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October Wiki Update


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Hey everyone! Solid work this month.

Little bit quiet this month with edits. To be fair most of us are busy with schooling however I do encourage everyone to atleast take a stab at something every 1-2 weeks. I took a trip to Boston, USA and was dealing with midterms so I didn't get to as much as I wanted to. That's not to say that things didn't get done.

I'd also encourage everyone to review this post on discord that I made a month or two back. It's important to understand the type of community that we should be fostering as a wiki contributors. I like to praise wiki contributors for their selfless contribution to our server but I hope people don't take it as a ticket to consider oneself higher in status than another player. It's about making the server better and if you consider someone pointing out a wiki-mistake as a problem rather than a contribution I think you should reevaluate what it means to contribute to our wiki.

That being said, onto the meat of our update.

What needs to be done on the Wiki:

October Change Log:

This Months Contributors that I haven't recognized yet: @Quacks 

Keep knocking out those revision requests y'all. 

if you were @'d on this post it means that you contributed meaningfully to our wiki in some aspect and I'd hope you are willing to stay around another month to keep doing so. If you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll happily sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every month. Here is a syntax guide for those who are curious

As always, thanks for the hard work everyone!

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