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  1. As i stated previously i see it from your point and understand it, i just dont think it will have the down sides you say it will and it will do more good than bad. But luckily i dont have to agree with it in order to respect your decision on the matter xD I have stated my opinion such as many others before me and in this post, and thats all i/we can do ! I'm going to to jump ingame ^^
  2. wait you have meetings like that? thats really cool ! I dont agree with what they said and wrote on here that it will make a bigger target on interns as such, more than there is already (but then again we dont have to agree, but it seems like im not the first one, and it might be a real need since more and more people come up with the suggestion to make an 'intern like' title
  3. Oh noes instead of submitting my reply it deleted it somehow so my long post wont be as well formulated the 2nd time (really bums me out) I wont reply to the other parts of what you said since i dont agree its a valid reason why it shouldn't be a part of the game to have a intern like title. if an antag want to be an $ss and annoy new players to get ahead in the game faste, he would have no problems identifying new players since they are usually slower to their job, ask more question. and people with an ego still have an ego and will show you they are better than you when you ask them for help. From what i know of the workings of the HoP he is busy doing "god knows what of other things" than having new people come up to him to have their title changed. And since we already have different titles for the jobs such ad doctor,surgeon etc, i dont understand why its not an option to have a Intern title or something of sorts, to make it easier to get help, heck it might even add a whole new role playing aspect of it, having to deal with "karens" who want a real doctor etc, and since we do like realisme i think it would give a modest boost Dont get me wrong i understand what you are saying about why it shouldnt be a part of it but i still dont think its a reason why it shouldnt be a part of the game since we already have the titles (and from my limited coding experience its just a bunch of text, its not like we get more or less access with titles) Sorry if it wasnt as well formulated but i had trouble remembering exactly what i wrote haha
  4. I dont understand why it shouldn't be a thing despite people are worried we will be target by antag? also a decent antag would understand people are a new player (not saying they should be left out of the action, i dont mind antag targets me) Also whats the difference? I mean If i have to keep saying "sorry im slow im a new medic" Or "hey team im new and in training" Or the antag sees that there is a medic showing me how its done in the chat? I cant see a single reason for why "experienced" titles shouldn't be a thing and if its true what @AffectedArc07 say it will lead to people who "want someone experienced and not an intern" Then it would happen anyway when im messing around asking for help or looking up the wiki (also had it happened before, and CMO got really annoyed on the person and said that i was a part of the medical team, Yes a new one but a part none the less and he had no doubt that i would be able to for fill my duties and he should understand everyone had been a new doctor at some point) Those few jobs i know how to do, i always try to keep an eye out on the new guy and it would make it a LOT easier if i could see they where new (and for those of you who like realism, its also realistic that a new employee have a "new employee" tag Or a "intern" tag
  5. So i have been thinking (not sure if its been proposed before) but a Trainee title like as a medic you can select medical doctor, surgeon etc, then a medical intern (this will also apply to other jobs ofc) So that the people who know what they are doing, can see this is a new player (its a lot easier than having to say you are new in the chat every time you try a new role Security could have cadets for example, scientists can have Intern as well and so on
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