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Adventuring with a chirpy diona nymph named Tea!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Tea's current costumes. Dear lord why. Bee Box Bunny Cat Hardsuit Kitsune Parrot/Poly Pikachu Syndteacate Tea Wizard Xeno Baneling Eevee SecuriTEA erTEA Nymph Hats Blob Hat Bucket Hat Clown Mask Nurse Hat Top Hat Witch Hat Nymph Mods/Variants Greater Nymph Smallest Nymph Leafy Nymph Fireflower Nymph Deathnettle Nymph Nymph #666 (aka Demon Nymph) Crystal Nymph Fire Nymph
  3. Tea or Tea associated peoples fondest (Tastiest?!) memories involving the Lil' Cutie. Super guilty of allowing this one to get the Alls accesses. Providing rainbow ID card. Threatening people over a stomp. Forming lynchsquads to defend her Honor. Running in and kidnapping for cuddles from other Teaphiles.
  4. ahhh that didnt animate on discord properly SO MAGIC

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