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This article features obsolete content.
This article contains content which is no longer in the Paradise Codebase, this page has been kept for archiving purposes.

Paradise offers a unique mechanic termed the Karma System.

What is Karma?

The Special Verbs tab, allowing access to all of the functions of the Karma mechanic in a single place. Additionally, you can also enable or disable the receiving of Karma here.

Karma, in essence, is an in-game currency that allows players to unlock items from the Karma Shop. Each player will have a unique Karma count which can be viewed through the Special Verbs tab in the verb action menu: (Special Verbs => Check Karma.)

Acquiring and Awarding Karma

Acquiring Karma

As discussed above, every player on Paradise has a Karma balance. Depending on your progress within the server, this could be pretty large or nothing at all. So, how do you start making bank?

Well, Karma is awarded by your fellow crewmembers (dead or alive) for numerous reasons, though most commonly and in no particular order:

  • They enjoyed your roleplay. Good, clean and diligent roleplay is key here.
  • You were efficient at your chosen/given role. Maybe you went out of your way to aid or assist someone.
  • You were a captivating antagonist. Whether you're an operative for the Syndicate or a changeling out for DNA, the important thing is to try, not necessarily be victorious in the end.
  • Daring escapades or funny moments. This one is a bit vague, it's all down to subjectivity. Maybe as the Clown you pulled a well-planned prank on a member of the crew or won out in a fight you were expected to lose.

Awarding Karma

Conversely, you may come across moments like this from other players who you feel deserve applause for their efforts. Spread the love; award them some Karma!

You can award a player Karma in two basic ways:

  • Go into the Special Verbs tab in the menu and select Award Karma, a scrollable list of all current players will appear and you can select your recipient. Handy if you can't find them in-game.
  • Right-click on a player in visual range and select their name, a drop down menu will appear and you simply select "Award Karma to Player", press "Yes" and bingo!

You may only award a single point of Karma per round, so choose wisely!

Remember: Karma is subjective. You'll sometimes come out of a round having not been awarded any. Be patient! Make yourself known, interact with other players, master that role. There is absolutely no rush.

Spending Karma

To spend your newly-acquired Karma, proceed to the Karma Shop, opened by clicking on the Karma icon at the top rightmost portion of the window.

The species unlock panel. As you can see, this user has 12 available Karma points and has previously unlocked two of the available items.

Items in the shop range between 15 and 45 Karma points, and once acquired the item will turn green. Obviously gaining upwards of 45 Karma points is no easy feat. It will take time.

On the plus side, points cannot and will not be deducted from your balance without your input.

Karma Rules

Now for the "legal" side of things. There's rules for everything, this ain't any different - so buckle up and pay attention.

Any attempts to "game" or cheat the Karma mechanic is against the rules of the server.

This includes things like:

  • OOC or deadchat Karma begging. Don't be that person, it really doesn't look good.
  • Code exploits or attempts at reverse-engineering the Karma System.
  • Trading Karma with friends every round.

The system is designed to reward active and engaged server members, it's not to be used for farming with your mates. It goes without saying that abuse of the mechanic can and probably will lead to you being banned from the system or result in a full-on server ban.

Karma Unlocks

Since the retirement of job roles within the Karma Shop, its only function at the moment is to unlock in-game species that are otherwise unplayable.

Species Unlocks

15KP - IPC 30KP - Kidan 30KP - Grey 30KP - Drask 45KP - Vox 45KP - Slime People 45KP - Plasmaman
IPC4.png Kidan4.png Grey.png Drask4.png Vox-ref.png Squish.png Plasmaman.png

Removed Unlocks & Refunds

The Karma unlocks below were removed from the shop at various different times for various different reasons too numerous to go into. They're gone, and it's unlikely they'll be making a return here since Karma jobs are no longer used on Paradise. Regardless of how many you had unlocked, every item purchased will have been automatically refunded for the respective amount you bought it for.

The Barber, Blueshield Officer, Nanotrasen Representative and Magistrate all still exist within the game. The latter three are now locked behind playtime in a specific department rather than a points system.

5KP - Barber 5KP - Brig Physician 10KP - Nanotrasen Recruiter 30KP - Customs Officer 30KP - Ambassador 30KP - Security Pod Pilot 30KP - Mechanic 30KP - Blueshield Officer 30KP - Nanotrasen Representative 45KP - Magistrate
Refunded per variant unlocked.
Sec pod pilot.png

Note: The Ambassador varied through species, a refund will have been processed for each variant unlocked.

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