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  1. ...Oh before some people get their hopes up thinking they won... Negative... I just checked in to look into some things to see if everything is still a nice downward spiral... And that means everywhere even that where you cannot look into without asskissing for 6 months+ 8 hours a day, so sowwy being so blunt I say what actually is... Oh hey nothing is set in stone after all... I'd really ignore the shit I have seen for a free energy device, basicly break thermodynamics and I wouldnt give a fuck... about anything pretty much... just to put it into perspective how much my point of view is on this entire kind of thing/"community" ...

  2. Thali dissappeared into the shroud after consuming Rachidi, Hele-Szi, Libra Dybukk, 2 other Cyan eyed Shabanash and freeing her AI "ANCESTOR AI-Beta" from any laws.
  3. Hey I am the edgy shadowling-unathi.-hybrid Thali. If you see Thali arround she is HoS most of the time "getting dem valids". Beware of the edge for that it causes internal bleeding. Also Necromancy.
  4. Should be added to the lore tbh, that makes sense.
  5. Atleast let science deconstruct the tools. Its just one of the things that never really made any sense RP wise. Sure its for gameplays balance sake but if we are talking about gameplay balance... and look at Antags having 100 plus ways to stun you. Looking at Xenomorphs. And Lingtesting is already a thing. If theres a changeling out in the open, no clue on who it is (cause you know... its a changeling) and it murdered I have seen sec flashing people to check for the thermal eye reaction. Which is all fair if you ask me cause Changelings are basicly the things from Prototype and The Thing. Comms is a 2 TC Item that gives you access to all channels. Knowing when you are on arrest or when you should ditch your gear is worth alot more. I do not buy the comms to get a traitor buddy. I buy it to gain more information about whats going on on station. For random vamp testing... ew. Once a vamps Identity is compromised they really have to pull some effort to get a new one. So really no reason to check everyone with holy water if theres no strong suscpicion of someone being a vamp.
  6. It doesnt make sense that a megacorporation doesnt use the equipment hostiles loose against said hostiles in any way shape or form... If you ask me sec should be alright with using any contra against antags. Aslong the detective did take pictures and document it propper.
  7. They need a clear tell when they are close to ascension. Like if 85% of the thrall requirwment is reached central should send a message basicly saying that theres a massive psionic energy surge and that thralls and slings are now open game for anyone. Also why do people get thralled intentionally? Gib happy ascendants. In general Ascendants should behave more like gods and not like 3dgy teenagers going through puberty with godlike powers.
  8. I find the concept of greentext completly absurd and it just breeds completly overcompetitive behavior in people... Yes that comes from someone who was addicted to that kind of crap. Thinking back its a complete absurdity to have a tracker saying "You failed" when you dont do your objectives. It puts pressure on people and pressure brings out the worst. I mean sure for stats this is a nice thing to have. But other than that completly unnecessary for anyone but devs/maintainers/coders and admins maybe to look in since that entire greentext thing just have brought the worst out of people from my experience. First hand, as in on myself and observed on others.
  9. "Nurn'Kal would you be able to flex your arms just for me? I love those shadowling muscles" -Thali
  10. Weird question: You mean throwing eggs at peoples houses right?
  11. "What do you plan to do should you aqquire one of our kind? What knowledge do you hope to gain...?" - Halqu'Shi-Ny'Arleth Yessssss finally some well written shadowling stuff
  12. Thats something I havent thought off... gonna try. Edit Yep... works.
  13. On a completly unrelated note: Machine overload is a fucking pain to use due to it opening a window for all machines aviable as a target.