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  1. That's a good point, with no upsides to touching the cursed items nobody would do so. Maybe if you fulfil the curse you could be granted the blessing super powers, enabling a few beneficial gene's for that person. Or perhaps chance to get miner loot, such as cursed heart. Ill flush this out more before I make it into a doc.
  2. Cursed Maint Loot (Minor Midround Event): The idea behind this event is to give the crew an interesting and fun challenge, involving "maint loot" with the possibility of roleplay. when this event is called, items will manifest in random locates in maintenance on-board the station, specifically items that that are rare, strange, contraband or magical in nature. 1-2 of these would spawn, with always at least 1 minor cursed item. All of these items come with terrible curses that they inflict upon their wielder, you can tell when you are near a cursed item by a quiet whisper that plays once when you enter a 10 tile range. Similar whispers emanate continuously from a person who is afflicted by a cursed item until the item is either dusted or its hunger sated. Depending on the item it would be either a major curse or a minor curse, with a small benefit for completing the minor curse and a larger benefit for completing the major. For example the swim suit would always be a minor and the .357 would always be a major. As an incentive to actually touch a cursed item, the wielder who sates the curses hunger would either receive a minor blessing or a major blessing depending on the level of the curse. If the item cannot be removed it will dust when its hunger is sated. All minor curse items will turn to dust if they enter the chapel. Some Examples of cursed items are; (Minor) Cursed Bathing Suit - Once this item is worn it cannot be removed, you will begin to suffocate if you are not in the pool, it hungers to spend 1 minutes under a body of water. Granting you no breathe if you sate its hunger. (Major) Cursed .357 revolver - Once you pick up this item you cannot drop it, it hungers for the death of x crewman, the revolver cannot be reloaded. If you sate this items hunger a cursed heart will appear at your feet, to dust this cursed item the afflicted hand must be removed. (Minor) Cursed AI detector - Once you pick this item up you cannot drop it, it hungers to see the world, you must make your way to certain locations, 3 of them in order. For example - Captain's office - Armory - Vault. Once the hunger is sated you will be granted with shock resist. (Minor) Cursed No-Slips - Once this item is worn you cannot remove them, they will remain on you for 15 minutes. it hungers to move and during this time you cannot stop moving for more than 5 seconds or the object will dust, taking your feet with it. spending 2 minutes on a treadmill or lasting the 15 minutes will sate its hunger and grant you swift and leap. (Minor) Cursed Gas Mask - Once this item is worn it cannot be removed, it hungers for the exquisite taste of plasma, if you breathe a plasma tank for 5 seconds you will sate its hunger and be blessed with no breathe. (Major) Cursed Storage Implant - if injected into someone they will be permanently made obese and begin to hunger for a randomly selected food, once they consume the required type of food they will gain a storage implant and are blessed with swift and eat. (Major) Cursed Balloon - Once picked up this item cannot be dropped, while held the wielders sprite will be flipped 180 degrees. It hungers to be fed more oxygen, emptying 5 oxygen tanks into this item will sate its hunger and grant the user the blink spell. (Major) Cursed Wizard Hat - Once this hat is worn it can be removed, doing so also removes the wearer's head. it hungers for the latent magical energy in plasma, requiring it to be fed x amount of plasma. Sating its hunger will grant the spell body swap. If you have been blessed by the chaplain, picking up any cursed item will give you a warning and a 10 second grace time to drop the item before the curse can take hold. Id like to have a crack at coding this myself if its liked enough. It took me 10 minutes to write this and to come up with a few cursed item ideas, so if people feel it doesn't add anything interesting or adds too much, let me know. What is everyone's opinion on this?
  3. I know this might be a bit of a controversial thing, but id really like for security late join slots to scale with the server pop much like the traitors slots do. Securities biggest strength is working in numbers and it can still be easily overwhelmed when there is 10-15 traitors onboard, especially when they work together too. Also midround events and multiple antag rounds such as syndi+cling seemed to vastly outnumber them too. Id recommend something along the lines of keeping the 8 slots at 8 at 80 pop, and for each 10+ after that it adds 1 more late join officer. Id also like to hear everyone's opinions on the pro's and con's of this or if its even viable at all.
  4. Just a thought, but I think it would be nice having the Mob spawners menu, which is located under the ghost tab when dead to have its own clickable Icon next to Boo! Would make it easier for newer players to find things to do after death, and puts all the hard work people have done for these spawns into more use.
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