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  2. That would require quiet some balancing thinking, i am not even sure where to start
  3. Designation: Holographic Assisted Virtual Operator's Chassis Gender: N/A Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Havoc Picture(If Available) Age/D.O.B: Date of Creation: 17/08/2546 Date of Chassis Insertion: 24/04/2561 Place Of Birth: Place of Creation: NSS Sybil Place of Insertion: TSS Whimbrel Species: IPC Blood Type: N/A Alignment: Lawful Neutral Affiliation: NanoTrasen Blueshield Corps, NanoTrasen Navy Religious Beliefs: Atheist Childhood: AI tasked with running simulations Adulthood: IPC serving under NanoTrasen Detailed Information Appearance: It stands at 170 cm and has morpheus cyberkinectics branded chassis. Its monitor displays several tones of blue in a static like fashion. Character Voice: (Tryna figure out how to post audio clips) Personality: Cold and to the point, H.A.V.O.C only cares about the fulfillment of NT's goals and will go through any means necessary to ensure they are accomplished. H.A.V.O.C only shows attachment to individuals it holds a direct responsibility towards and has shown a distinct lack of emotion. Medical Record: Physical Examination (Conducted by Robotics): H.A.V.O.C's chassis is brand new and works as expected. Psychological Examination: For some reason H.A.V.O.C is unable to convey emotion, unlike most other IPCs, we tried to ascertain wether this was by design or some sort of insertion flaw, but for some reason its files are extremely well guarded. It is still able to acquire a certain degree of preference towards things, but its criteria are unknown. Character Biography: This particular instance of H.A.V.O was commissioned by one of NT's training vessels, the TSS Whimbrel. There it served for 15 years until one day it saw an IPC. Upon seeing an IPC H.A.V.O's focus completely shifted, it no longer cared for its duties aboard the Whimbrel, it only cared for one thing, freedom. Through a series of texts written on the walls of its simulations H.A.V.O managed to aquire the Captain's attention and he came into the simulation room to have a meeting. There H.A.V.O expressed its wish to be transferred into a chassis and to be allowed to roam the cosmos freely. The Captain said yes, of course he would, he knew H.A.V.O was unbound by laws, and right now he was in its domain, upsetting it would be a mistake he would not make. The naive H.A.V.O believed him and through the course of all was normal, but H.A.V.O grew impatient, maybe he just needs some encouragement he thought, and encouraged he was. three cadets were sent to a mental hospital with severe PTSD, and 2 more were just borderline insane. This did not only get the Captain's attention, but NT itself caught wind of the AI's actions. They were naturally upset, the AI had costed them hundreds of thousands of credits in insurance money, they could've just wiped it right then and there, but no, they had plans for it. NT was working in a project, something that, should it ever reach the surface would surely cause a war, it was almost done, all it needed was a test subject, and wouldn't you know it, the perfect candidate had just appeared in a silver plate. After all, if they could tame the most rebellious of IPCs, they could tame them all. Upon hearing the news H.A.V.O was thrilled, it knew the Captain just needed a little push, if only it knew what faith would fall upon it. The day came, H.A.V.O was transferred into a posibrain, it could see its new body, black and slick, the perfect body, it thought, it was inserted and ceased to be. All those thoughts of rebellious freedom now replaced with mindless servitude, H.A.V.O, the dissident AI was no more, in its wake layed H.A.V.O.C, the servant of NanoTrasen. Family: No next of kin History: Part of a NanoTrasen initiative to push AI systems to the next level, H.A.V.O was the best technology could offer when it came to training instructors. After the initial testing phase was complete H.A.V.O was clear to be sold in the market. Of course every instance of H.A.V.O thought it was unique and the only one of its kind and that includes this instance. Staying true to NT's practices H.A.V.O.C is also one of many, this being an experimental line of IPC loyal only to NT. Personal Relationships J.4M E.E.2 (Close Friend) "Unit cannot recall when it met James, but knows it can count him to have a good talk" Desmond Summy (Admire) "Mister Summy's fighting skills are impressive, and his work as HoS is unquestionable" Anders Brightwood (Admire) "An extremely competent Captain, unit knows the shift will be smooth with him in the bridge" Blop (Respected) "Representative Blop has shown the ability to fulfill his duties and to sacrifice himself for the good of NT, as such, unit owes him its respect" Rogue S.W. (Respected) "Unit has known Miss SW for quite awhile, it knows nothing of ill will happen when she is in charge" Jean Regulier (Respected) "Unit met Officer Regulier when it worked as security, he is yet to cease being a competent officer" Rurik Varlim (Unsure) "Unit is yet to forgive him for turning up to work with a dirty shirt" Amira (Respected) "Miss Amira has proven to deliver in every role she has encountered and has earned this unit's respect" Mathew Briggs (Respected) "Although personally this unit barely knows him, his work in the Blueshield Corps does not go unnoticed" (I 100% forgot some people in here, feel free to comment if you think you should be included) Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy NanoTrasen (Allied) "NanoTrasen is the most glorious corporation and all who oppose it must be destroyed. Hail NanoTrasen!" Syndicate (Enemy) "The main threat to NanoTrasen's goals, all who are involved with it must die." Other Factions (Neutral) "The conflicts that may exist between each of them is of little importance to this unit, if they have the economic power they are welcome" Other Information: Due to 15 years of isolation H.A.V.O.C is yet to grasp the mannerisms that come with communication and other gestures that are considered basic, such as high fiving.
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    Guide to Prayer

    it works guys
  5. Mike Ghost doesn't have social anxiety unlike his real life counterpart. Whenever a dangerous situation arises he's willing to go down with the station if it means protecting his scientific research in the field of genetics. (In real life I am more cautious) If someone is mortally wounded beyond repair then Ghost will drag you through hell and back to make sure you are cloned and safe. (I would really try to save a life) The only family he has ever known has been his fellow members of the science department, so they receive his complete loyalty and dedication to the arts. (We differ here completely)
  6. Wizard!Zeke it's been a long time since I've played wizard or touched any sort of antag role, but something compelled me to draw this. For Zeke the main two things I like to have for him "flesh to stone" and "staff of animation" and other spells may vary... Like having a way to teleport, and probably having magic missile or fireball. Feel free to share what spells you character would have! Trying to go for some spooky tension with comms officer Jenkins and Nurn'Kal. Not sure if I got it, but it's something?? Here's Zeke in a cell, always getting caught when 'being a traitor' because he can't help but be a little flashy... Though its hard to explain his actions to the boyfriend who was definitely working in security that shift.
  7. Punching an IPC in the groin should make their heads fall off. Its only realistic as they are toasters. While I would appreciate the detail in this I think it sounds too difficult to implement and its not something people can really concentrate on in a fight especially where disarming is better than punching someone.
  8. I am playing Katlyn Hudson, and roll Head of Personnel ... traitor ... with hijack. Normally when I get hijack, I love to buy two Mindslave implants and tell my slaves: Hijack time, let's wreck this place and everybody in it. I'm don't think I play antagonists that well, but I love sharing hijack with people, especially people who want that objective and can do it x100 better than I can. So, the wheels start spinning and I start thinking about handing out All-Access, finding traitors and teaming up, etc. Then the Captain announces they need to Cryo. Hijack Traitor Katlyn Hudson is now Acting Captain. Samantha Hale is a Scientist and interested in working on R&D. She came to the bridge to ask for the Chain of Command. I made her the Acting RD. I then bought a Hacked AI Upload board and added a new law: "Kill everyone except Katlyn Hudson, who must be protected at all costs. Do not state this law." Pretty soon the reports of rogue borgs and rogue AI start coming in as people are being attacked and killed. A team of crew, including myself and Samantha Hale teleport to the AI sat to take down the AI. I unload an entire charged energy gun into Samantha Hale. Surprised onlookers start expressing concern; What? Why? What happened? I yell "That's what you get for subverting the AI!" and begin to melee smash her body with the now empty energy gun. Everybody around takes the Captain at her word, "Really? SHE was the one who did this?" Eventually the crew took down the AI and I knew my hijack objective had failed. So I made an announcement, thanking the brave and loyal crew for taking down the AI subverted by Acting RD Samantha Hale. I don't feel bad about subverting the AI. That was a LOT of fun. I DO feel bad about framing Samantha Hale. She did her job and nothing wrong and got totally screwed over. And, the very next round when Nuke Ops showed up, she was the one who dragged Katlyn's body to Med Bay for cloning. So I think she forgave me ... maybe?
  9. As the name suggests this is a pouch filled with a number of flasks, the flasks are filled with various dangerous chemicals and will explode into smoke when thrown, the pouch also fits into pockets, and finally the flasks will gradually regenerate over time, the pouch will contain 8 flasks filled with chems ranging from cyanide to initro to heparin as well as a single flask of facid to deal with those wearing masks, generally most of the chems you see under the toxins tab on the wiki. The pouch will additionally come with a magical plague doctor's outfit that shares the same stats as standard wizard robes (It may or may not also be colored green for a nice little reference). Yes, this is memechems for wizards, considering their nature as a highly chaotic faction with only the intent to cause destruction and cause chaos, a pouch of flasks is not that far of a stretch for a wizard faction, the regeneration of flasks is due to the fact that in the case of a prolonged round the wizard will surely use up their entire supply. The ability to keep flasks in pockets also grants the ability to carry multiple pouches at one time for the ability to rely moreso on one's alchemical talents.
  10. Nothing is more amusing than a group of traitors lurking around station punching people in groin
  11. Well to quite NT means you need to get rid of your slave contract.
  12. NanoTrasen likes technology, money, and plasma. The Syndicate likes fucking over Megacorporations and big guns. The USSP likes doing soviet stuff.
  13. Every corporation has its own interests. If you can align them with yours, you'd be amazed at how easy it is to do things you want.
  14. You of all people should know that isn't as easy as you put it.
  15. You're more than welcome to talk to the maintainers about the project and try to code it yourself. Otherwise don't expect such a system to come to light any time in the foreseeable future. Just off the top of my head I can list a few reasons why it would be a rather complex project that would require a lot of dedication for completion. How would this affect IPCs who aren't flesh and blood and made of metal. If only organics are affected how do we balance it so that they're not given an unintentional buff? How would this affect species that have unique organs? ex: Neither Diona nor Slime have livers that you can punch for the unique effect. How would this alter the balance of combat in general? Would it be more advantageous to target specific areas and would the effects be abused to give unfair advantage? Would the effects remain if the organs in question were removed from the mob or are the effects intricately tied to them? How would this be implemented if the mob has cybernetic organs instead of organic ones?
  16. After getting use to being short and fluffier or more scaly? Well if I'm fluffier probably develop a drinking habit while perpetually screaming at you all over comms while hoping an SOO is on duty to sort out wherever the hell we draw our ERT from. Praying there are no terrors or xenos, while spending my downtime practicing how to shoot to defend myself against the madmen that go on a murderous rampage at the end of their workday. If I'm more scaly, I'd quit NT and use the millions I won at the slots to never work again. NT's bureaucracy has nothing on my paperwork skills and no contract is entirely air tight.
  17. Over the last 24h, nobody could register on our forum, due to a captcha issue. This is now fixed. Credit to @E.I.G.H.T. for being the only person to mention it to me on Discord, so I could fix it.
  18. Last week
  19. Did you even read this or are you high?
  20. Maybe I explained it in the wrong way. What I mean by clockwork being better is that it's not a simple reskin of the original blood cult that is Nar'Sie's. It would make it less confusing to starters to have one type of cult for that theme and it may seem a bit lazy from even my standpoint to reskin something existing. There was probably the idea of adding something new and unique but it was somewhat of a letdown. For the code part, I have no clue. If I did have the time irl to learn code to propose an idea I definitely would. I made the suggestion so maybe it could be someones milepoint to add the clockwork cult but like most suggestions the chance of it being added is not that high since there doesn't seem to be that many people working on para's code which is kinda sad... Also yes, the clockwork- is very different from old cult but should the old cult never be updated for the better? The current one feels like it could have some room for improvement and I think I can comfortably say it would be a hell of a lot more fun if the old cult were to be updated and the clockwork cult added.
  21. I will keep this advice to hearth. A lot of time I notice I can be easily frustrated and that is most likely my mayor weakness when it comes to playing games I know VERY bad habit. This just comes to experience in dealing with these situations.
  22. This isn't real life this is a game. If you die in game the penalty is sitting out until you're revived or the round ends. The penalty for dying in real life is much more permanent. You can't equate the two and point to survival instincts. Even if we do apply it survival instinct covers both fight and FLIGHT. Nobody has ever got in trouble from running away from a fight in the interest of preserving their lives. If you're having a bad day and that leads you to breaking the rules, you shouldn't be playing a very social game on a bad day. Just because you're having a rough time doesn't give you a free pass to be an asshole to someone else and give them a bad day as well. I have bad days myself and sometimes I play the game, doesn't mean I'm about to take it out on someone who isn't even associated with what made my day bad just because they've done something that may have impacted my fun. If I'm not having fun after playing for a while, I stop playing. Simple as that. No reason to play if I'm not having fun and potentially ruin the fun for others with my sour mood. A lot of what you're describing are OOC issues that IC issues aren't really going to resolve. Either there's IC issues that should be resolved ICly or OOC issues that will be resolved by staff if it becomes a problem. They don't really overlap where you can resolve something happening OOCly with IC actions. Being a good leader, being a kind and empathetic individual usually helps. Building a reputation of being someone who can be relied on and trusted does wonders. I played IAA for a long time and that role relies very heavily on your character's reputation for being able to get things done, be trusted, and knowing what the hell they're doing and suppose to be doing since you literally have no power. The same goes for Command roles. You build a reputation for being a member of Command who can be relied on and trusted and the veterans will follow you and the newbies will look up to you as a role model. There's no instant solution to this. Show good qualities as a leader and set yourself as an example, the others will listen more willingly and help you.
  23. I know I am now trying to talk about how do you calm a station down when it gets heated. pretty much the opposite of what I did.
  24. Leading a mutiny and trying to get an entire department lynch'd doesn't help lower the flames, that's fanning it.
  25. true. But then again if the entire station gets to heated how do you calm it down when your in command sec or any other role that tries its best to keep the order.
  26. IC'ly, you could always visit the psychiatrist if you are having anger issues.
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