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  1. People already join jobs for the benefits only and ignore their responsibilities, i dont think paycheck would encourage that much towards that, at least with the current economy. I like assistants having a lower paycheck, more because of the RP aspect of it (certain jobs earning more than others) than a gameplay reason.
  2. Jobs that require high initiative. I will always have a good round with those because i am someone with good initiative, they demand effort from the player and you can imagine that the average player is not someone that would put too much effort into things :(.
  3. Security would arrest someone because of a corpse picture? How that could be done to 100% incriminate them?
  4. The following PR is now open to implement this suggestion: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/22408
  5. A good idea, i have done A LOT of slapping in the past to wake up my targets and failiing because we dont have such mechanic :(.
  6. I would love to see how some of these look ingame.
  7. Syndicate agent backstory speedrun lets gooooo
  8. Over TG you can only install either the buffer or the vacuum upgrade and adding a sound for sucking would be nice. Don't think making it require power would be necessary, remember that its competitor is the floor buffer and that the station do have more blood to clean than trash to collect. The..vehicle floor buffer cant be toggled and doesnt have a slow down, only the janiborg version.
  9. Why is the RCD a hacked autolathe item instead of protolathe? It never made sense to me having items that are clearly upgrades and complex being put as hacked items.
  10. I think the job would benefit from being expanded to be a Stylist in general, dealing with hairs, clothes and even room decorations.
  11. Having to choose between the vacuum upgrade and floor buffer wouldn't make the janicart OP, they are almost on equal levels.
  12. Collect it with a larger timeframe then, Mira did a quick 15 minutes search.
  13. I dont think there is a trend, just a few mistakes here and there. #20205 - That is a case where reasoning on closing isnt necessary since the PR itself had enough discussion and it was easy to see why would a member vote against it. #20396 - Venuska PR has been open for multiple months because of conflicts and for decisions to decrease the size of it. This is one where reasoning on closing would be necessary specially because its a newer contributor that really needs that feedback, and considering the bad description about the changes the PR had and the lack of votes for/agaisnt, my imagination can only think that it was ignored until the time limit was hit without anyone asking for it to be more clear for a vote to be cast. #20386 - One could imagine some reasons why would one object to this (i can imagine like..three? no idea which one could be it), even though a reasoning would be necessary for clarity and for future PRs that might be similar. When making something new i always look into the past and if i found this i would be wondering "It was closed because we dont like some spawning with free food?" or "Is it because it would be too much of a meme?", i would be confused, and i am. #20382 - No idea, could use a reasoning. Bmon PRs: #20096 - I have no idea what the objection on this could be and considering its a PR that changes an entire map..is it really something he couldnt change? Reasoning necessary on that one. #19836 - Considering its 100% a sprite change i dont think a reason has to be stated, if it was closed its because the team considers that the current sprite is better than the alternative. Maybe if we had a sprite team and art guidelines further clarification on why it doesnt fit, in some case, could be given, but we dont have such things. #20115 - The PR had enough discussion about it and you were told that the preference is over the alternative, i think its clear that the reason it got denied is probably among the arguments given by the multiple comments it had.
  14. I am not sure if making the development channels would help that much. What i am sure of is that PRs being closed with no obvious reasoning (its different than lets say a PR with lots of comments and discussions where it would be clear why that one objection happened) DO inflict a massive morale zap on contributors. I would KILL for an reasoning about the banana cream pie (zero comments on the PR, zero discussion over discord by people in general), is it because we dont want effects that could be annoying? The sound chosen by the author was not good enough? Is it a worry that it could somehow be abused to annoyance because it would make cream pie launcher have an actual impact? Why should i add sounds to any items if i am not even sure why a similar PR got denied?! Our human resources are limited and will stay that way if we keep losing people because of avoidable frustrations.
  15. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/19162
  16. This suggestion but without it deteriorating over time/distance.
  17. 1 tc that disguises the chameleon matter and not another item, with it being obvious when examining the item, that i think would work.
  18. Why have the option to change your suit? Because i imagine the company would have a way to provide new uniforms for job transfers (specially for heads, as an example: QM being promoted to acting HoP) 1- Every department keeps a spare plasmaman suit 2- Make it so suits can be ordered from cargo 3- Special plasmaman suit painter (maybe held only by the barber? (idk)) What would be the best option? Post any other ideas you can think of. I have it in my mind that they are supposed to be bad at stealth as some sort of species trait, thats why i would avoid any solutions that make changing their suits a fast, simple and trivial thing to do.
  19. Cooks Bakery and Neutrons Clinics just had a productive shift! Having made 6600 credits in total by selling his cakes and "Revenge"!
  20. And never go around picking up items, good looking or not, its 100% a holoprojector traitor!
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