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More Scarlet in my other artstyle! 


Scarlet Einholve background "double black" & no blackground "double black" 


And the unedited sketch 


For double black version, I simply duplicate the sketch layer and put them on top of each other... 

On the side wrote "The days of my girlhood I scarcely have spent..." (reference to a song called Bright Sunny South) 

Will make content for Helka soon, she's a lot less robust in term of personality and backstory. 

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To Fall The Banners

Sertian Super Event: The Brandenn Revolution


The Brandenn Revolution where the divided classes rose up and unified under one name; Sertiankind.

When the light of the North Sun no longer give warmth to the people, but instead burn them with malicious avenging light.

Generations of warborn children no longer wishes to fight, but they'll give it all for the promise of one last civil war between brothers and sisters. 

 To fall the banners is to fall the radical ideology of all nations.

For a united world where the only banners that fly represent the Sertiankind.






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"Es gibt kein Hoffnung für die Art, aber dich? Hmms... Vielleicht kann ich dich verschonen..."

There is no hope for the kind, but you? Hmm... Maybe I can spare you. 


Master Admiral Scarlet Blade (Neo-Brandenn version of Skarlette Bladeir), Commander of the 4th Master fleet (Albion Red Angel), Sertian Imperial Navy


Name similarity to my in game character? Well I name my in game characters partially after my lore characters-

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You mfs talk flaming shit within my baton range

actually has lore below, not just meme



She likes to keep her PDA strapped to her right upper arm and wear a black security coat instead of the jacket. Also the radios are clipped to the back of her ear, not too tight though.

Her rank is Cpl (Corporal) and wears three ribbons on her coat: Cyberiad Magnificent Medical Medal (ICly cannon, thanks Sophie/Edroy), Dagon special operations service ribbon (one of the 4 expedition operative to make a landfall onto a rogue planet), Nanotrasen Service Medal (every single nukies round I immediately join sec force and help command out, I assume she'd get an award for at least getting captain out of a sieged bridge at least twice).

Realistically she has NSS Cyberiad and NDV Dagon (NDV because NTSS is the retired version of Dagon) service ribbon or whatever every crew/sec has when you serve on them, but she probably snatched one from NRS Orion too since Dagon practically orbits around the communication array.)

Helka and Velklana version will come with some lore.

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5 hours ago, EmilitiaEnnehrt said:

Forgot to post this old art

Flick Stroh, Toobenreshi, Aleister Burnwood, Jacob Pearls, Hichi-ki, Jade Burnwood, Fiona Phillips, Bubblegum, Elliot Saunders



Smh wrong eye color for Fio :p

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