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  1. my problem with this is xenobio can be very very powerful in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing so.. a miner finds this place, plays xenobio for a while, then boom miner with strong xenobio stuff plus mining stuff
  2. means my bulli of spark has finally paid off
  3. okay I'll bite, why are slimes the only people who are able to beatbox when literally anyone with lungs and a sense of rhythm can? slimes already squish and that's loud enough giving slimes a built in midi player sounds actually terrible (unless everyone was able to and may god help us if that happens)
  4. six nerdy admins planning on how to ruin this for us
  5. Yeah like.. why is there no black skirt? the only item called black skirt is red. more outfits, simple and fancy for the ladies of the crew would be nice
  6. Two vox fighting over a bucket of KFV.. they know it's fried vox right?
  7. Also with agent ID and voice change existing someone could already do that.
  8. mime office and clown office being the same office? they will never leave their office because they will be too busy beating the shit out of eachother, I see it as a win.
  9. well think of it like this, the normal round lasts 2 hours, normally less. if you're afk for 20 mins than means you're gone for almost 1/4th of a round, if you're a role that there are not many slots open for such as robotics, genetics, the cook, viro, detective, chaplain, you get the idea, then that means you just ate up 1/4th of a round by standing there or being ssd and no one could take that role, but if you are moved into cryo then that role is now open for someone who joins to play the full remainder of the round
  10. Taac

    Art Attack

    I.. uh.. don't really see the point in writing the code to make this happen, just send a clown in with a color grenade and call it a day
  11. the problem is in hrp servers the rounds are longer and things tend to happen slower, in a server like para 5 mins could make the difference between lets say.. mass arrest of a cult or summoning so detective doesn't really have time to do a full investigation. I wish detective had more stuff too but also it would almost never get used imo
  12. couldn't you start it as a cult round then assign non cultists to traitors? idk
  13. also you need a more than just a welder to get though walls.
  14. I've been denied plenty of times also if you manage to break into a place with only an emergency welder well.. good on ya
  15. depends, unathi : hiss Kidan : Clack IPC : Beep but really I would be hella confused and most likely die by being spaced
  16. now I wonder.. do the bubbles mess with his gills?
  17. it's a cargo hat i bet, cargonia leads the way
  18. personally I want objective two. but perhaps you should add a poll
  19. not really because exploration is always dangerous so look at the real world. people still go to the arctic and people want to go to the moon and/or mars. nobody in their right mind wants ringworms
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