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  1. Okay, then how about just making it an energy gun?
  2. I had some thoughts about advanced stun revolver, and why not make it just a better energy gun? It would fit greatly with upcoming combat overhaul! Let's start with the fact that disablers are superior weapon to tasers. I've seen way too many new officers miss their taser shot, and just stand there doing nothing which in turn resulted in their death. With a disabler they can atleast pull the trigger again and again in case of a miss, also friendly fire won't result in incapacitated ally (it happens way more often than one would think). Normal energy gun comes with 20 disabler shots and 10 lethals. Giving ASR 30 disabler and 15 lethal wouldn't affect balance of the game negatively, but give BS extra edge that he needs to DEFEND command staff. Those extra shots could save a life (Be it cap, command, or BS themself). Let's also mention the fact that BS is NOT an officer hence them leaving bridge is very situational (well maybe exept going for food), that's why we won't have to be affraid of ASR falling into wrong hands easily. If there are any ways to replicate ASR I would be in favor of removing those means and make it unique, one of a kind item (you could also make it High-Risk item, but that's debatable). Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you with that little "rant" of mine. I genuinely think this is wonderful idea, cheers and have a colorful day!
  3. There are some full body civilian uniforms for female characters that could be considered elegant, why not add something for male characters? See I've been going through paradise files and found things like: Navy suit, Burgundy suit, various mafia suits, or this thing called "sl_suit" that looks cool and fairly customizable. Adding a waistcoat would be great too. I understand that there are bigger priorities on hand, but I and quite few other players would be very grateful. :>
  4. Yes, this wonderful idea It's time to put an end to some random people trespassing, shitcurity stealing meds as a meta, etc. We need a bouncer in medical, like soldier needs a rifle. VERY
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