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  1. especially since tabac addiction can slow you really hard
  2. How was your first SS13 round ever ?
  3. is Kikeri good with the fact that they're SMOLL
  4. it's been a long time i haven't seen some of HAVOC
  5. you're juste making me sad now One sad little fennec
  6. Hello, I'm not really placed to complain about the karma system. I had quite a lot of karma and could unlock everything i wanted so far. However i have seen a lot of people complaining (would be in the discord, on mentors ticket, on survey or deadchat/OOC) that karma are hard to obtain, at the point some player feels like they will never be able to unlock that one thing they really want. But i've been thinking. Why not make Non-antag objectif more relevant ? And making them worth to make it ? So far, only a few non-antag role has objectif. Like the Roboticist (making Cyborg
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