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Heather's art


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Id bet they can play Doom 2016 to, which means...if a IPC syndie ever gets that orange chainsaw, they can blast this on their rampage!


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three drawings of chikitita I found in ye olde archives that I never added to this thread. Doodles of her exploring with PHOENIX, Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo being a bully, and the complications of a vox-ipc ship (this is a joke i promise)

1583037467765 (1).jpg



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Because I haven't felt up to drawing lately I'm finally posting old ss13 art from 2017! Wow that's three years ago somehow. I used to draw almost exclusively in pixels til my old tablet broke, and I haven't found a new program I really like yet.

First one is my girlfriend's IPC from when she would play chaplain. Glory to Synthetica and all that jazz. I remember what got me into this game besides the cute bird species was watching her sacrifice some random in the chapel to cyborgification. Good times.


Second is the character I learned the game with, Mary Wanuh! The name isn't creative, but I had a fun gimmick of obsessing over radiation and gathering the greytide to steal plasma for me only slightly self-antagging Chester, if you're reading this, you were my favorite gang member acolyte.


Weirdly enough, I ended up drawing references for her for artfight in late 2018, because I didn't want all my characters on display to just be bird people lol


And the most poorly aged, the clown. I don't know why but I hate this one.


I also did some pencil sketches around the same time as these that I might as well add to the collection here. This was my old unathi, Aol Haikszru(?) I actually don't remember how to spell her last name


Literally no other art of her exists because her only purpose was to let me play as another species until I unlocked vox

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