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Assistant headset

These little devices are issued to every crew member upon arrival on the station. Every job, no matter how insignificant, gets some form of headset. In order to talk to the station with it simply type say "; (your text here)". To talk in different languages however, type say ";.# (your text here)" with the # being your language key. And finally, to do /me actions over your headset (Like yawning or sneezing), type say ";! (your verbal action here)"

Different branches of the station get a unique headset with it's own private channel. In order to use this channel type in say ":h (your text here)". And your message will be broadcast to others with the same type of headset. *Note* This does not work on the basic model. You can tell the basic model by its black coloring and lack of label.


All headsets are equipped with a standard encryption key used for the common channel. Screwdrivers can be used to remove the encryption keys and use them in a different headset. All department headsets come with two keys.

Here is a list of channels and how to access them. Examining your headset also shows you all possible channels.

  • :c Command
  • :s Security
  • :e Engineering
  • :u Cargo
  • :m Medical
  • :n Science/Research
  • :z Service
  • :x Procedure

Using :h will connect you with your default department's channel.

Special Channels

  • :b Binary (For AI and Cyborgs)
  • :+ Binary (For Binary Translation Key)
  • :h AI Holopad (For AI)
  • :t Syndicate Channel (For syndicate agents and SITs)
  • :$ Centcom Channel (For Centcom officals such as ERT members and NNOs)
  • :p AI private (For the Captain and the AI)
  • :- Special Ops (For Deathsquad personnel)
  • :_ Syndicate Ops (For Syndicate strike team members)

Special Interactions

These are special prefixes that do not necessary indicate a specific radio channel but rather a special interaction you can do with channels around you.

  • :i Intercoms (For speaking in intercoms)
  • :l Left Hand (For speaking into items you are holding in your left hand)
  • :r Right Hand (For speaking into items you are holding in your Right hand)
  • :~ Vocal Cords (For speaking using divine vocal cords)


Item Description
Radio Headset
Almost everyone starts with one and this radio headset can be found on all crew members. They come in different colors based on their department. This has 2 slots for encryption keys, which are used for communicating with other departments. These are prone to EMPs, and they shut off when they're in the radius of them. It also has two functions, Microphone and Speaker. Microphone allows talking over your headset without actually talking to the headset in a 3x3 radius. Speaker allows the wearer of the headset to hear channels. In addition, you can also set a frequency to talk to other channels.
Bowman Headset
Bowman Headset.gif
A special headset given to various important crewmembers around the station, designed for ear protection. It protects from flashbangs!
Cypher Keys
Cypher Keys.gif
The little keys inside your headset that allow you to listen to certain channels. They come in department and role specific keys and can be removed with a screwdriver. Just use one on your headset to add it.
Wall radios are an immobile version of headset radios with the same number of frequencies and functions. The AI can use them to publicly broadcast a clandestine conversation or use it to discretely spy on the talk around the station themselves. When a crewman's headset is lost and a Station Bounced Radio is nowhere to be found, wall radios are essential to talking with the station at large. One is found in every room.
Station Bounced Radio
Station Bounced Radio.png
The station bounced radio will function similarly to a standard earpiece radio. This is the only portable radio that will correctly function during communication blackouts, or when the Telecomms Chamber is damaged.