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  1. This post will probably be less focused on the voting part and more focused on the community standpoint. Personally speaking a vote is not going to work based off personal experiences. Very few people actually take the initiative to participate in votes. ((look at the sec instructor thread for example. There was thousands of views, but less than 20 people actually voted whether or not the project could continue in the end)) Based on my time jumping through communities I’ve observed a variety of groups grow then fall. One of the biggest reasons I feel paradise is the way it is with one of the highest player count is because of its connection with the community. Over the course of recent events however it feels that connection is starting to fade, and slowly transition to more of a “my way or the highway” posture... Especially with some of the comments here. It might look good now, but overtime the lack of connecting with the community will have negative impacts down the road. Take a look at Arma 3 Life’s first EVER community for example. They were the most populated server on Arma 3, and it was indeed a fun community to be apart of, but over time people wanted to take the community and steer it in unpopular directions. Over time the community lost faith in the staff and as a result drama started to develop and eventually the owner had to close down the community and go on to make Project Life later down the road. This isn’t something that can be solved with scheduled QNAs this is something that needs more detailed reasoning, especially on controversial PR merges...
  2. I feel your pains DTX. There have been many sudden changes that have sprung up and need serious testing prior to its release, and on the other hand there's very little member (non coder / staff) content even making it through the first gate on the grounds of being unnecessary. I appreciate all you've done to help me out in my ventures through the community! I for one will stick this out, and hope to see you come back one day friend. Thanks for everything you've done for me
  3. Was a great shift. One of those fine examples of how players in a event can make it turn a very random direction. I went in thinking I wouldn't get elected, bringing the values of Crewmocracy to the stand. Somehow Greytide liked that and voted me in ((Even when the polls were rigged by two of the candidates)) My first order of business was to establish the Rangers... I didn't even know they would betray me. When Sepulchre said he was glad he was retiring I forced him out of retirement to be the secretary of Defense... Job name Forced Out of Retirement. When a syndicate killed the nanotrasen officer the crew voted to wage war with Syndicate, and wage war we did. While I was doing my duties the Vice president handed a very suspicious document to me and founded a Red Guard. I knew it would endanger democracy to have such a political party, but I had no proof to act on until one of the party members ratted out Boris. But the investigation was cut short by the USSP attack. With Sepulchre's help we disabled two mechs and killed their pilots, then we retreated to SEC to be met by Solgov. The battle was tough, and Deathsquad had stepped onto the field. I would eventually die in my office after requesting a nuke which would detonate shortly after. Good times fellas. 10/10 would die before letting democracy fall... Space Ronald Reagan would've been proud
  4. As of now the poll is looking at 5 yays and 3 nays. Even then 8 votes is not necessarily a big enough sample to say this accounts for the voice of the community. If you guys ever have time please encourage your friends to toss their name in! If we can atleast get 50 votes (that’s half a normal shift’s population) then it’ll have enough to influence whether or not the project continues or comes to a halt. I also ask everyone to take time to read all announcement posts that I’ve sent out there. So to prevent redundancy
  5. Noted, I've created a final yay / nay tally on the first page. As of now we have 1 yay and 2 nays
  6. I terrorized @AffectedArc07 and @Christasmurfand *doesn't want to be mentioned* to put in work on this job and I will be damned if I just wave my arms and say "oh well GG" when I feel based off my experiences in SEC that this job is needed. I agree, but the challenge will be to prove to the heads / maintainers that we as a community truly believe the job is necessary and wanted. Either that or prove to ourselves that it isn't necessary or wanted. After a discussion of some folks with discord I believe one way to visualize whether or not the community feels this job is necessary is to compile a list of those who support it and those who are against it, fortunately we have this thread to store that information. BEFORE WE CONTINUE The final decisions are set in stone: Job Name: Field Training Officer (No SEC Instructor / Drill Instructor) Equipment: Normal SEC Gear Karma Locked Job SOPs are still the same, HOS and Captain work as the checks and balance to the SEC Instructor to avoid karma job comdomery. If you agree with these key points, feel free to either post here or PM Me so I can start putting together a list of those who believe the job is necessary and wanted. First thing's first though minor details are going to be fixed, Morgue Access ((dont know where that came from)) is getting removed, SEC Instructor is in the bucket, Field Training Officer is in and a few grammatical errors are going to be patched up. Understand there are more critical projects than the Field Training Officer project that coders have to dedicate resources to, so it will be some time before a second PR is compiled... And even then I won't ask for it to be turned in until I am sure the community actually wants this job. This is where everyone who has support for the job count the most. Not only are you proving to the maintainers and head that the job is necessary but you are also proving to me that the job is necessary. To those who disagree: You are important too, we need to officially visualize the yays and nays for the job.
  7. Friday May 3rd Update To the 24 people that voted, the 7 people who commented, and the over 1000 views. I appreciate your time in bringing your opinions to the table, but the support for this job was not enough to please the coders to push the job through. As of now the merge has been declined. Despite your voices on this matter unfortunately the coder community has thought otherwise. So where do we go from here? As of right now this job is dead in the water. Whether or not you all feel your voices unheard is unfortunately not for me to say on your behalf. You can always message a maintainer if you feel the job is necessary. Convince them otherwise as a community ((in a civil manner please)). Until then this is the end of the SEC Instructor / Field Training Officer. I’ll leave this thread open should people wish to continue the discussion!
  8. Another thing to note is when it comes down to it the Field Training Officer is a Officer first ((on code blue/red that is)). The intention isn’t for them to still be instructing during code red incident but to atleast herd newsec and make them a force to be reckon with instead of just clusters of loot piñatas. By the end of the day though I completely understand this is a controversial idea! We are trying to shape it to be more logical every day! Don’t hesitate to keep pouring ideas.
  9. To rework this as a trainee and trainer role would probably stirr more confusion in the code. The biggest issue behind the trainee role is the antagonist’s ability to abuse that job. And trainer roles are not as weird as you might think especially in security and law enforcement agencies! Some security agencies will throw you into your beat with a guy who knows what he’s doing if you just show them you’re certified to do the job. There are simply things you can’t learn in a class setting, so some agencies put the rookies out on the streets under the wing of a field training officer. Like I said before coding is another issue. I was fortunate enough to find someone willing to code the Field Training Officer job. I don’t think it’d be fair for me to shake him down to code yet another job when I’m not even paying him. Maybe after the training officer is established we can look into trainees. The reason the training officer is being made is to designate someone as the person people can turn to for help while they work the beat. I forgot to mention the PR is out! It’s still being edited and shaped so feel free to look into the code and point out any abnormalities that might need fixing! https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/11387
  10. QUICK UPDATE: Due to recent events I will have to suspend the vote. I thank you all for your time in voting! Unfortunately it is causing controversy that is stopping the merge from happening. I will take the time to speak with the coder who is helping me on the PR and we'll have to make some changes. Thanks for your votes and time! But unfortunately both me and some staff members are confident would make more sense to make the officer go down the route of a Field Training Officer rather than a Drill Instructor. To those who voted the 1980's cop vote. You won!
  11. Which I took note of! However I took all those other "police titles" and put it under the theme of the 1980s copper vote which has the description that supports Field Training officers and Sergeant ((the option I personally supported))
  12. Which is why I personally wanted to go for the other option, but as I said before there's a significant voice of people who want me to at least put that title in. You'll notice through all my drafts I haven't used Drill Instructor because that wasn't the intention. If the poll could tip towards the 1980s copper theme that'd be cool! Anywho, if PEOPLE SAID SOMETHING SOONER which I've told you guys over and over in the discord to voice your opinions before the polls went out, then we probably wouldn't be at this stage. Those who saw my posts to come here and say something did, and that's why the job role went this direction. When we looked at the poll a couple days ago it was 10 - 6 Drill winning which is why the PR went in as drill for now. It can be changed, and the vote still has 4 days left! On a side note we're also pushing to have BOTH sides put into the server. The poll is for in the event admins decide only one theme can make its way into the server
  13. Personally I agree, however with how responses have been on the thread I added the option since there has been a significant amount of people who want “Drill instructor” instead of SEC instructor. Most law enforcement agencies also follow the same “paramilitary” model as well as most security agencies. I know when I went through the academy they followed that paramilitary model. Like I mentioned before I personally am more on board with the 1980s copper look ((that’s why I made it option one)) but this is going to be a job that the community has a voice and the ability to change. Unfortunately or fortunately the community has used that voice to add the drill instructor role... And the votes show it. If the heads say otherwise then cool! I hope I can keep the 1980s copper look instead o3o
  14. The SECMAINs found out about Hailers earlier this week. It hasn't stopped since.