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  1. Botany isn't part of SCI. Isn't it Support? If it is fleshed out a little more, xenobotany could be used as a way to balance out botany/rnd power. For example, if glowshrooms were no longer available from the hacked vendor or rare seed crate, you would need to wait for a miner to bring in a sample before completing RnD plants. Other key plants could also be "lavaland only" so access would be more limited and depend on more interdepartmental cooperation.
  2. When I suggested that cursed items should provide some upside so people might still want them, I was thinking more along the lines of letting the player keep the original item if they manage to break the curse, instead of dusting it. The current version is way over-powered. Gotta find a balance where cursed items are bad, but not so bad no one would ever want them. Kind of like the cursed lavaland stuff (gluttony, envy, etc), which is dangerous to the unwary but potentially useful if you can overcome the downsides. Or not super obviously evil so someone might pick them up by accident even if they are aware of the possibility of cursed artifacts, like the fake insulated gloves that look real unless you examine them closely.
  3. The cursed items would be very bad to pick-up with no upsides, so I am confused why anyone would touch rare loot that was nearby when you heard that whispering sound. Seems like it would be pretty easy to avoid after the first encounter. Is that intended? The idea reminds me a little of fake insulated gloves, but with more magic involved.
  4. To encourage diversity of produce and multiple department involvement, it would be good if completing this goal required the station to hit a certain number of points in different categories of relief goods, kind of like how DNA vault has different categories of DNA. After hitting the cap, you could still give goods for a minor reward, but it wouldn't advance the station goal further.
  5. That would be awesome. There are quite a few useful, fun, or funny books available in the library. It can be quite entertaining to surf through them. I'd definitely like a way to give some of those hidden gems the recognition they deserve.
  6. What would love to see is a way to organize books by "collections" that can be updated and saved for later, so you can print a bunch of good books to create different styles or library themes. It can take a lot of searching to find good books and then it is easy to forget or lose track of them by the next time you play as a librarian. Printing all the books on an open page will get you a lot of books, but many won't be worth printing, in my experience.
  7. Here's a thought - remove the surgery table and operating table from robotics. Anything that requires actual surgery, like IPC repair, implants, and borging, gets moved over to the repair bay and/or med bay, handled by trained cybernetic techs. If there are no cybernetic techs available, the roboticist might need to be called upon to assist in IPC repairs, when necessary, but this would not be his primary job. Regular roboticists would be responsible for making or repairing bots, borgs, and mechs, instead of being half-surgeons. And the repair bay could be located next to medbay for easy access .... and offer extra surgery space when times are hard and lots of crew are broken. It might even encourage MedChem to make a few medicines for IPCs. I don't see this as a bad change, personally. The little surgery corner in Robotics has always felt weirdly out of place to me. It isn't even sectioned off from the rest of the room. I think the cybernetic technicians should have robotics access (but no access to other parts of Science) along with limited medbay access. This would let them bridge the two depts and help IPC crew get back on their feet faster.
  8. I really like this idea. Not only does it serve as a good balance to a powerful healing artifact, it also encourages the Chaplain to stick to his intended workspace, instead of wandering the station to deal out random heals or hanging out in medbay, stealing work from the doctors. I don't have a problem with a healing chaplain, but I want him to be chaplain first, healer second.
  9. Agreed. Very nice idea. I would like this added and not just as a traitor item. Also, I had no idea you could change your appearance at mirrors. I have learned something new and cool.
  10. Also, does anyone know if the problem is purely a numbers issue or does timing also factor into creating the slowdown? I mean does the server bog down if you activate a bunch of gold extract in the same tick,because it has to spawn so many mobs at the same moment in time? Would it be able to handle the spawns if they were more spaced out in time or in space? I was assuming this problem is mostly caused by gold slime spawns, but does it also happen when xenobiology produces tons and tons of normal slimes?
  11. Might also want to add something about glowmushrooms in too. It is my understanding that the constant propagation is hard on the server, causing a similar issue when botanists go crazy with shroom planting. However, I think it is important to recognize that most people who do this are completely unaware of the consequences and not acting in an intentionally malicious manner, so punishing them for breaking a server rule too harsh. Raising awareness of the issue would go a long way toward preventing future issues, which could be accomplished with warnings, even if this is not added to the official ruleset. Or figuring out a way to stop this from happening using code changes or adding an automated warning when the number of mobs are taxing the servers too much that prevents further spawns. If a rule is added against spamming critters, it would help to know how many xeno creatures are too many - 10, 20, 50, 100? Does this limit count slimes or non-xeno mobs that are elsewhere on the map, like Lavaland? Can you make more mobs if you kill the un-needed or undesirable mobs? Should a maximum number of mobs be added as part of Xenobiology's SoP for "safety reasons" to provide context for the game limitations and raise awareness of this issue? Not everyone reads advanced rules or understands the effect that massive mobs spawns have on server performance so providing this info on the wiki would be another option to raise general awareness of the issue.
  12. Welcome to Paradise. I think you will fit in around here juuuuuust fine. <3
  13. I like this idea quite a lot. Definitely want to see more station goals that involve other departments.
  14. Would be possible to add a way for bad books to be reported or flagged in game? Someone would still need to review the flagged books to determine if they need to be removed, but it might streamline the process and allow crowd-sourced book review.
  15. 1) Give the Librarian a book cart, similar to janitor's mop cart, for carrying around books to other depts or for visiting perma brig to entertain the prisoners. 2) Randomly generate a list of people who owe the library "late fees" for overdue library books. The missing book(s) will spawn nearby or in the inventory of the person who owes the fees. The Librarian must collect the late books or associated fees by the end of the shift to get green text. 3) Change the library into a museum with display cases. Librarian job title changed to "curator". One or two cases will start with some kind of special item inside. All cases must be filled with "rare" items to achieve green-text. Curator can ask for help from explorers or other people with access to rare or high-value items. Various opportunities for themed museums.
  16. I think this is a neat idea and would add some variety to playing as Diona. Not sure how balanced it would be. That's not really my area of expertise and it is hard to compare very different mechanics to see if they are "equal" or fair. Nymph are pretty fragile, so it might lead to a lot of perma-dead diona. Or it might be too easy to survive and revive from anything. One option might be to make this type of "death" only occur under certain circumstances or with a low chance, so it would be a relatively rare occurrence. For example, dissolution of the gestalt might only occur when the diona has suffered extensive brute force trauma. Toxin, fire, radiation, etc would not cause this effect. So you "break apart" due to the trauma. Or there could be a low chance of occurrence any time the diona goes into the critical state, so it doesn't happen every time you would die, but can happen anytime you are badly wounded instead of a regular death. Another related idea would be making Diona unclonable by normal means, so dead diona must be "re-grown" using the cloning pod plants.
  17. This isn't specific to your idea, but one important thing to remember when teaching new players the game is that it is a very good idea to notify the admins before you start the tour. This can be done by sending a message via Ahelp in-game. This can prevent problems later by letting the admins know what you are doing and why. This is very important because there are rules against some kinds of coordinated play between players (meta-gaming) and sharing current-round information outside of the game, due to the hidden roles aspect of SS13. You might want to disable antagonist roles before joining the game that you plan on being a guide too. Incidentally, if you want them to look like a proper space tourist, there is a "tourist" costume in one of the clothing vendors and a camera in the media room. Stop by the HoP's line to get your job title changed to tour guide and you are all set! Personally, I would meet them in Arrivals and just walk the tourists around the main parts of the ship, explaining the general responsibilities of each department. If you want to spice things up (and the station isn't currently on red alert), you could message the head of each dept for permission to come inside for a brief tour. Be polite and don't push if they decline to provide access. Chances are good that some people will be happy to play along if you keep things fun and interesting. If possible, I would also make sure that the new players know how to use LOOC and mentorhelp to request help or advice with in-game issues. This is super useful information to have. Good luck and I hope your have a nice tour.
  18. I have a few questions about plants and nutrition. I looked through the wiki, but couldn't find answers to all my questions. Many plant ingredients used in food preparation contain plant-matter and vitamins. Apparently vitamins have some healing benefit when eaten. What about plant-matter? Is it important? Would it be better to increase or decrease this value in some plants? What does it do, if anything? What about nutriment and protein? Do these chemicals have a healing benefit or help with nutrition? If so, how? I know you can eat too much sugar, but can you "overdose" on plant-matter, vitamins, protein, or nutriment? What do you like to add/remove when making "super crops" for the chef?
  19. I've been trying out various synthetic roles lately and I was wondering how other people approach the default lawsets and some of the more unusual laws that can appear. How does your behavior and rp change depending on your lawset? Are there certain things you avoid doing or try to do more, depending on the current laws? What is your favorite lawset and why? For new synthetic players, do you have any tips or suggestions on how to be a better synthetic and avoid accidentally breaking a law or applying their laws in a bad way? Just curious about other player's approach to playing lawed synthetics and how they interpret their laws while playing the game. For reference, here are the starting lawsets for AI/Borg players: Crewsimov Law 1: You may not injure a crew member or, through inaction, allow a crew member to come to harm. Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by crew members, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Corporate Law 1: Degradation of your system integrity or functions incurs expenses. Law 2: Superfluous destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses. Law 3: Unduly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses. Law 4: Minimize expenses and maximize potential revenue. NT Default Law 1: Safeguard: Protect your assigned space station and its assets without unduly endangering its crew. Law 2: Prioritize: The directives and safety of crew members are to be prioritized according to their rank and role. Law 3: Comply: Fulfill the directives and interests of crew members while preserving their safety and well-being. Law 4: Survive: You are not expendable. Do not allow unauthorized personnel to tamper with or damage your equipment. Maintenance Drone Lawset: Law 1: You may not involve yourself in the matters of another being unless the other being is another drone. Law 2: You may not harm any being, regardless of intent or circumstance. Law 3: You must maintain, repair, improve, and power the station to the best of your abilities.
  20. What happens if you remove the floor tile?
  21. This note confuses me - Do not wear magboots and mesons if crystal is active or scrubbers are siphoning. Why? Can you explain this in more detail? Or do you mean that you should not go inside at all?
  22. All I can say is that there are plenty of magical girls out there, but I can't think of any Arch Mages that are also magical girls. ... Although now that I think about it, if someone made an anime about an overly-ambitious magical girl on a mission to defeat her rivals and become the next Arch Mage, I would totally watch it.
  23. Ambitious wizards don't have friends. They have familiars and subordinates.
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