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  1. I was in round for all except maybe 2-3 mins so I didn't see most of the abductor's antics, but this absolute legend of a duo came in to save me from my blob infested sat when I was AI and I was very impressed- not only rescued me before I was outright eaten, but actually restored me and then later when the HoP left me on the table decided to steal me for their own and build a core for me on their ship. I only knew there was a blob because the pod pilot asked me if there was anything strange around my sat and the thing scared the shit out of me as I hopped back to my core. The very little
  2. I was talking about this before when it even came to mindshielding heads even midround during a cult round, and even then I refused it on principle as I find it very anti-antag and somewhat powergamey. As for roundstart mindshields? They're an awful idea, I personally think. Leaving as much paranoia as possible is so important, and sometimes it's good to have "powerful" antags in the head positions that can sometimes help out others or otherwise cause shenanigans; it's what the server is about. Removing their ability to be any kind of antag- besides blob yeah- would kill the fun for a lot
  3. Throwing my two cent in, but 100% agreed. Addiction mechanics can be fun, but incapacitation at levels where irl it would make you a lil tipsy or charged up (in the case of caffeine) is unreasonable. Also addiction to specific drinks or IPC addiction dont make sense in any capacity, it for sure needs tweaks.
  4. OH THIS I FORGOT i never actually posted it it was a v fun round. iirc it was like super obvious glowy red through the wall an people would occasionally find us an mostly- after bappin them w stupidly named "talismans" would join in or just wander to check out the rest of the station. we DID end up havin sec come in an bein super confused, not really sure what to do, but i think aftrr assessin how silly the room looked just asked "...Not hostile?" we pinged at them an they put their stun baton away before leavin prob still super confused. i also think cory used it as a good disguise lmao
  5. there are for sure a bunch of people who would be willing to help out on sprite stuff yeah! i think truly alient food an such would be excellent. hell, i'd be willin to dislodge some rust an help out myself. forreal tho i kind of want to start just rpin that im eatin some real gnarly lookin stuff that is made after an old family recipe or something
  6. im absolutely hooked on this story the fuck forreal though this is amazing keep it going i love the art an the story both
  7. small is better anyway, yall all like stretched out an diluted. my plasmemes are a nice healthy 5'9
  8. such a small irrelevant detail ok!! these are all super cute an v good, an ur skills get better w every piece too so hell yeah.
  9. i had a lot of borgs w a lot of big personalities an while i love em all they do get pretty dramatic at times lmao. this time fridge couldnt even type his own name right so
  10. I like the idea of oil- blood can be regenerated slowly, or at a faster rate with chemicals like saline or iron- or even you know with blood that can be grabbed in medical (or out of it if you know where to look) while with oil there are very few tanks and few if any are willing to make you some from one of the chems. As stated above, if you need oil its going to be an emergency since by that point you can barely, if at all, move. Welders and coil are a nonissue since you can get the latter especially in a lot of places. IPC can live without a body, but they're not functional in the same
  11. Its looking good! There are a couple spelling mistakes but that's just nitpicky- the content is solid. It'll be useful to have somethin to link to for fresh culties or for them to easily look up on the wiki.
  12. the issue was my forum was my ckey, and i'm not really the type to enjoy bothering people to ask for these things, especially when i'm not sure if it's a thing you'd be fine with doing- i of course know you're chill with it now, at least. i didn't really have any posts either way, its just a case of waiting regardless for a day or so to update so it's no problem there now.
  13. i ended up making a whole new account and have to wait for it to update just so i can have a name that isn't my ckey plastered everywhere. i made my old account my ckey for ease, but that meant that being able to choose between forum and ckey meant nothing. also if you play more than a single character it kind of screws you there since you might want to show people that they're each you. in concept its fine, but it should definitely be optional.
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