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  1. Give revenants the ability to possess corpses, sorta like how Wraith works on goon
  2. As of late, there have been several issues with recent PRs and lore conflicts, i.e. the Slime People and Diona reworks. I feel that a lore team would be essential here- not just to be able to justify changes to existing things, but also new additions. I think that the lore team should be picked from admins, and directed by headmins, while they work alongside maintainers and community managers. I can't elaborate much more on this, but feel free to add your own ideas/opinions.
  3. Crusher trophies require you to do at least 50% of damage on a mob with the crusher.
  4. I'm saying even in a team. I can't close in and disengage fast enough to not get hit myself. Also, "I shouldn't"? The entire point of this post is that it SHOULD be viable to fight megafauna in melee.
  5. Even with CornMyCob's PR that adds crusher trophies (which is still yet to be merged), the issue is that megafauna/player movespeed makes melee very unviable to use on lavaland. The issue is, you can't make it viable without increasing player movespeed (which is most likely widely opposed) or decreasing megafauna action speed (which is also a minor part of CMC's PR). I just want to see: what is the community's stance on this?
  6. 1. Psychic 2. Rage 3. Hammer Arm (kinetic crusher) 4. Seismic Toss
  7. that already does happen. The issue is that it prevents you from getting back into the pipes, or travelling long distances.
  8. As of late I've seen people just bypass welding vents and flat-out unwrench atmos pipes to deal with terror spiders- which not only do the terrors have no counter to, it also has no negative effect on the crew. I believe the distro pressure is meant to be about 9000 kPa, and unwrenching supply pipes knocks you back yet has no real atmos effect. I don't think it should be completely exempted as a strategy, just make it more of a last-ditch solution than anything.
  9. Honestly? It would be more useful to a traitor than it is for nukeops, since it has 100% energy deflect, is onehanded, and fits in pocket. Though it should probably have its cost decreased too, for both parties.
  10. Perhaps this thread should be changed to "Remove the 'Steal AI' objective"?
  11. That's a bit confusing then: unless both chargers at robotics were full, I can't think of any reason why an engiborg would head to elec maint so coincidentally with my using nest. The camera was constructed after round-start though, but I doubt that makes a difference. On the other hand, I did spawn in cryo, within eyesight of a civilian: is it possible that the engiborg was just going to check elec maint to see if I fled there?
  12. Still, the fact that it could detect the camera alarm to begin with, is, if what Kyet's saying is true, a bug.
  13. I mean, I can't think of another reason why somehow immediately after using the nesting ability, I saw an engiborg come up not long after.
  14. When a queen of Terror nests, it breaks the camera, thus alerting the AI. This makes queen/princess terror start nigh-impossible if engineering is proactive and places cameras in rooms without them (ie elec maint, turbine) And even if you are in a room with no cameras when you nest, going into any room with vents and a camera gives the AI the ability to instantly see where you are. I'm fine with the AI being able to see that a camera is destroyed via intuition, just not instantly getting an alarm. (End salt-induced suggestion)
  15. Not to mention that, afaik, a "functional AI" would only count if the AI was, you know, functional.