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  1. Not one I can query without diving this much plain text
  2. Pretend this says 7.4 million I dont know how this made it past QC
  3. Hello Following on from my previous post, here is a PDF of stats I queried from the past year, as well as other tidbits. This also includes some awards which will be mirrored here: Most violent award: @Charliminator Most likely to die award: @MisterMan Most connections award: @ItsMarmite Go touch grass (all players): @ItsMarmite Go touch grass (admins): @Meow19 Discuss in this thread: https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/topic/22060-2021-in-review-discussion-thread/ Edit: Attachment doesn't work. Use https://www.paradisestation.org/aastuff/2021_in_review.pdf
  4. Discussion thread for https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/topic/22061-2021-in-review-the-stats/
  5. You clearly don't know anything about simple bots. Their pathfinding process is one of the most expensive systems in the entire game (yes, beating out atmospherics), and given that bot pathing is not regulated by the MC, just 30 bots total is enough to bring the server to its knees. Do not encourage levels of 80 simple bots or more. You will be job banned. I have done this before and will gladly do it again.
  6. I cannot speak on behalf of leadership but I can tell you an answer here. "Has it been tried?" No, because it doesn't need to be, since we already disagree with it. Why would we push for something that none of us agree with? disclaimer: none in this context is going off of a sample from when this was discussed. Opinions subject to change. Ts and Cs apply.
  7. More people talking doesn't mean more of a need of something. Take the IPC box argument. That gets bought up multiple times each month, and its the same result each time. (For those unaware, the result is "No, we are not giving IPCs a full welder and cable coil on roundstart)
  8. This has been general consensus between leadership since 2020 at least
  9. This This is why it has been shot down every time it got suggested in the past. The fuckwit antags will target the people with intern, especially if its security. It will also no doubt lead to "I want someone experienced, not an intern".
  10. You have no idea how much this pleases the lighting nerd in me
  11. Traitors who want to go hard mode can do it themselves, and flex on the crew with a balloon. Forcing them into it is just going to fuck over newbies.
  12. It should but people seem to lack that, as per the secret phrase
  13. Yeah No We're a space simulator, not a dating simulator. We shouldn't be making weddings a mechanically enforced/viable thing, especially if it grants a mechanical benefit with the blessed rings. Not in favour in the slightest.
  14. Never rolling wizard doesnt make any point you make regarding wizards invalid. If you have played against enough of them, or tried any of the abilities on a local server, you have most likely learned enough. I said it before but ill say it again. Midround wizards arent going to happen for a variety of reasons. Its not what we need here.
  15. My word holds no weight now, but I am still saying it. TLDR: Midround wizards bad
  16. Archived changes wanted from the discord Yes (Things ill be in favour of) Conversion of ingame browser UIs to TGUI NOTE: This does NOT apply to admin UIs, as they must stay as regular browser UI, not TGUI Conversion of /New() to /Initialize() [Please be confident in ability to do this, dont just do it willy nilly] More unit tests Cleanup of old legacy module code for stuff we dont even use (IE: Appearance bans) Someone needs to go over the DB schema (specifically the characters table), and make columns that are meant to null (Autohiss, alt head, etc etc) actually accept NULL instead of just empty strings (""). Also remove cuiPropAdjust and cuiReason from customuseritems. Remove /obj/random and make it a subtype of /obj/effect [Map Edit Required] Make the end round auto reconnect not send to AFK players Make TGS testmerges log to the database via feedback so we can see what TMs are on what round [Port how TG does this] Have highpop jobs load before job selection instead of post roundstart Maybe (Please run details of these by me) TBD No (Things I will likely object to) Buffs to terror spiders Adding entire new Z-levels for singular things Dogborgs (no) Adding in extra admin verbs for stuff we can already do just for the sake of bloat (The verb panels are bloated enough) Nanites (good fucking god no) Anything which complicates the codebase build workflow (EG: Having to install node or docker, migration to tgstation/common-build-tool, etc) Migration of TGUI to TS from JS (If you do this I will impale you on a railroad spike) Changes to the IPC box items (they aren’t getting an instant welder and cable. No.)
  17. As the title implies, I am resigning from Maintainer, as I need to focus more on IRL things, hosting, and my own mental health. I wont go into too many details, but this is the way forward for me to preserve what remains of my sanity. FAQ Are you staying as Host? Yes. I dont plan to resign from Host any time soon. Believe it or not, its a lot calmer than Maintainer for a fair few reasons. Do you have a successor? No. Nobody at the moment has the required skills or etiquette to be a Maintainer. Can we ping you yet? No.
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