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Hey everyone!

Over the past few weeks, the wiki team has doubled down and worked their butts off to finally clean up all the issues left on the wiki. The changelog is... very long. For all intensive purposes we can now call the wiki 100% up to date, the remaining articles to fix are just guides that need to be written or expanded. I would personally like to thank a few people, @SabreMLand @Quacks have spent god knows how long uploading/upscaling/fixing/updating files on the wiki. I would detail what exactly they did but they've uploaded upwards 500+ fucking files in the past month which is just inhuman so thanks to them. Additionally thanks to @Woje, @Meow19, and @PopeDaveThe3th for just in general cleaning up and fixing articles.

What needs to be done on the Wiki:

March Change Log:



March changelog, this was put in a spoiler bc it's very long!


end log


We've hit the point where we're no longer catching up to the codebase. We have a few pages/images that need to be fixed but those will be taken care of within a week or two. Now we can focus on some other project on the wiki; namely, I want to take a stab at lore (@Englishformula) was already getting started on this(Forum post coming soon?). I want to look into possibly standardizing stuff in terms of color schemes, tables formatting, and all that jazz. Finally, I want to work on article quality, up to date/well-formatted doesn't necessarily equate to well-written/helpful so that's something else we'll be focusing on.

If you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every 1-2 months. I have a really good guide for learning how to wiki here

As always, thanks for the hard work everyone!

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