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  1. The nuke beer keg was a godsend really. God bless the remap that put it in mining maint.
  2. Don't rush it, you'll get good enough to play a head role pretty quickly by just playing all the jobs in their department! RD is good if you know how R&D, xenobio, and robotics work.
  3. Evil Chiki looks badass tbh
  4. Hi! Yeah, at 200 hours you're still new, as the game is complex as hell :p HoP is a fun job, do try it!
  5. Doubleposting because this one needs to be shared. I think this is the logical extreme of the idea I've been developing for a few days.
  6. Woje


    Hey hello hi. Yeah, the game is a bit daunting at first but once it clicks, it's incredible. Hope you continue having fun! Remember, RP > everything :p
  7. As promised, after piloting the idea we made a few adjustments. This is the final product.
  8. Yeah, and halving the time needed will make it more viable as a strategy. First thing that comes to mind is having the chaplain do something to speed deconversions up. This way you get your fast deconversions but only if chaplain cooperates and only in processing.
  9. That still makes on-the-go deconversions faster. Issue remains.
  10. Counterpoint. Gamer officers with holy water on the go.
  11. Honestly the whole system could use a big overhaul. It's clunky as hell. It's been talked about on the community meeting.
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