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This page needs to be reviewed/updated.
The guide needs updating for Lavaland. All references to the Asteroid have been removed, however more in-depth information regarding Lavaland's features and how they pertain to this guide would be appreciated.

At roundstart, you will spawn at the Mining Dock. If not, go east from Arrivals until you hit the Auxiliary Tool Storage, then go south until you reach the Cargo Office.

Miningsatchel.png Equipment

Every miner starts with the following equipment:

Image Name Description
Stimpen.png Survival Medipen An emergency autoinjector for miners facing the harsh conditions of Lavaland. WARNING: Do not inject more than one in quick succession.
Miningsatchel.png Mining Satchel A satchel which will automatically collect ores if set on your belt slot, in one of your hands, or in a pocket.
Miningvoucher.png Mining Voucher A single use voucher, used to buy a starting item at the Mining Equipment Vendor.
Seclite.png Seclite This seclite is attachable to guns such as the Proto-Kinetic Accelerator.
Survivalknife.png Survival Knife Attaches to a Proto-Kinetic Accelerator to act as a bayonet. You can remove it again with a screwdriver.
Markerbeacon.png Marker Beacon You get 10 of these initially. Use them in your hand to set down a small light source where you're standing.

At the lower half of the Mining Dock you can find three lockers with the following equipment:

Image Name Description
Sandbags.png Sandbags You get 5 of these initially. Use them in your hand, and you can set them down as a climbable structure.
Shovel.png Shovel Used for digging up volcanic ash/Sandand dirt. Made fairly redundant by the compact pickaxe.
Pickaxe.png Compact Pickaxe A basic tool for mining ores. If you click on the ground with it, it will dig up volcanic ash/Sand. It can be set on your belt slot.
Seclite.png Seclite Another Seclite.
Plantbag.png Plant Bag Used for carrying plant-life found in the ashen caverns.
Miningsatchel.png Mining Satchel Another satchel for carrying ore.
Automaticminingscanner.png Automatic Mining Scanner Turn it on to see what minerals are around you. It can be stored in your bag. Use it while wearing an Optical Meson Scanner for optimal results.
Kineticaccelerator.png Proto-Kinetic Accelerator Your actual main tool for mining; allowing you to break rocks from a distance. Also used for fending off the local wildlife.
Opticalmesonscanner.png Optical Meson Scanner Wear it to see the layout of your surroundings through walls and rocks.
Sheltercapsule.png Bluespace Shelter Capsule Use it in your hand and then drop it to spawn a 5x5-tile shelter. Useful to hide in when an ash storm is going to happen. Make sure you have enough room when you activate it.

Miningequipmentvendor.png Mining Equipment Vendor

If you visit this for the first time, you can use your Miningvoucher.png mining voucher on it to get a choice of six equipment kits:

Explorerwebbing.png Survival Capsule and Explorer's Webbing

  • Contains: 1x Explorer's Webbing, which holds 1x Bluespace Shelter Capsule

Resonator.png Resonator Kit

  • Contains: 1x Resonator; 1x Pocket Fire Extinguisher

Mining drone.png Minebot Kit

  • Contains: 1x Mining Drone Cube; 1x Upgraded Welding Tool; 1x Welding Helmet

Fultonpack.png Extraction and Rescue Kit

  • Contains: 1x Fulton Extraction Pack; 1x Extraction Beacon Signaller; 30x Marker Beacons

Kineticcrusher.png Crusher Kit

  • Contains: 1x Proto-Kinetic Crusher; 1x Pocket Fire Extinguisher

Duffel.png Mining Conscription Kit

When you bring back your first box of ores to the ORM, you will see that some points have been racked up, and are currently unclaimed. If you put your ID card into the machine, you can claim the points, which you can then use on the equipment vendor to buy the following items:

Image Name Cost Description
Markerbeacon.png 1 Marker Beacon 10 Prism-brand path illumination device. Used by miners to mark paths and warn of danger.
Markerbeacon.png 10 Marker Beacons 100 Like above, but there's 10 of them.
Markerbeacon.png 30 Marker Beacons 300 Like above, but there's 30 of them.
Whiskeybottle.png Whiskey 100 The true reward for your endeavors.
Absinthepremium.png Absinthe 100 Almost potent enough to make you forget the ash in your lungs.
Cigar.png Cigar 150 A premium cigar for a premium price.
Soap.png Soap 200 A cheap bar of soap.
Laserpointer.png Laser Pointer 300 To make presentations more interesting. Or to shine it in someone's eyes.
Alientoy.png Alien Toy 300 A facehugger toy.
Hivelordstabilizer.png Stabilizing Serum 400 Stabilizes regenerative cores, allowing them to be used at a later time.
Spacecash.png Space Cash 2000 A stack of 1000 credits. Can be placed into an ATM to transfer it to your bank account.
Pointtransfercard.png Point Transfer Card 500 A card preloaded with 500 mining points. Swipe your ID over it to claim it.
Fultonbeacon.gif Fulton Beacon 400 When placed down, can be targeted by a Fulton Extraction Pack.
Sheltercapsule.png Shelter Capsule 400 Use it in your hand and then drop it to spawn a 5x5-tile shelter.
Garmesons.png GAR Mesons 500 Same as any other Optical Meson Scanner, but more fashionable.
Explorerwebbing.png Explorer's Webbing 500 Used to hold shelter capsules, medipens, and marker beacons.
Stimpen.png Survival Medipen 500 An emergency autoinjector for miners facing the harsh conditions of Lavaland. WARNING: Do not inject more than one in quick succession.
Brutekit.png Brute First-Aid Kit 600 Contains 4 healing patches; a health analyzer; an auto-injector, and a roll of gauze.
Implantbox.png Tracking Implant Kit 600 Contains 3 tracking implants; an implanter; an implant modifier, and an implant locator.
Jaunter.png Jaunter 750 A weapon creating unsafe wormholes.
Kineticcrusher.png Kinetic Crusher 750 Melee weapon. Mark a mob with the destabilizing force, then hit them in melee to activate it for extra damage. Extra damage for backstab.
Kineticaccelerator.png Proto-Kinetic Accelerator 750 A miner's favorite. Allows rocks to be broken from a distance, and works well as an offensive weapon in a low-pressure environment.
Advancedminingscanner.png Advanced Scanner 800 Scans more frequently and has a higher radius than the basic one.
Resonator.png Resonator 800 A device creating small fields of energy that eventually detonate. Works better in a low-pressure environment.
Fultonpack.png Fulton Pack 1000 Use it in your hand to link it to a placed Fulton Beacon, then use it on any unbolted object or person to extract them to that point.
Lazarusinjector.png Lazarus Injector 1000 Revives small animals and Lavaland monsters, making them docile. The Head of Personnel will usually ask for this if somebody kills Ian.
Silverpickaxe.png Silver Pickaxe 1000 Stronger than the regular pickaxe.
Duffel.png Mining Conscription Kit 1500 A duffelbag containing everything someone needs to start mining. Buy this if the Head of Personnel hires a new miner and the lockers have been looted already.
Jetpackmining.png Jetpack Upgrade 2000 Use this on a mining hardsuit to install it with a jetpack; allowing you to control your flight if you end up in the void of space. It needs a full tank in the hardsuit's suit storage in order to function.
Mininghardsuit.png Mining Hardsuit 2000 Necessary to survive in the hazardous Lavaland wastes. Better than the basic explorer suit due to its padded armor and ability to install a jetpack.
Diamondpickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe 2000 Stronger than the silver pickaxe.
Superresonator.png Super Resonator 2500 The same as the normal resonator, but this one can have 5 fields active.
Jetboots.png Jump Boots 2500 Allows you to dash forward 5 tiles; meaning you can clear a 4-tile gap. Presumably helpful for jumping over chasms.
Sheltercapsule.png Luxury Shelter Capsule 3000 Spawns a needlessly luxurious shelter. Requires a 7x7 clearing.
Miningdronecube.png Nanotrasen Minebot 800 A little drone to help you with mining.
Miningdroneupgrade.png Minebot Melee Upgrade 400 Increases the mining drone's melee damage by 7.
Miningdroneupgrade.png Minebot Armor Upgrade 400 Increases the mining drone's health by 45.
Miningdroneupgrade.png Minebot Cooldown Upgrade 600 Decreases the mining drone's shooting cooldown by 20.
Miningdroneupgrade.png Minebot AI Upgrade 1000 Offers the mining drone sentience. Save points to buy one of these for Science, as it boosts their research levels.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA Minebot Passthrough 100 Allows your proto-kinetic accelerator shots to pass through minebots. Pretty much required if you utilize minebots.
Lazaruscapsule.png Lazarus Capsule 800 Use it on creatures revived by a lazarus injector to capture them and register them as yours. You can then release them, and they will fight hostile mobs for you.
Lazarusbelt.png Lazarus Capsule Belt 200 Stores lazarus capsules. You can hold six.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA White Tracer Rounds 100 Causes the proto-kinetic accelerator bolts to have a white tracer trail.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA Adjustable Tracer Rounds 150 Causes the proto-kinetic accelerator bolts to have a colored tracer trail. You can customize the color if you use it in your hand before installing it.
Kineticsuperchassis.png KA Super Chassis 250 Changes the proto-kinetic accelerator chassis to a yellow-orange color scheme. You can remove it with a crowbar.
Kinetichyperchassis.png KA Hyper Chassis 300 Changes the proto-kinetic accelerator chassis to an orange-red color scheme. You can remove it with a crowbar.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA Range Increase 1000 Increases the proto-kinetic accelerator's range by 1 tile. Occupies 24% of the KA's mod capacity.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA Damage Increase 1000 Increases the proto-kinetic accelerator's damage by 10. Occupies 30% of the KA's mod capacity.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA Cooldown Decrease 1000 Decreases the proto-kinetic accelerator's cooldown by 2 seconds. Occupies 30% of the KA's mod capacity.
Kineticacceleratormod.png KA AoE Damage 2000 Causes the proto-kinetic accelerator do AoE damage to mobs. Does not destroy multiple rocks at once. Occupies 30% of the KA's mod capacity.

ORM.png The Ore Redemption Machine (ORM)

The ORM is what turns your ores into sheets, making them usable by Engineers, Roboticists, Scientists, and whoever else gets access to it.

Whenever you are done with mining, return to the Cargo Office. The ORM is in the northeast room. Place the ore box right above it, right click the ore box and empty it. Then insert your ID card and claim your points. These are the points you can use at the Mining Equipment Vendor.

R&D can upgrade the ORM to make it produce more sheets for fewer ores (and consequently, making your points skyrocket).

Pickaxe.png Mining

When you're geared up and ready to go, head to the airlocks to your west. Buckle up, then use the Mining Shuttle Console and send the shuttle to the lavaland mine.

If you head down and west from where you dock, there is a break room should your character get hungry. There is also a small medical bay in case you get injured, and then a storage room with five more lockers and an equipment vendor for additional miners.


Once the shuttle docks, head straight east. You'll immediately see the EVA equipment room.

  • Explorersuit.png Equip an explorer suit and an explorer breath mask from the Suitstorage.png suit storage units.
  • Oxygentank.png Dispense an Oxygen Tank from the Tank Storage Unit.png Tank Storage Unit.
  • GPS2.png (Optional) Take a GPS from below the blue mechanical toolbox. It can come handy should any kind of accident happen to you. If you click on it while it is in your hands, you can set your own tag.
  • Orebox.png Grab an Ore Box from anywhere on the station and pull it after you (with control-click). You'll be emptying your Miningsatchel.png mining satchel into it frequently, as the satchel itself can't hold much.


To mine a rock, click it with your Proto-Kinetic Accelerator or with a pickaxe in your hands. You can mine multiple tiles at once with the pickaxe. If you use the pickaxe on the ground, you will mine volcanic ash/Sand, which is needed to make glass. Keep this in mind, as Robotics and R&D use a boatload of it over time, and they will very likely start screaming at you to get some if they need it.

Keep the satchel in your pocket and walk over the ores to collect them. If the satchel is full, empty it into the ore box you are dragging with you.


Miners don't have to deliver materials directly to departments - a lot of the time Robotics and Science will swing by and grab it themselves. Other departments, however, might make requests of you.

  • Scientists need everything. It's best to go out of your way for diamonds and bluespace crystals in particular, as in exchange Science will be able to give you a Mining Satchel of Holding (which is an infinite ore satchel, meaning you no longer need to tug around an ore box), night vision meson scanners, and much more.
  • Roboticists need everything, especially metal and glass, for building exosuits and upgrading cyborgs. Be nice to them, and they might even reward your efforts with a 32x Firefighter Ripley APLU, which is far more reliable in the Lavaland wastes than its ordinary yellow cousin.
  • Cargo Technicians can ship plasma sheets for supply points.
  • Engineers use metal, glass, and plasteel for building and repairing.
  • The Clown and the Mime can make use of bananium and tranquilite as the Roboticists can make exosuits for them. These exosuits almost never get approved, though, so feel free to sneak them into crates that are going to be sent back on the Cargo Shuttle for some extra points.
  • The Bartender can make cocktails from some of these minerals. They are as healthy as they sound.
  • Medbay might need gold for curing very rare viruses.

Firstaidkit2.png Dangers

Mistakes can and ought to happen when you are working in a dangerous environment.

  • Have a GPS on you and activate your suit sensors (by right-clicking on your jumpsuit).
  • Ask for help. There are usually multiple other miners working out there and the Quartermaster can ask for a Paramedic if everything else fails. If you start to suffocate, bleed or you collapse, use the Cargo frequency (:u) and announce it immediately.
    • Similarly, if another miner is in trouble, consider lending a hand. Use your GPS to locate them.
  • A dead miner is a bad miner. If you are injured and unsure about your condition, head back and get checked out. Collapsing in the midst of a fight can and will lead to your death; Lavaland fauna do not stop attacking you once you drop to the floor.
    • If you are on the verge of collapsing and/or you start stammering, make good use of your survival medipen and book it to the mining station.


Lavaland has no breathable atmosphere. The only thing your lungs will receive is ash and a vast burning sensation. Always have internals on! If for some reason you lost your oxygen tank or your breath mask, use the one in the emergency box located in your bag, or call for help and try to run for shelter before you choke and pass out.

Physical Trauma

Every Lavaland mob deals Brute damage when they get into melee range.

  • If you start bleeding, use a Healing Patch to fix yourself up. If you don't have any, or one patch isn't enough, head back to the Mining Station. There is a small Infirmary on the west side; it has a first aid kit with two Brute patches.
    • It's best to beg and plea Chemistry for a patch box and some patches before you head out.
    • If you bleed even after you are seemingly fine (no bruises), run straight to Medbay. You have internal bleeding.
    • If you are about to collapse, stab yourself with your emergency medipen.
  • If your bones move in your chest/groin or you keep dropping items, go to Medbay for surgery.
    • If you start gasping or coughing up blood, announce it over the radio and then start running.
  • A regenerative core will stabilize you long enough to call for help and run to safety. It even removes the speed debuff that having an injury applies. It will not, however, heal you completely.

Burning Alive

One of the Lavaland creatures, the Watcher, freezes its target with a cold stare. It causes Burn damage and will slow you to a crawl. Other sources of Burn damage include ash storms and stepping into pools of lava. You are given a minute's notice to run to shelter if a storm is on the horizon; it's impossible to miss, showing up in the chat log as a bright red, bold message.

  • Use Burn Patches if you're covered in burns. Two are located in the First Aid Kit in the Infirmary (west side of the Mining Station).
  • Beg and plea Chemistry to make you some and give you a patch box before you head out.
  • A regenerative core will heal some of your burn wounds; stabilizing you for at least long enough for you to run and get real medical care.


  • If you have your satchel in your hand, pocket or on your belt, it loots everything as you walk.
  • There is a Break Room on the left side of the mining station with Donk Pockets. Warm a donk pocket in the microwave then eat it. You'll produce Omnizine.
  • Kinetic Accelerators can destroy electrified grilles without electrocuting you.
  • Monsters revived by a lazarus injector will be only hostile towards other, aggressive monsters...unless emagged, in which case they will attack everything except you.
  • Pickaxes are great against space vines.
  • Mining drones can be repaired with a welding tool.
  • Kinetic Accelerators and Resonators work best in vacuum. If you have to fight, try to bring the fight to underpressurized areas.
  • Abandoned Crates can be opened with a multitool and a little ingenuity.