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  1. "OH SHIT SPACE ANTS" "Want me to make a grenade out of them?" yep that's me alright
  2. yeah it has a very emaggable console in there
  3. Devil rounds can definitely make for interesting situations.
  4. wow I'm like B+ or A- that's cool
  5. Not remotely true. Glowcaps and glowshrooms provide numerous good genes, including 10% radium, 10% phosphorus, 10% teslium, Electrical Activity, and Bioluminescence.
  6. I've updated Geneticist. It now has actual info on how to be useful, a few more traitoring tips, and tip that will lead smart geneticists to discover how to do their job like the robust geneticists do (the UM trick). I've also added every medicine in the game to the chemistry page.
  7. Yeah, a lot of blueshields get cranky when no spare. And a good amount powergames quite significantly, I think there should be a clear limitation on what weapons they are allowed to use.
  8. I agree with most of your points, but I think that the Blueshield should have security comms. There is no good way to know the situation otherwise as far as threat to command goes. But yeah, definitely don't like trespassing asshole blueshields who act like borrowing an all access ID means they can't trespass. Redshielding is already forbidden so just ahelp redshields since noone on station has real authority over them.
  9. Powergaming or not, I think they're fuckin' ugly and stupid. I wouldn't miss them if they were gone or had their ability to spread curbed.
  10. It'd have to be CMO for permissions since they have jurisdiction over what psych is doing.
  11. Surprised you have not mentioned the door jack which is a silent (no, AI does not get an alert) method of entry anywhere.
  12. I'd like to know what that is too :^)
  13. I'd gladly help if you tell me what there is to be done, you're a more experienced wiki editor so I'd rather be the wiki equivalent of dumb muscle here :P
  14. Title says it all, but I will elaborate. The SM is in most respects an atmos-based construction. Engineers still have solars and building projects, meanwhile atmos techs are not really needed besides adjusting two pumps on round start and maybe refilling/scrubbing out a room once in a few rounds, which engineers tend to do for them anyway. Engineers sometimes have to fix cut wires, meanwhile atmos rarely has to fix unwrenched pipes since unwrenching them tends to violate server rules and doesn't benefit anyone anyway as atmos takes too long to go bad in the two hours a typical round lasts. TEG
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