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  1. As someone who has played many hours on both, here is the pros of both servers off the top of my head: paradise somewhat higher RP levels vampire and terror spiders baymed station is on average more orderly /tg/ better core gameplay, especially combat is more balanced. better administration culture non-hijack antagonists are allowed to antagonise effectively. better rules in general more food, drinks, slime extracts, gases and golems revs! more new features, many of which are later ported to paradise
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  3. We have the base gases in reagent form on /TG/, they work well except for that they do probably produce too much gas per unit. This leads to all the most powerful meta grenades containing plasma and ClF3. N2O grenades are fun though. I used a N2O, lexorin and cyanide smoke grenade during my last chemist traitor round to gas botany for stealing BOTH my dispensers and the board from the tech storage.
  4. That seems quite finicky though as well as requiring mining access and the ever so overused emag.
  5. I don't know how gold extracts work on paradise these days, but on /tg/ they have this functionality built into them. When injected with plasma the extract will explode into hostile mobs after 3 seconds, giving you plenty of time to throw it like a grenade. In abstract, releasing angry mobs is a good traitor gimmick, but i dont think it is feasible on paradise without hijack as the rules neuter antagonists too much and you would probably get beaned if your wumborian fugu crits Urist McGreyshirt. This idea strongly reminds me of the gorilla cubes traitor item on /tg/. Gorillas are hilarious and strong simple mobs. They have a strong melee attack and hands which makes them a very fun target for sentience potion. An idea that might be more paradise friendly might be a syndicate version of the /tg/ golden capture device(pokeball) that allows you to store a simple mob inside an item, this would then, when thrown release the mob at the impact site and cause it to aggro the closest player.
  6. They are designed to look like characters commonly depicted in the "furry" fetish art community. I believe that certain individuals affinity for this art movement was the impetus for adding this particular race to the game. All the descriptions of weird organs or anatomical features are afterthoughts, it is a way to retrofit this "furry" stock character into a sci-fi setting. Let us imagine me creating a Head of Security outfit based on Tom of Finland drawing, i would then need to craft a justification for this being in the game, just adding some bluespace mumbo-jumbo in the description might be enough if the maintainers are receptive and i am in good standing with the community.
  7. Firing pins are great, if you want to print a new gun, or find one that is locked, you have a choice of emaging a test range pin, stealing the basic pins from sec or printing the mindshield pin and then obtaining a mindshield implant(steal it, buy it or extract it from a corpse) Or, if you are a clown, TC trade for the dangerous clown firing pin which not only makes the gun honk for each shot and removes the clumsy check, it also detonates its internal nitrobananium charge if any non-clown tries to fire the gun. That is a more interesting system than requiring sci & armoury access or an emag. Then again, just because something works /tg/ doesn't mean it will work on paradise.
  8. Here are some options. Hold the victim hostage naked in the chefs backroom, barricade the door and get ready to put them into the gibber once sec break down the doors. The same setup. but with the cremator. Hold their dead body hostage and threaten to blow up their body with SR and deepfry / eat their brain.' health sensor or signaller grenade assembly Throw them into the supermatter singulo(somehow?) Get really fat, monkey your victim and threaten to eat them(does this still work on paradise?) Get THEM really fat, threaten to gib them with mint toxin(bonus points if you are also fat)
  9. Fun non destructive gimmicks: Steal the armory Free prisoners from perma Release annoying viruses Open 10 priority clown slots Lube / freeze as much of the station as possible ??? Fun destructive gimmicks Cover the station in max stat'ed Kudzu Hotwire the engine into the grid and shock stuff Throw a gorillion combustible lemons Release killer tomatoes Create horrific disposal traps Inject plasma into lightbulbs, cigars, cells Mislabel horrific poisons as medicine Boobytrap random containers with mousetrap grenades Give people horrific brain trauma / mutations Gas the bar with horrific grenades(see above) Release deadly viruses Flamethrower Create an army of emagged borgs by force borging random people. Seize command of the station using a golem army Emag medibots Make floorbots that place plasma or uranium tiles Build a ton of uranium stuff in general; airlocks and statues. Do atmos wizardry and get the brig or bridge flooded with superheated CO2 or oxygen. Release lots of giant spiders Poison food and drinks
  10. The problem is that many of these bay style gimmicks are very non-threatening and fail to provide real tension. Local syndicate terrorist steal apples from old man Jenkins hydroponic orchard. There are fun gimmicks you can do on paradise such as stealing the entire armoury or rescuing all prisoners from perma. Although many traitor gimmicks involve some kind of violence or risk of death, there is for example a qualitative difference between someone silently murderboning 20 with ebow/esword and 20 people dying because a mad plant scientist covered the entire station in max stats kudzu and killer tomatoes while taunting the crew. One of my greatest traitor moments on /tg/ was when a trial was held for two traitors accused of stealing the hand tele(which they had managed ditch before their arrest) and i stormed in to hand over a bag purportedly containing the piece of evidence in question. When the detective tried to retrieve the hand tele from the bag he instead found an armed mousetrap grenade, killing the detective, captain as well as the lawyer representing the accused. I was able to then free the traitors, obtain the medal of captaincy as well as all access. I think many players would be hesitant to even ask if they could do like this on paradise because they figure they will get denied for sure. Do you admins feels you are liberal in granting such requests, contrary to what i think is the common perception? If so, how do we communicate this to the playerbase?
  11. This is like a fantasy scenario that doesn't happen even when allowed and would probably be forbidden under the powergaming rule anyway if done habitually. I've seen this happen once in hundreds of hours on /tg/ where this is allowed(HoS spaced his own gun to deny a traitor). I'd say you have a better chance of finding it than the detective, and he manages to track down the suspect a fair amount of the time. I have revised my position on this though. At first i thought, who cares if you find x object or greentext? But after some reflection, I guess this rule is a necessary due to limited options for antagonism for non-hijack solo antagonists, vampire excluded.
  12. It seems to me that antagonists on a medium RP server should seek to be creative and add to the round rather than powergaming and chasing the green text. Then why are antag theft objectives treated as sacred? Isn't actually searching for the item more engaging than the formulaic emag door/locker -> grab item or kill head -> grab item. This is aggravated by the supremely stupid item advanced pinpointer that just spoonfeeds you the location of your targets. Conducting your own investigation and then robbing the possible suspects is a lot more fun in my opinion. Blasting greytiders with rubbershot is a more tangible form of antagonism than silently hacking the teleporter door anyway. I think it is a bad rule since it makes little IC sense and promotes green text chasing. What do you think?
  13. I do think Alffd and Necaladun's explanation of the policy make sense. As long as the admin online does I do this agree with this type on sentiment though If a lone person catches me in maint murdering, as a traitor or changeling, i am going to try to kill them, there are both good roleplay and game reasons why. A wizard, vampire or mindslave might have more RP justifications for letting them go. Walking in on a murder should be a scary thing, and there is little reason a professional syndicate assassin would let the only witness live.
  14. Comparisons with an intellectually disabled person is a common form of insult in the English language. Recently a player was permabanned for amongst other things; using the word "mongoloid" to insult a coworker. The banning admin thought this was a slur directed towards Vietnamese people, but the insult most likely was used in the meaning "a person afflicted with mongolism, mongolian idiocy" an archaic term for Down's syndrome, a term used by Dr. Down himself for the chromosomal disorder. Which of the following insults derived from intellectual disabilities are okay respectively not okay on paradise station? Cretin - an archaic medical term referring to sufferer of cretinism, a form of congenital hypothyroidism. Retard - a somewhat archaic medical term for an intellectually disabled person. Moron - archaic medical term referring to an intellectually disabled person with an IQ of 51–70. Imbecile - archaic medical term referring to an intellectually disabled person with an IQ of 26–50. Idiot - archaic medical term referring to an intellectually disabled person with an IQ > 26. Downie - an informal slang term referring to a sufferer of Down's syndrome. I look forward to productive and respectful discussion regarding this matter.