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  1. because you wouldn't walk up to a police officer and give them shit would you?
  2. As one of these "security mains" i find that statement somewhat offensive, you make it seem as if security mains DON'T act in a manner where they are respectful, this is aimed, primarily, at new players who don't ask for assistance, and use the role as a power move to be an asshole and unstoppable, when in retrospect, most of us "security mains" have and continue to arrest and demote these sorts of players to remove them from play What kyet is referencing is when a person is legitimately arrested for legit reasons and yelling shitcurity and the whole crew jumps on the bandwaggon, i cant count how many times i have had a random greytide triggered by someone shouting shitcurity and me getting jumped by the greytide to free them
  3. i have not had a chance to look into the servers audio files, from what i'm told we use OGG files, they are typically smaller than MP3, but i will need to see what the largest audio file is and the collection of audio files in terms of resources as it stands
  4. Hello all, for the uninitiated let me introduce myself. I am IntentEldiablo, Mentor and also known as Ipsum Bellus Crinitus. I just recently finished my University Honors Degree in Audio Engineering and started to have ideas on what I could contribute, improve and/or add to the sound and quality of the audio on our server. So far, I have a number of ideas, such as adding more racial sounds, such as screams and yells or adding more ambient sounds too such as airlocks and maints. But I wanted to reach out to the community and gather your own thoughts and opinions on the different sound affects you would like to see added to the server, or any existing sounds that YOU feel can be made better and improved. I don't play a wide range of job rolls on the server, typically security and mining as such i would be relying on you to throw suggestions from different departments or roles in order to gain a bigger scope. Likewise, for those who are working on big projects or new PR's for the server who would like some assistance with audio files please feel free to message, I don't bite (Ipsum might). So, leave any suggestions down below, or Pm me on discord lists or single suggestions and I shall start looking into things this coming week. Let me know what you think Thank you :3
  5. You can change settings so that flying is only available once say ender dragon is killed, at which point other methoods of flight are available
  6. If any of these mods have expansions those would be nice too Magical Crops/Armour version Thaumcraft Blood Magic Draconic Evolution Big Reactors Lucky Blocks/Chance Cubes Tinkers Construct Witchery
  7. Name: Ipsum Bellus Crinitus Age: 25 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: AB- General Occupational Role(s): Security Officer, Security Pod Pilot, Warden, Detective, Head of Security Biography: Ipsum Bellus Crinitus is a very warm and kind-hearted Vulpkanin. His home was with his family in Scotland, His family gave Ipsum his name which when translated is Latin for Is very Fluffy. His mother is a woman called Alice Dunbar, his father Hamish Dunbar, and his sister Heather Dunbar. The family was very wealthy and a pillar in the local community and host to many banquets and ball's. Ipsum loved his family dearly and they treated him with such love and kindness. This all changed however when Ipsum grew a little older, he started to learn to walk on two legs and started to speak in the human language, This was not good for the family, for they had only ever seen Ipsum as a pet for there daughter. Ipsum was then forced to walk on all four paws and to never speak the human language. The family saw this as an opportunity to bolster there renown. Ipsum was then cuffed and taken to fancy gatherings while the Dunbar's Paraded Ipsum around, showing off there exotic pet to all that would come and look at him. Ipsum had to be trained to behave and act like a dog, if he performed badly, the family would starve him, beat him and tighten the collar, he had many a night and day he never got food or water. Ipsum had no knowledge of the outside world, he had never met anyone of his kind, or any other species other than humans. He had no friends, no-one to interact with, Even the Girl Heather whom Ipsum saw as a sister disassociated herself with him, and took part in the beating and choking. Ipsum was now 10 years old and still had the chain and collar on, almost never being taken off, when he was taken to a special government event, where the Dunbars wished to make waves with some high powered politicians. A man, in a fancy suit and an orange Scarf approached Ipsum. As per his training he assumed his position, sit, paw out, tongue out and look happy and smart. The man introduced himself to the family As a General for the NanoTransen Military division. The general Bent down and stroked the back of Ipsum's head and whispered into his hear "I know what you are, do not worry, i will help you" and with this the General disappeared. The next morning Ipsum was still chained up to the wall, his owners had given him a box and some straw to sit and sleep on, scraps of bad food and some dirty water, This made Ipsum happy since it was clear he did well the night before and was being given a treat with the food. He then heard a bang on the door, suddenly the house was full of military personal, Ipsum watched as his owners were taken away one by one, Hamish screaming foul and awful words to the military personal, Alice trying to bargain and bribe them with influence, And Heather just looked at Ipsum in a sad way as she left the door. Ipsum was confused and scared, until a man appeared at the door frame with a blue suit with lots of shiny badges on them. The general from the night before The general had freed Ipsum and asked him to stand and talk to him for a moment, Try as he might Ipsum was unable to stand properly, wobbling and crashing to the floor in pain, he had only ever walked for a few days when he was a pup before he was forced to walk on all four paws, so his legs were unable to cope with his weight. Ipsum was still able to talk, albeit poorly and rough. The general took Ipsum to the NanoTransen Military academy and got him a home, mentors and clean food and water. Ipsum had never seen such kindness before. Ipsum spent many years in the academy, training his skills in weapon handling and in close combat both armed and unarmed, He learned how to walk properly again even without the stumbling he did for the first few years. He was trained in acceptance and tolerance of other species and races, surprisingly Ipsum did not hate humanity in the slightest, however he despises racism from any race towards any other race, He learned of what befell his owners, they lost there wealth and investors, they were discredited in the community and were branded as racists that were chucked in prison. Ipsum was taught by a the very first Vulpkanin he ever met, A lieutenant, how to talk in their ancient tongue and was taught more about his culture and his people. Despite all the training though Ipsum was never able to remove his funny speech patterns, still talking in the third person, Ipsum also never had a childhood and so he still has the attitude of a pup at times, he also gets more sensitive to pain than most, its a reminder of his harsh treatment. The general took it upon himself to look after Ipsum, he gave him the basic knowledge of the world that the Academy never taught, Ipsum learned about the world and space, and how there is more out there than he could possibly imagine, it was this that lead Ipsum to learn how to fly a space pod, he wished to explore the vast depths of what was out there. Ipsum is now 23 years old and graduated from the academy as a fully capable soldier and security personal. Ipsum still carries the marks of his old life, The scars across his neck and the fur which will never grow back around the area the collars and chains were. On his graduation day the general approached Ipsum and presented him with the orange scarf he wore on the day they met one another. the scarf was to be a symbol that humanity is not as cruel as Ipsum probably thought it was, and to help him cover up the scars on his neck, to make him able to move past the dark times, The scarf was a shield so no-one would see the marks and laugh at him but also to hide it from himself so that he could look in the mirror and not be reminded of his horrible past. Qualifications: Ipsum is a fully qualified security officer as he completed the NanoTransen Military program. Employment Records: Ipsum has shown great aptitude towards the role of security, and is quite capable of performing any role or task that he has been set to do Security Records: Assault on crew member- An altercation between Ipsum and a member of crew happened off duty and was caused by heavy racism, Ipsum has apologized over the matter and showed no resistance or aggravation towards anyone besides that crew-member Medical Records: Ipsum has requested that he be cloned. Due to an incident where cloning was broken and could not replicate his body at the time, Ipsum was once put in the body of a Skrell, he has since requested this never happen again because quote "it felt squishy and cold and uncomfortable" . He has also requested that upon cloning completion that he be given his orange scarf to cover the scars and fur loss on his neck, the cloning process does not seem to heal the wounds or marks around his neck which is part of an ongoing investigation. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: