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  1. I've brought this up before elsewhere as a means of balancing out raised requirements to play security (like more time - No I am not letting that go). The best way to approach giving them more access is if it's general access to departments / and only works on Red. That way, if it's an extended round or all the antags are handled, security isn't able to waltz about getting in the way of everything and everyone. Additionally, it also means that security has to consider the pros and cons of having a higher degree of access at higher threat levels.
  2. In theory: The IAA or HR is suppose to be an impartial watch-dog for the station that has the ability to investigate and report on matters of SOP, Space Law, and other affairs as they go on the station that wouldn't otherwise fall under Security. This office is suppose to be the one-stop area where you take all your complaints, claims, and considerations for it to be compiled into a detailed report and given to the applicable head or CC itself. In practice: The IAA or HR is free access for any would-be antag who wants to get into security without much of a fuss. More often then not, it's easy to find an IAA or HR because if you manage to catch them before the SSD from boredom, they're usually anywhere other then the brig area doing their best impression of greytide. If you actually have a complaint you're more then likely to take it to your relevant head and if they're not listening you go and bug the Captain or NT-Rep maybe. IAA are usually cannon fodder for all intents and purposes and serve little to no purpose when the vast majority of issues can be handled on a local level that otherwise excludes them entirely. Most of these players who jump into this role are absolutely new and wanted to be a "lawyer" or a psudo-sec member at least (since I have already proven that new people love to flock to Security regardless of if it's a good idea). How do we address the issue? First and foremost, this is something that the community is going to have to chip in with as well. Currently, if someone threatens to speak with IA/HR it's a statement that will likely get you laughed. IA/HR derive all of their power from two sources: Heads and CC. The issue with the heads is that they are not obligated to listen to IA in anyway. This is both a good and bad thing, but it does ultimately mean that IA/HR doesn't have a lot of "teeth" to it. On top of that, most people will likely just complain about something or someone to their respective head or to the captain rather then bringing it to IA in the first place. This is because it's usually a lot faster and easier then actually going to IA which, more then likely, won't get anything done anyway. The issue with CC is that if the heads aren't listening then you have to pray that the almighty fax manages to not only reach CC but that someone has the time and want to read your report. In my experience, very few of either IA/HR/or even NTRep reports actually get enacted upon, despite the severity of their content. This can be for a variety of reasons but it's literally the highest degree that IA can report something to and if that doesn't work- then you're literally just out of luck. One way to assist this matter might be to simply change the direction that IA/HR is pointed. Rather then be a departmental faction that has no teeth and no one cares about, give them more of a role as attorneys. This change would prompt IA to take a better interest in focusing on appeals, proper prosecutions, and ensuring that players are being dealt with in a timely manner. This would also allow the rarely used and rarely tested trial system to be a bit more useful as players can more willfully sue or appeal before the magistrate on their cases provided their time in jail is sufficient (over 30 minutes would be worthy of an appeal and investigation in some cases).
  3. Pray that my PDA is with me and start popping throat lozenges like their candy.
  4. If and when, I'm positive a ton of us will support that however we can
  5. So when are you doing a full comic?
  6. As a server, we can't exactly advocate "Yeah, go play on a different server to learn how to play on this one." I am aware of the fact that we may do this for punishment reasons (although that is more over done for player 'character' specific reasons) but to do so just for a job seems to be a bit of an obtuse standard that would more often then not drive people away from the job. Really, the spirit of my complaint and suggestion is not against those players who have experience with SS13 or take the time to even read Space Law and SOP. You can be a relatively new player and at least do the latter and be moderately successful, however you're going to struggle quite a bit until you get the rest of the game mechanics and foundations down. In fact, if you take an experienced SS13 player, even from our server, who has never done Sec before and suddenly throw them into the role without doing some prior study- they're going to struggle a lot if not get in trouble. The reasoning for this is that Sec had 3 different guidelines that govern their actions and they're the most watched group because they actively take people's freedoms away. It's my opinion that truly new players, those who have little to no experience with SS13 at all, get Security positions FAR too soon. I'm not saying to give it some kinda impossible standard to obtain but having players play roles other then civilian prior to starting Sec can only help. Civilians are not held to any greater standard that Sec would be, so making them at least be cargo tech for a few rounds and have to learn WHAT an SOP is or WHAT space law is prior to enforcing it is probably a good idea in my opinion.
  7. Im not opposed to this, I just also know that it's quite obvious when the miners are either dead or are goofing off trying to get loot. The reason why is that any job, like scientist, that has access to the ORM and regularly visits it for work will notice that "hey, there's nothing new in here / absolutely nothing at all." At which point they complain to the HOP who may or may not do anything until enough snarky comments are made over common to get them in trouble.
  8. I can sympathize as someone who has been around a while and has only 3-4 things unlocked. Unfortunately, more memey characters or oddly social characters get karma. Either way, it's a struggle but there really isnt much in the way of correcting that can be done.
  9. Appending to this that there be some additional restrictions on things such as Golems and other "new sentience" creatures preforming security duties as there is no way to ensure that they are in anyway knowledgeable or have the level of prior knowledge to be effective. Still saying that letting newer players have access to security is dragging the entire department down. I know we're not trying to "scare them away" but at current, allowing new players who don't even know how to ctrl drag, how to recharge a baton, how to use a flashbang, how to properly and safely restrain people, or even how to assess a situation based on game knowledge. It's not that a new player is "bad" but they lack the knowledge required to actually do this job and that's something you learn with time, experience, and study. Jumping straight from assistant into sec officer is how we get so many ahelps, the stigma of of shitcurity, and such.
  10. Hi there! As someone who has done a lot of background work on or around sec, I get it. In this specific case you're actually correct to not perma someone for this sorta possession alone. A great example of this is energy verses powered crossbows, one is considered contraband the other is at best a weapon possession charge. The wiki is written rather specifically for a reason and a lot of players fail to realize the importance in detail. Now, don't forget that the way in which you use an item can land you in perma as well. Class C contraband used for a major crime is insta perma worthy. Take the context of the situation into account and make a judgment call from there. My advice is that if you know you're right, show them in space law where you're right. IAA, the Magistrate, and to a lesser extent the NT Rep are all resources for that as well. Unfortunately, it's fun and easy to blame one guy in security even when it's not right to do so. Just keep at it and become knowledgeable in Space Law and SOP so you can make them look dumb later.
  11. Part of my thought process when going about this was every department head getting a Fax regarding things that their department would be responsible for doing, certain things that they need to have checked off and accomplished prior to the inspectors being there. The better / more they do they better the "grade" that they get at the end of the event thus the more CC would be willing to not fire them out of an airlock. This also allows every department to have a smaller list rather then a giant laundry sheet and it also allows individual departments to reap rewards for doing a good job verses other departments.
  12. Why not at least remove the ability for a syringe gun, rapid or otherwise, to be loaded with an SM containing needle? Makes it harder to troll without removing its purpose.
  13. We already have a few items and vehicles on the station but they're either job restricted or only gotten by the trader. I'm with McRamon, too memey in the long term.
  14. Why not meet in the middle here and have a private means of transparency via a request system here on the forums? The idea is that if a player wants information regarding their notes over a specific incident or such, they can make a private request that can only be viewed via admins here on the forums and be given to them confidentially and selectively. To this degree, the administration can retain a degree of control as to what information and how much of it is released to the public (or just outright deny the request if its sensitive enough) while giving players at least the platform to make potential requests. I foresee this having more benefits then not and takes out any sense of urgency in the matter.