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  1. As a person who has been gone from existence for like a year and a half or some ungodly number an only just coming back, here's an opinion that carries no weight to it, cuz Iunno how this stuff works anymore, I'm old: I don't think any one job should be "irreplaceable" for a department. Where if that job where not present it would cripple the function of a department. And I feel like limiting the reliability of the Detective's gear/abilities to him and him alone, opens the door to that problem arising. If a round has no Detective, that should not impair security directly; the absence
  2. No, if it wasn't an accusation it simply put, is not an accusation. It was unintentionally misleading, perhaps, but it was never an accusation. It was interpreted as one but that doesn't change what it is. You can also misinterpret factual evidence and data, that doesn't change what a fact is or the data itself, it means the interpretation was flawed or the fact was presented erroneously (Which I have admitted to) it does not suddenly change what the fact was to fit that flawed interpretation. And none of this addresses my point, it serves to prove it even more. Everything said was reduce
  3. Again. It was never intended to be a verbatim quote of an actual incident. It was an exaggeration used to illustrate a point of view people have on not being able to see their notes and to be mildly funny. I am sorry if my attempt at humor has backfired that horribly, it wasn't intended to BE an actual example. But that reaction in and of itself, from multiple admins is a reason why so many people feel they're walking on eggshells. I made one comment that I DIDN'T carefully spend minutes crafting and that got misconstrued and it was immediately jumped upon and, in this case, got me cal
  4. My apologies, that was not intended to be an example of a message I received, mostly meant as a display of what not being told notes can cause confusion wise, albeit with an admitted bit of exaggeration to be somewhat funny. As for the rest of the post, no admins are not here to parent or discipline anyone. But neither do you HAVE to. Just providing access to notes offers a chance for SELF-Correction. No parenting needed, it's a chance to see a big ol' list of fuck ups you're making, or even a list of positive things you do, that can be encouragement to keep doing those things. It's mer
  5. "You did something bad, stop doing that." "Oh, okay what did I do?" "You don't need to know what, just stop doing it." Not being able to see your own notes leads to confusion and bewilderment. It's curbing another avenue for problem players to recognize a downward spiral and any chance for them to right that behavior. It focuses solely on the punishment for doing something wrong rather then giving that player a chance to self correct. The inability to talk about bans on discord in addition to not being able to see what you've been doing wrong, it's stacking the deck as much as possi
  6. @Christasmurf Pretty much yeah. White blouse, black skirt. I confess, my suggestion is a little more selfish because I have a character that is meant to be kinda "Goth" in terms of dress style, but when it comes to clothes there's really not much to use for that, at least not without going full on an using the Victorian stuff.
  7. An actual black skirt. The one we have is a red skirt with a black jacket, and the closest one that isn't something like the blueshield's jumpskirt, is to use the purple plaid one with a black hoodie over it.
  8. Arcana: Magic obsessed nerd Shalqouir: Exasperated Robot Goth
  9. Not right now, but we have a PR up to add them in.
  10. I'm not sure why so many people keeping taking this as "YOU WANT TO REMOVE THE EMPS!?!?!?!??!" That's not even vaguely what people have suggested or mentioned neither in this thread nor over the years and the very fact people keep saying that just misleads OTHER people so it becomes a deafening echo chamber of misinformation. It's like spooking ONE individual causes them to shout something that was in no way even involved in the initial suggestion which spooks the rest of the group and causes horrible stagnation. Nobody wants EMPs to no longer be a weakness. At all. What people do want
  11. Worth remembering that on /tg/ bone breaks aren't really a thing so being whapped once or twice is not an immediate death sentence. That said, even over on /tg/ you'd really just be using the Crusher to get the killing blow, not fighting something the entire time with it. Use the gun to do the bulk of the fight and when you think it's just about dead start using the crusher. This is easier with a med-hud as it should so the boss' HP that way. Megafauna are meant to be the ultimate encounters, high risk high reward. If you die your corpse is fuckin gone-zo, but the rewards for a kill ca
  12. You have clearly never looked at the Tool Storage room mid-round. That places becomes a barren wasteland. Wrenches an the like are still there, and they are also worthless for what we're talking about, welder and cables are the only thing that matter. Cable is easy. Welder is almost always gone, even then the hacked super welders you get from enabling contraband on the youtool vendor. Just because you say things doesn't make them true. I can also say "Fixing organics is easy, stop saying it isn't, stop being biased" but it really doesn't do anything for an argument except be ne
  13. Yeaaaaah, nah. I would be profoundly against that. What you are suggesting is that characters shouldn't exist at all. Because that's what this suggestion would achieve. Your look is randomized, your name is randomized, you get to decide nothing about yourself. And frankly that's just a terrible idea in general when it comes to trying to achieve roleplay, if you don't care about your own character that you are playing, you're not going to care enough to roleplay it. Arcana, my slime, is named Arcana because she's obsessed with magic. Like, REALLY obsessed with magic, will hoard items
  14. Soooo. Personal opinion tiiIIiiIiimmmeeee: I think Antags are cracked down on pretty harshly. I come from the "School of Hard Knocks" when it comes to SS13, where killing people to achieve a goal is valid salad. Killing someone to lure Sec away so that you can kill an loot the Warden for his gloves, etc. Where dying was just part of the game, yeah it sucks but welcome to Space Station 13, the Disaster simulator game in space where the objective is to try and survive a shift on the station. You got got and that sucks buuuut it's not like the server is shutting down so better luck next ti
  15. I don't think becoming combat-capable is necessary (Or even desirable) but the modules they're supplied with at current are dubiously useful at best. I mean, their 'host bioscan' module tells you even less then an un-upgraded health analyzer or even just a medical chip inserted into a PDA. That's... sort of depressing. It just sort of says "Hey. There's damage here" and their body temperature and that's genuinely about it. No read out of what limb is damage like analyzers, nothing. pAI becoming capable of attacking or defending someone was never my intent to imply. What I would like p
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