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Rename "Adminhelp" or make "Mentorhelp" button


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I feel like this is quite a small thing. But it was always like this and I have no idea really why.

Why is "mentorhelp" requiring you to first click "adminhelp"?

Right now for non-mentor/non-admin player, the admin tab looks like this:


After clicking Adminhelp the following window pops out:



Why is "Mentorhelp" not a thing in the "Admin" tab?
It was like this for at least 4 years (since I remember it being like that more or less 4 years ago). It's so minor that I don't think people think about it. (Or my memory is messing up with me).

Even if new players know who mentors are and what they do, SOME might not get the idea to click the "Adminhelp" button first to get a help from mentors. Probably there should be a "Mentorhelp" button or the "Adminhelp" should be renamed to "Admin/Mentor help" or something like that.

I don't really have time to look at the code this week to see how big of a change that would be, but it seems to me like it would be just creating a new button and assigning the already existing function to it. (and deleting the category picking from Adminhelp)

I wanted to initially write about it on discord, but I think here it will not drown in the sea of messages and someone could actually see it and comment on it.

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Years and years and years ago we had it as "Contact staff" and "Ask a question". It was changed to how it is now to be more readable/

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hm, just throwing out my idea.

"Get help"
and then simply select
"admin help"
"mentor help" ?

Although i have no idea if it would be an improvement in readability propably not

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19 hours ago, AffectedArc07 said:

Years and years and years ago we had it as "Contact staff" and "Ask a question". It was changed to how it is now to be more readable/

I can see how this change is an improvement. I imagine people were clicking 'Ask a question" and ask about both mechanics and rules, and people were clicking "Contact staff" to contact both admins and mentors.



My sole problem is that brand new people might not know that mentorhelp exists bcs it's not listed anywhere. I would then suggest changing the name of the 'Adminhelp' button to 'Admin/Mentorhelp' (or reversed). Then the UI behaves the same.

It would be even better if the note popped out when choosing between adminhelp and mentorhelp. For example:

"Select Mentorhelp if you have a question about game mechanics, macros, particular game object mechanics, etc. Select Adminhelp if you require staff intervention, want to report player breaking rules or have a question about rules. Please DO NOT spam adminhelps with questions that can be answered by mentors."

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