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  1. Added a section on Auto-menders Added a section on Stable Mutagen Updated the Vox, Slime, and Diona entries to reflect the new mechanics. If there is anything else that is still outdated or missing, please let me know. Edit: Expanded and corrected some information in the section about critical condition Expanded the entry on Auto-menders with a bit more information
  2. I've updated the guide for new-crit, and tried to update it as much as possible for the species changes, although I may have gotten some things wrong. If anyone notices anything out of date or otherwise incorrect, please let me know.
  3. A lot of things are set up in ways that aren't meant to make sense logically, but rather to create opportunities for crew to optimize or have a meaningful impact on the round. While it can be frustrating to play security and have an AI that doesn't respond to you and useless command that don't give you more access, the fact that these roles being incompetent matters, means that them being competent matters. When you have a good AI, or command that actually sees problems and solves them you really notice and appreciate it, because they have the power to make a difference. If you already had
  4. A single broken bone or internal bleeding can easily end an antag's round, since they often don't get the luxury of being able to go to Medbay. Changing security over to ballistics would be massive buff to security and a massive nerf to antags. One that probably doesn't need to happen.
  5. About the only thing I'd like medical borgs to get is a gripper for limbs (cybernetic and organic). They're already so overly specialized that I feel they should be able to do all surgeries instead of just most of them. Salb would be nice I guess but I can't think of a reason I'd need it, and in that case I'd just use a sleeper.
  6. In my opinion, the problem isn't that people don't die. The problem is they don't go down, or if they do they get back up, even in crit. All that needs to happen is have it so once you hit critical, you'll be incapacitated fairly shortly without some serious drugs. I'm not sure the best way to accomplish this... via stamina damage seems like it would work. I can tell you it's really annoying with new crit how you get two idiots fist fighting in the bar and both of them can keep a bar fight going until they've dealt 300 damage to eachother. Everything becames a lethal struggle with new c
  7. The code for kidneys is my favorite. /obj/item/organ/internal/kidneys/on_life() // Coffee is really bad for you with busted kidneys. // This should probably be expanded in some way, but fucked if I know // what else kidneys can process in our reagent list. var/datum/reagent/coffee = locate(/datum/reagent/consumable/drink/coffee) in owner.reagents.reagent_list if(coffee) if(is_bruised()) owner.adjustToxLoss(0.1 * PROCESS_ACCURACY) else if(is_broken()) owner.adjustToxLoss(0.3 * PROCESS_ACCURACY) Yes, all kidney's do is cause 0.1 to 0.3 toxin damage per tick if
  8. General thoughts: Everyone feeling like they understand the rules and can play without fear of getting in trouble if they're honestly trying to follow them is more important to me than what the rules actually are. Very sympathetic to what Rurik is saying. I would like less traitors, but each one having 2 objectives again and having more freedom to go beyond them. Getting an antag role should be special, not 5 minute objective then you're just crew again. It's always going to be hard to have RP between antags and sec in a game where RP opens you up to a single shot stunning you
  9. So in case anyone has noticed, I haven't been around lately. I generally don't talk about irl stuff or my personal life, but I feel like I should say something instead of just disappearing. I finished studying for my A+ and I have a new job on an IT help desk. It's higher paying than my old position I was laid off from, and has a lot more opportunity for advancement. They're offering access to cbt nuggets and to pay for testing when I eventually go for my Network+ cert. However, while I am in training I have hours that require I endure a 2 hour plus commute each way, which means I
  10. This is actually just a common myth. Syndicate implants and holo-parasites are never detected by body scanners. The code lists implant that it can detect: var/known_implants = list(/obj/item/implant/chem, /obj/item/implant/death_alarm, /obj/item/implant/mindshield,/obj/item/implant/tracking, /obj/item/implant/health) Those are the only implants it can ever detect, there's no code to add syndicate implants when it's upgraded. Note that cybernetic implants that are installed surgically like Anti-drop or X-ray are considered organs by the code, so it will always detect those and
  11. The problem with all of the oversight positions is that there's really no reason to assume the oversight person is going to be any more competent on average than the person they're supposed to be providing oversight for. Just because someone picks IAA instead of security doesn't actually mean they're any more knowledgeable about space law or SoP than security is. Which is why they usually aren't. I'd imagine we'd end up with the exact same problem here.
  12. I'd be fine with ahelping over faxing, but I don't think either one is better than just giving traitors two objectives outright. Admin intervention should be for special cases, not something that's just expected by design.
  13. Every chem you need for dealing with critical (and some others) is now in the med vendors, with more than enough of it that chemistry probably won't need to make any. Chem is really just needed for SR, Cryox for biomass, and Mito. They don't even need to make patches anymore since each medvend has 10 brute and burn patches with 40u per patch.
  14. There probably isn't one. The way a Nanotrasen space station is run is just insane in pretty much every aspect. Having plasma that can be easily routed into the circulation is about on par with security that exclusively uses physical cards that can't be deactivated remotely if lost, and power generation that destroys the entire station if there is an accident. Nearest we can say is Nanotrasen is greedy and the crew is insane so corners are cut to an extreme degree. Even that doesn't make much sense, though. There's no way it's cheaper to rebuild an entire station when containment fails
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