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  1. People who can use forums are not that old are we? Please... Anyway yes hello although we're friends already.
  2. Fatt. I'm happy that such an iconic character now has public records on forums. Now that I think about it, we've never interacted ICly that much, it's always cult or goddamn vampires when I'm sec/command. I need to fix that.
  3. "PINK HANDCUFFS. E?" I love DR and how you make his speech glitchy with disjointed sounds and stuff. Very nice to see his record :D
  4. Or make them check if a wizard is using them and fail, perhaps spectacularly, if not. Yes, I'm aware of the lavaland consequences! >:)
  5. HELL YEAH IT'S MY BOY LETOV. Very cool, nice work with the Papers, Please thing.
  6. We were talking about cell sizes. Fucking cell sizes. CYTOBIOLOGY. You all need to get your gotdang minds out of the gutter...
  7. I'd include it for weapons that are actually meant to be weapons but documenting the damage of every random object is highly pointless.
  8. It cracks me up every time science does this.
  9. Everybody gangsta until dwarf instantly hops over HoP desk, prods them, and takes their ID :^)
  10. Disagree on a few ratings here. Cold res is essential for spaceproofing, and EVA capable antags are almost impossible to catch if they're smart. Similarly Dwarf is trespass galore and lets you use places like cargo or R&D for escapes that Security can cry about at most. Really cool guide otherwise, though. I'm sure it'll come in handy for a lot of tator tots! :)
  11. Hi. You're a good borg, do stick around :)
  12. Also, let's not forget the tesla that spawn camped for 10 minutes and absolutely obliterated the arrivals shuttle in the process.
  13. says every metagamer that will absolutely eat slugs when they find out the changes I have made to the character :^)
  14. So many new crew records, makes me happy. Nice stuff, I'll revisit it at some point when you add the TBA stuff :p
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