a low RP level due to so much chaos, but everyone else seems to enjoy it so I’m not going to be a dictator and change it. Code priorities shifted recently and as of now my priority is implementing 2FA for BYOND accounts on the server.
  20. I would love more advanced ingame scripting/nerd shit to do because I found that really entertaining, but sadly its too performance intensive to evaluate it all at runtime and manage, so its unlikely we will ever get something like that again.
  21. I honestly dont know. We have a lot of species variety and the karma jobs are nice, but as well as this, its nice being a standout server on the hub that isnt just "oh hey were yet another cookie-cutter TG downstream"
  22. USD because spark is US so its easier for him to convert
  23. Were not doing this forever. Give me $50,000, no more offers
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