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  1. Yes, I was the admin who conducted the trade. I'll say this on the matter.. trades are entirely doable. It depends upon your objectives... if you have to kill someone, and you'd like another objective, we may give it to you. A trade is unlikely as it'd make no sense on why we'd give you a hijack/nukie item if you have to steal something or kill 1 person. If you have hijack however, trades are entirely doable and depends on the context. You want CQC? We can arrange it. You want his grace? We can arrange it. It will cost most, if not, all your TC as you are effectively getting an item, or
  2. Escaping perma requires literally getting out of perma. Merely breaking through the window into the little lobby like area in perma, still counts as perma as they have no way of escaping through the double doors. And Security can more than easily deal with any prisoner in that area, by use of shooting through the doors (Disablers) or flashbang. Now if they had gotten further, to say the courtroom using an e-mag and then ran into maints.. that is escaping perma. Likewise if they did it through the main brig area, by e-magging the door, then the doors infront of the brig. It's also th
  3. It is possible by removing the brain of the suicided person, placing them into a new body and then SR/Clone/Defib that body.
  4. I honestly do not see why Cargo needs hardsuits. Security needs hardsuits incase antags or people they are chasing have gone to space. Medical needs it, incase a breach happens or someone they need to grab is dead within space. Engineering is self-obvious. Why would cargo need two hardsuits? To grab crates in space? Lavaland doesn't use hardsuits, they use soft-suits that are designed for it. Furthermore, if cargo does need hardsuits, any miner with a lot of points can buy a new one from the vendor.
  5. I'd also like to point out a few things I have noticed with the others in Staff chat. What's the purpose of this room? It's so far an empty room that has no rhyme or purpose. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Adding onto AA's point about the warehouse, this thing also bugs me here. You got 3 reinforced walls where the mining ship docks.. but every other wall is normal. If it's to stop cargo from breaking into the mining shuttle, it's rather pointless if they can just cut away one wall to the side, remove the window and then hack in. Or just remove the windows. M
  6. Abydos


    No thanks, as it just ends up with the station in a brawl.
  7. https://youtu.be/vDUYLDtC5Qw?t=8
  8. Bar that @Octus created. We moved the slot machines and added the stools to complete the look.
  9. Leading a mutiny and trying to get an entire department lynch'd doesn't help lower the flames, that's fanning it.
  10. No, it is not. The only person who is able to give Paroles at all, is the Captain or Magistrate. If an EoC is caught doing anything, even nothing but has everything pointing to them being an EoC, they are to be perma'd. If the EoC was standing around and flashed a e-sword. If the EoC was subjected to a random search and class S contraband was found on them. If the EoC is able to deflect all ranged attacks. They are marked as an EoC and are to be dealt with as such. They can if they wish, but they are still an EoC as to KNOW it, you are admitting you are an EoC because you had Class S
  11. If you know the technique, you're an EoC. Seeing as how the only way you can get it, is being a member of the Syndicate. You can't claim X person taught you X many years ago and Nanotrasen randomly hires you to be a Civilian, knowing X technique that was not approved by them and allows you to screw security over but totally legal because Nanotrasen hired you. That makes no sense. That's like saying knowing Magic isn't illegal because a Wizard taught you years ago and Nanotrasen hired you. That means you're a member of the SWF, who is also on NT's hit list.
  12. Space law talks about it quite clearly, that having the item, using the item or knowing the knowledge BEHIND the item is all illegal and points to the user being an EoC. There is no "Assumption", you're assuming that merely having the item is contraband and not USING the item or gaining the KNOWLEDGE of the item is contraband / illegal, when it is. Even merely having an uplink in any way, shape or form marks them immediately as an EoC. Only Syndicate have it, only Syndicate can order it. Only a person with a Syndicate uplink can buy it and learn it. Why would a random Syndica
  13. Space law is quite clear on the matter and there's no way of confusing a sleeping carp user with just about anything else. CQC - Close Quarters Cooking - Only the chef can use this and it can only be used within the Bar and Kitchen area. The Chef is legally allowed to use it to deal with people being problematic within the bar or breaking into the kitchen. They are encouraged to not use lethal unless a clear threat is within their life (Self-defense). They are also able to block, dodge or even counter melee attacks against them so long as they have throw mode on with a % chance. Legal as
  14. That's generally up to the player and possibly marked down within the list already. A Brig Phys getting a body scanner is the same as within medical. Or Robotics getting a Autolathe is the same as the one within cargo. The list is purely roundstart machinery.. if people make machines in say.. 50 minutes into the round, it's kinda expected for them to have upgraded parts. It's also up to them to upgrade them when the time comes or ask science to do it for them.
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