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  1. Salutations, hello and greetings. I am Owwy, it's a pleasure. Imm a long time player who's been on and off this old beast we call Space Station 13. Trying to find a server I suppose plan to call home. Even year or so, I try and come back! Things always seem to change, but while staying the same. All I know is that Unathi is master race.
  2. Yeah, no further support will be applied to the Modpack or the server sadly. The server will be up for a limited amount of time. The Modpack will be always up. The server files are our side, to make your own you will have to get the server files for each individual mod. We own the plugins that were used. But they aren't that expensive. Thanks for the small hand full of people that made it happen. It was pretty fun while it lasted.
  3. We have 4gb and we are using Cauldron for mods. rather than bukkit.
  4. This is quite the list! Ill have to make an offical modlist soon, to say what made the cut! Since we had to keep it under 150mb or so, the ones we tried before were 300mb for ref.
  5. Don't worry we already have our basic Modpack which Includes alot of what you've already said like minimap. How intense it is? Loadin lots of different worlds can be troublesome
  6. Thank you guys for you're input. In the past we have struggled on deciding what mods to include. But this has been a lot of help. I have a question tho. Y'know the kit system. How powerful would you like it
  7. Chance cubes are a bit gimmicky, but if we can get them to spawn modded items they could be really cool.
  8. I would be fine with this. If that's a balancing setting, then yes I would gladly add morph
  9. I don't know about morph. It gives powers too easily, like killing a bat gives you fly for free forever kind of thing. It's fun for being players. But it isn't very balanced in that way. So we will most likely not have Morph
  10. Come one, come all, the newest Paradise MineCraft Server is here and its ready to shine! Or some kind of bullshit idk, Im just here to host a server. The modpack we are using is our very own, its called Paradise Station Offical! You can download it here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nogcraft-2.877941 The modpack will work on a build basis, being we will be adding more mods in the far seeable future. So this isnt the modpack in its prime! Think about it more as in its testing phases and seeing what we can get working, so we can add things slowly and make sure everything works nicely! Examples of some of the mods we already have are as follow: galacticraft, blood magic, ars magica, ancient warfare, baubles, big reactors, mekanism, buildcraft, computercraft, carpenters blocks, draconic evolution, flans, growthcraft, immersive engineering, iron chest, modular turrets, modular forcefields, optifine, pam's harvestcraft, reis, witchery, thermal expansion, T construct, railcraft, rftools, open blocks, minechem, powersuits, backpacks, extra utilities, ender io and more. If you have any complains or questions feel free to come at me with pitchforks and torches when nothing works. Im very willing to pay for the server as it stands, or atleast for the first few months, if anyone wishes to donate well um. Thats a good question, maybe I should set something up for that, but for now um. Dont worry about it. We have a few plugins on the server for like set home, Which is very useful, to use this, simply do /sethome and then /home . And if you have any friends, you can use /tpa "name of said good friendo" and you can tp to them if they let you, how neat! We also have kits on the server. Simply do /kit and youll get some nice stone tools, so you don't have to break a nail on a tree. The current Ip is : - But the Ip is per installed on the modpack for you. Currently it is open.
  11. Yes, hello hello. It's Owwy here, or Dragonbone or a very long time ago zoey Jones. But now it's Silva oswald I suppose. I use to play this game back in 2013 to around 2015. Though in the past I never spent much time on this server. I did pop my head in as you do. My previous server died along with my spirits to play the game. But those days are in the past and I could never truly leave. So now I find myself on this server, it's a nice little, well large commuity. If it wasn't for corpses in my brig every shift. It would get a full rating. But for now it's a 4/5. I'll be playing a lot of different roles I like it here, cya around.