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  1. When i was drawing that position, on stream, on discord, @BakBak also noticed the similarities with this meme The funny things is I didn't knew about this meme before. It's a total, pure, coincidence.
  2. So I decided to draw my security officer. Many Reegs. I only have one warden complaining about the pink chemise suprisingly enough.
  3. Oh yeah jet set sona. This is cool !
  4. those models are hella cute
  5. So, that what happenned to her. I very much remember her as i was the blueshield on that round. I recognize the signs and even more the captain answer. Tried to whisper to captain, insisting him to go further, but didn't quite work out. When i noticed she wasn't on bridge anymore, i was wondering whatever happenned to that girl.