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A place for those of the reptilian persuasion. From those who are lizards wearing human skin wanting to take over the world, to those who are actually reptiles! Talk about how all those darn humans keep trying to tell you they're better than you, and how you told them to buzz off.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hey I am the edgy shadowling-unathi.-hybrid Thali. If you see Thali arround she is HoS most of the time "getting dem valids". Beware of the edge for that it causes internal bleeding. Also Necromancy.
  3. Hello, I play Sihsse Zsak, better known as the fabulously dressed in red with pink scales Magistrate that is only OCCASIONALLY ignored now. I can also be found lurking in Botany or the Arrivals Gardens and from time to time crawling maintenance for treats. Otherwise I'll make a little hidey-hole or break in to the rarely used Engi Outpost for some quiet time.
  4. One of my few organic characters is Siol Eksr! He tends to be a coroner, hiding out in the morgue. Likely, Siol has seen one of your bodies. He likes calling people by their race, unless it is an unathi, in which case they are "brother (name)" or "Sssisster (name)"
  5. Hiii there. I play Kerri Mendy a blue scaled Unathi who is uuusually ok with some people and surprisingly calm in a lot of situations, Also usually hunts mining creatures. You can usually find me as a miner, or as the RD, CMO or CE and i typically play engineers or as the Brig Phys or some Medical jobs, though usually not Genetics or Virology. (I do know most of Genetics but i don't know a thing about Virology.) Sometimes i may hang at the bar depends on how i feel, usually shy anyway.
  6. Hello fellow Hissers I play the good-mad-dont come to my work space with out permission, Leonardo Black. A Red Unathi with some black scales.You can find me, usually, in Genetics, fiddling with all sorts of genes( for the greater good..... of the station) and sometimes i take brakes and i go to cargo to hang out with the people there and the miners, to drink some booze. In some special days, i run the library and organize RPG days there. I update the newspaper, those days, so people can come and enjoy.
  7. One time, as a NT Rep., I was terribly bored (I believe it was an extended round and the departments didn't have any outstanding issues). I then decide to prank the Captain. Grab my stamp, paper and pen and viola, we have a approval of request for a HONK squad from "Central Command", and sent to the Captain's fax machine. During that time, we have a xeno outbreak, and what does the Captain announce? For the crew to fight and hold off the xenos until the HONK squad from "Central Command" arrives. We fight the xenos, removed them and then evacuate. During that time, I tell the Captain the HONK squad was a fake, he shows disbelief and relief at that very moment.
  8. Pretty self-explanatory title there, basically just share stories of your dirty hissing deeds. Or your heroic ones, both make for good stories after all, and everyone loves a good hero and villain! My most interesting shift so far has probably been the shift just before my Mr. Garuda got kidnapped by shadowlings. He was thralled relatively midway through the round when I was responding to a call as the paramedic. Of course, that call had to be in maintenance, and... shenanigans ensued and I was taken down without much fanfare. Of course, after that I assisted in taking down a couple officers and then took them to the glorious shadowling masters! Push came to shove, and the thralls reached that critical mass, letting the masters ascend. Suffice to say, one of them took a liking to my lizard and ended up taking him with them for a week. He was pretty bad off by the end and didn't remember any of it, at least this part is in my headcanon.
  9. It seems we're getting all of the different departments covered so far, excellent... Oh, I forgot to add the big bad SST man, Colonel Kilgore to those lizards I play. Scales turned red from being bathed in the blood of the enemies of the Syndicate. He very rarely leaves a certain Syndicate officer's side, however.
  10. Hi people, will alssso introduce my character, whosss name isss Kissslo Uzza, full green lizard, mossst of the time working in either science department or medbay. Lovesss to drink alcoholic coctailssss which contain human blood in them. Not very loyal to nanotrasssen, but alwaysss loyal to crewmemberssss(if wasss not contacted by some ssssort of terrorissst organisssation to work for them)
  11. Wooooo, figured I'd be active in groups finally. Here first! I play Sstrav'un Sshessh, a rust and red colored snake-ish hisser that frequents engineering. Tends to be quiet, until annoyed, which happens easily. And Ero Loak, a Special Ops Officer that's one of the few Unathi employed that AREN'T part of the Breacher squads. He's pretty outspoken and tends to try and take charge of things he doesn't need to.
  12. Suspicion seems to be a common theme so far! Not that I mind, most of those damn bald humans are untrustworthy anyways. Anywho, greetings to you both!
  13. Hello to everyone, my hisser is the grumpy, bureaucratic, slightly manipulative Skakreshss Shesikor, who is rather suspicious of everyone.
  14. I guess I should go into depth in what hisser I play. I play Lask (Laskorreshkor Sessikaklas) a drunk Green Uanthi whom has been around for ages and is known to at least most of you here already.
  15. Chakax greetsss. Chakax isss badsss speakssingsss commonsss. Lovesss tasssty micesss. Chakax mossstly hatesss other creaturesss thats notsss kinss. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss No really tho. Chakax is my goofball. Intentionally clumsy and not the sharpest tool in the shed. Many unnecessary "S"s at the end of words that don't need them for the sake of more auto hiss. It's interesting thinking about how to make him speak bad English and making him accidentally speak in his native tounge regularly. Fairly disgusted by anything that isn't a lizard. He is fun as hell to play though I don't do it enough.
  16. Umm. Hi? I'm the guy whom plays a drunk hisser and yep.
  17. Hi. I'm Little. I don't have a proper hisser, but as you probably know I play as Entchtut Cenein, the Vulpkanin woman who developed a very strong crush on and still has immense feelings for Laskorreshkor Sessikaklas, who is now her fiancé. They love each other so much and it's adorable. I also want to lewd Garoon.
  18. Hi, I'm Dreamy, I have my own hisser named Alistair Sslas he is a pretty pastel purple-ish colour and he suffers severe memory loss. And of course I have my Skrell Zeke Varloss who's besties with Garoon. ♥
  19. Just somewhere for any new people to introduce themselves! Talk about yourself, tell which hisser you play as, or who your character is who's friends with one. For instance I suppose I'll start here. I play the usually surly blue lizard Garoon Garuda, usually found in either the bar, the medbay's front desk, buried in pipes in atmospherics, or a bloody mess in the maintenance tunnels!

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