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The Vox are remnants of an ancient race that now dwell on planet-sized arkships. These bioengineered, reptilian, beaked, and quilled beings have a physiological caste system and follow the tenets of 'The Inviolate', a strict code of conduct shared by most arks. Breathing pure nitrogen, they need specialized masks and tanks for survival outside their arkships and naval vessels. The insular nature of the Vox limits their involvement in broader Sector affairs, leading them to maintain a distinct, yet isolated presence away from other species.

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Basic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
Language: Vox-Pidgin (:v)
System: Unknown
Height: 61cm - 183cm
Lifespan: 50 years
Breathes: Nitrogen
Game Mechanics
  • Able to process both synthetic and organic reagents.
  • Breathes nitrogen.
  • Has a unique blood type, Vox Blood.
  • Claws (unarmed is sharp).
  • Immune to decay and will not skeletonize.
  • Internal organs will not accumulate germs or decay even outside the body; external organs do not accumulate germs while attached to the body.
  • Oxygen is toxic.
  • Cannot be cloned.
  • -60% alcohol tolerance.
  • Normal blood is toxic to them, requiring Vox Blood to refill their blood.
  • Remain vulnerable to organ death when revived with Lazarus Reagent.


The Vox are an artificially created species that inhabit colossal moon-sized vessels known as arkships or arks, scattered across the remote fringes of the Orion Sector's outer rim. The species features several sub-races that live and work alongside each other, the most common of which being the Vox Primalis, which serve as laborers and comprise the vast majority of the species. Primalis are ingrained in a rigid caste system from birth, a structure overseen by the superior races of Vox Armalis and higher-ranking Primalis, who function as both fanatic zealots and guardians of their respective arks. The ark's governance revolves around a theocratic system venerating the Vox Auralis, a small collection of "True Vox", whose path to ascension is dogmatically followed and taught to all Vox, to engrain their role in the larger purpose and preservation directed by their god.

Despite their complex society and impressive technology, Voxkind exerts minimal influence in the sector, primarily due to their arkships' strategic distance from core worlds, a deliberate choice to avoid interactions with other species. Despite this distance, Vox individuals are occasionally encountered outside their arks, often as exiles, traders, wanderers, or raiders performing assignments for their ark. Their rarity and secretive disposition have unfortunately led to widespread mistrust and prejudice against the Vox by other species, fueled by historical incidents and governmental biases, alongside far more justified wariness of the arks themselves, mostly based upon the stories of the uncommon Primalis who are able to truly escape.

While Vox society may appear monolithic from the outside, in truth it is anything but, with internal strife rampant across Voxkind. Arkships often engage in covert assaults or sabotage missions against each other, driven by the zealots under faith to their respective Auralis, who are more than willing to declare holy wars over even the smallest of philosophical differences. Even the individual arkships themselves are not strangers to internal conflict, with the populace frequently clashing due to the oppressive caste system they work in, and the brutally totalitarian system inherent to all arks.


Vox's require a source of nitrogen internals to breath, as oxygen is toxic when inhaled. Due to Vox biology, their bodies are artificial and they do not decay or skeletonize, and their organs will also similarly decay or become infected with germs. Despite the benefits of their unique physiology, Vox bodies are unable to be cloned or created by normal means. They also cannot use blood outside their own, and can only use nitrogen based blood, with other blood types being toxic when injected.


Within the greater Vox species, several sub-races exist to perform broad grounds of tasks. These sub-races are separated by a rigid caste system and racial hierarchy, which forms the basis of Vox society.

Vox Primalis

The majority of observed Vox belong to the Primalis category, and range in size from 61 to 183 centimeters on average, with sizes being dependent on the original work designation of the body. Primalis comprise the general population of an ark, making up the vast majority of the vox living there. As one may expect from their population size, Primalis comprise the lowest echelon of the Vox hierarchy, serving as mostly as grunt workers, with a select few rising to places of prominence or leadership. As with all Vox, Primalis are not capable of rising above their caste, and are primarily viewed as expendable tools by the Armalis and Auralis.

While the body size of a Primalis can vary widely, they universally possess dense and highly concentrated musculature that is capable of extremely powerful and precise motion. Primalis physiology is ideal for rapid movement and repetitive tasks, a necessity for life aboard arkships, and the highly varied duties of the caste. Thanks to their engineered physiology, these benefits are locked to specific preset body types, restricting bodily attributes and physical characteristics to specific bodies hosting those features. These include height, muscle mass, skeletal structure, and even beak shape. Some rumors even speak of Vox who have been modified to truly extreme extents, with tales reporting extra eyes, split beaks, and even additional pairs of arms.

Vox Armalis

Armalis form the middle of the Vox hierarchy, and are viewed with reverence by the Primalis masses as instruments of the Auralis' will. Physically, Armalis are far larger than Primalis, standing at around 3 meters tall on average, with a far bulkier and more muscular build than Primalis. Armalis also possess additional eyes, and are outfitted with advanced cybernetics from the moment they leave their gestation chambers. As the instruments of the distant Auralis, they exist solely for leadership roles, acting as overseers, fleet commanders, and as general managers of Vox society.

In addition to their exceptional strength and resilience, Armalis are also incredibly intelligent, combining a razor-sharp biological mind with advanced neural cyberware. All of these benefits come at the cost of their own personal freedom and independence, however, as fanatical loyalty to their arkship is quite literally seared into their brains. Every Armalis would rather die than betray their arkship and its Auralis, and will use their cybernetics' self-destruct functions without hesitation to avoid their equipment or mind being captured by outsiders. As a consequence, Armalis are rare outside the orbits of arks, usually only being seen commanding Vox raiding fleets or performing high-risk missions that cannot be entrusted to Primalis alone.

Vox Apex

Not the Apex of the species, but the magnum opus of the Auralis’ near eldritch bio-engineering work. The Apex is a massive, organic supercomputer whose nerves spread through the entire structure of an arkship as a massive singular consciousness, designed to manage and oversee the innumerable and varied systems the comprise the ancient vessels. The Apex also serves as the de-facto commander of a given ark, as the Auralis are often absent or silent for long periods.

The Apex is responsible for the creation of new Vox stacks, assigning the functions of each Vox as they are produced, as well as providing assignments and orders to each sector of an arkship, which the various Overseers and Armalis will relay to their subordinates, until all in a given sector know the will of the Apex. Despite its incredible importance, however, very few know the nature of the Apex, with the vast majority of Vox knowing it only as a distant and unknowable god to be obeyed with question.

Being a creature of flesh and not an AI, the Apex has a surprisingly distinct personality, behaving more like a person than an unfeeling machine. Some theorize that the Apex is a collective consciousness formed out of the minds of several Auralis working in unison, while others claim it to be nothing more than an unusually advanced AI algorithm. Even so, it always answers to the request of the Auralis, and passes down their proclamations to the Armalis and Haruspex of an ark.

Vox Auralis

The so-called "True Vox", Auralis are the pinnacle of the species, of which virtually nothing concrete is known. Within an ark, Auralis are venerated as gods or supreme beings, divine entities which none can challenge or oppose. While Auralis are rumored to be incredibly dangerous, hyperintelligent, and possessed of enormous psychic strength, in truth nothing of substance is known about them. Only a handful of Auralis exist aboard a given arkship, living in secluded chambers deep within the core of the ark, under miles of reinforced bulkheads, armor plating, and blast doors. Every Auralis shares the same end goal - ascension, and the ability to escape the mortal plane into what they perceive as a higher level of existence.

No Primalis has ever seen or will see an Auralis, with the possible of exception of the Haruspexes. Instead, this duty falls to the Armalis, who relay orders and divine commandments to the teeming masses of Primalis. Rumored to be in a deep meditative state as they research and focus on finding their goal, Auralis will never leave the core of the ark, communicating only via Armalis intermediaries. Speculators and heretics within voxkind claim they have already reached this supposed ascension, or perished during the attempt. Should this be true, then it may be entirely possible that Vox society has been operating under a lie for thousands of years.


The biology of a Vox Primalis is completely unique in physiology and appearance compared to other natural born species. While vox are gifted the power of biological immortality due to their cortical stack, they still face issues with their bodies' upkeep and health, most importantly, their species' unique organs. Vox organs are specialized and designed specifically for ark ships or oxygen free environments. They are adapted and designed by the Apex to be as low maintenance as possible while keeping their versatile and valuable organs in top shape, however still being prone to aging via the body as it naturally deteriorates overtime.

Vox Creation

When a Vox Primalis is created, its stack is artificially made by the Apex of its respective arkship. Forged with a unique craftsmanship only possible by its scale and precise recipe gifted from the Auralis. It uses organic matter and mechanical implants to fuse and create the stack- a living, durable, and biological immortal brain. There are two species that are artificially made, the Primalis and the Armalis.

For elaboration on biological immortality,

"Biological immortality (sometimes referred to bio-indefinite mortality) is a state in which the rate of mortality from senescence is stable or decreasing, thus decoupling it from chronological age. Various unicellular and multicellular species, including some vertebrates, achieve this state either throughout their existence or after living long enough. A biologically immortal living being can still die from means other than senescence, such as through injury or disease."

When a Vox dies before its set body has reached its decay timer, it will either be replanted inside a new body to continue work. When a Vox dies, it considered a death. When the stack is wiped for reset, or destroyed to the point it is unable to properly function- it is true death, or for simpler terms ego death. This condition is permanent.

Vox Bodies

The bodies of a normal Primalis are designed to live for an estimated 40-50 years before showing symptoms of decay or failure. Vox who have decaying bodies will experience symptoms of like chronic back pain, wrinkled skin tissue, and even health issues like organ failure. These issues can be remedied in several different ways, depending on the circumstances and position of the Vox.

A simple solution is to replace the decaying and failing organs with new ones. Harvested from another host and placed inside. This preservation method can be used to keep a vox body sustained for a time. This allows one to continue preserving and using a body as long as they have a source of fresh organs. Other species' organs can work inside but tend to either show health symptoms or fail due to incompatible blood types and alien nature. Cybernetic implants are also a good alternative but are much more expensive, depending on the quality, and merchant one chooses to buy from.

Another method is moving the original stack to a new empty fresh body, discarding the old one, and recycling it to whatever is most convenient. New bodies depending on the circumstances are challenging to obtain. Arkship vox can wait years for a new body as the Haruspex responsible for growing them need time. As many vox are dying of decay, accidents, and crime within an arkship, the demand is high while the supply is steady but slow, overpopulation can strain this process. Free vox or those not bound to their arkships must find outside sources to replace their bodies.

A market for vox bodies exists among pirates and traders. Traders usually offer worn-out and partially decayed bodies that were missing organs at a fair price. While pirates usually deal in stolen bodies, taken from raids or conflicts among other vox. The pirates' methods to obtaining bodies consistent of violence and murder, so organ replacement is usually necessary when trading with a pirate. A majority of these merchants are only Vox, given the experience and knowledge in preserving bodies, while also being an incredibly niche market to work within the sector.

Vox bodies are difficult to acquire, as their only manufactured inside Arkships by an Apex and Haruspex. This rare value is why vox treasure their body and preserve it for as long they can live within it, as replacement or alternatives are very lackluster, expensive, or impossible. The price for a body outside of arkships normally tend to charge thousands of credits per body, price depending with size, implants, and quality of age.

Vox Organs

Vox are grown for nitrogen based, low-pressure environments, as they naturally live inside arkships which have all these features. Inside the body of most vox primalis lies several unique organs, similar to other species but unique enough that no species has ever truly understood the breakdown of its complex structure to recreate.

The Body, a skeleton made of collagen and calcium phosphate. Weaved within it, a nervous and vascular system carry signals and blood over the body.

The Head, two eyes with bioluminescent pupils that glow in the dark. A cortical stack with the ego and spirit of a vox. This stack is responsible for the nervous system and functions to control said body and give life. A beak, made of keratin and concealing sharp rows of teeth designed for ripping flesh. A vox’s throat is grown with unique vocal cords and two tongues. This assembly of muscles, labeled “Syrinx”, is what gives Vox their signature screeching language.

The Chest, where lies a vox’s heart, two kidneys, and the stomach. Most strikingly, this stomach is capable of digesting non-organic materials. Additionally, two specialized vox lungs handle the filtration and distribution of nitrogen, from the air. The pulmonary cells inside are especially vulnerable to oxidation, making Oxygen dangerous to breathe.

The Limbs, vox have two muscular arms, and with three phalange-like claws, composed of keratin threads and posessing opposable thumbs. Vox have two equally muscular legs, . They have three phalange-like toe claws designed for standing tall (once again, beast primalis are exempt from this rule). This makes them digitigrade by nature. Vox have a long prehensile tail that can be used like a third limb and serves to keep balance. It can grasp small things and occasionally be used to throw or slam as a defensive tactic, though this obviously depends on the size of the vox and its muscle mass. .

The Stack

The biomechanical organ that gives the Vox its unique identity, conscious, and ego. Its inner workings are a mystery to all except the Apex, which serves as the only source of these invaluable objects. To date, there have been zero recorded cases of a stack created by a non-Apex, which is unlikely to ever change.

Any Vox stack can be easily removed and transplanted to another host body within hours, or even minutes if under the care of a competent Haruspex.

Stack Integrity

While the Stack may be technically immortal, it's prone to age and wear the same as any other form of advanced technology. The integrity of a stack refers to how well it is operating at any given time. Stack integrity will steadily decline over the years, a process which can be accelerated by physical damage to the stack, until it reaches a point in which the Vox must receive repairs or risk total neural collapse.

1. Full Health:
100% - 90% Pristine and functioning at peak performance. Vox with this level of stack integrity are rare, and typically only found in recently born or repaired stacks.
2. Healthy:
90% - 75% Healthy stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity are considered healthy and functioning normally. Minor issues may arise, but can usually be treated with medication or minor surgery.
3. Moderate:
75% - 60% Below average stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity may experience moderate health issues such as difficulty with movement, speech, or cognitive function. Medical attention and surgery from a Haruspex may be necessary to maintain functionality.
4. Damaged:
60% - 40% Poor stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity may have severe health issues such as loss of motor functions, memory loss, or sensory impairment. True death may occur if not treated promptly with extensive surgery or replacement of damaged nerve ends.
5. True Death:
40% - 0% Critical stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity are in danger of true death, as a significant portion of their stack is permanently damaged or destroyed. They may have lost essential functions such as movement or communication, and medical intervention may be insufficient to prevent true death.

Insight of the Stack

The Ego and imprints inside a Vox are random. While the stack is artificially made and created with usually a designation in mind before being put into a body, personality can have more factors during the growing period when a Vox is learning its place in society. Environment, Hazards, Other Vox, and P-Blockers, which are designed to suppress certain emotions or behaviors if necessary, are all factors in the outcome of how the Vox behaves.

P-Blockers are stimuli enhancers that sometimes are put inside Vox to push their behaviors towards efficiency, usually nulling negative personalities that can hinder their work and making or encouraging ones that aid or help if efficiency.

Enforcers, for example, are usually forced to be distant around low-level drones to avoid sympathy or attachment. They are given P-Blockers to suppress kindness and emotions of love and encourage ruthless behaviors and mannerisms to maximize efficiency in the field. Labour Drones can sometimes also be put onto P-Blockers to breed out laziness and promote incentive workaholic personalities. While they still have some identity that makes them unique, they will generally share similarities in activities and productivity with anyone else manipulated by P-Blockers.

Suppose a Vox tries to ignore the P-Blocker enhancer they are dosed with. In that case, it becomes unpleasant, migraines start to take over, and even short hallucinatory visions can occur, all designed to manipulate the Vox in what the P-Blocker wants. Despite all the things P-Blockers are effective for, there are cases where being off P-Blockers for long enough will eventually make suppressed emotions return, freeing the stack of any shutoff personalities while on the drug. However, the longer one is on P-Blockers, the longer it takes to return to normal, from decades to centuries.

In Vox society, the integrity and preservation of stacks are of utmost importance. Consequently, the Haruspex caste is revered for its expertise in managing the integrity of Primalis stacks, imprints, and bodies. Through their specialized skills and understanding, they are responsible for maintaining the stability and longevity of the Vox population.

The cortical stack also indicates a Vox's status and identity within the caste system. The integrity and quality of a stack can impact an individual's role, responsibilities, and privileges. As such, the health of a stack is closely monitored and maintained to ensure the proper functioning of the societal hierarchy. Furthermore, the stack is pivotal in Vox's loyalty to their arkships and devotion to their respective roles. Through the stacks, a sense of collective identity and purpose is imbued in the Vox population, ensuring their unwavering commitment to their society's objectives. The cortical stacks serve as the foundation of the Vox society by preserving their memories, experiences, and consciousness while reinforcing the societal hierarchy and loyalty. The importance of maintaining stack integrity cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the survival and prosperity of the Vox species.

Stack Taboo

Lastly, there is one taboo in Vox society that many see as evil or sins against their kind, the destruction of a stack through murder, resulting in true death. Many gangs and criminals avoid destroying stacks to reduce pressure or heat from local authorities like the Overseers and their Enforcers. However, this does not mean that murder intending to cause true death is impossible. Some Vox can grow jealous of others and their living conditions, disputes about food and work imbalances, territory wars between rival Primalis gangs in slum sectors, and maybe even cutthroat bureaucracy to gain more in society by removing roadblocks. A vox caught guilty of murdering another may have their rations reduced, demoted to a lower caste like a slave, or repositioned to another sector. A vox caught guilty of murder resulting in the true death of their kin will always be reset and given the ultimate punishment. True death.


Vox culture is fragmented depending on caste, location inside of the world, and even beliefs. Many arkships all house a similar style of systems inside their societies designed to separate the masses from the elites. These parameters and even barriers can result in a difference in belief from how you, a Vox, would adapt and learn. However, arkships are relatively flexible in their designs. These are mostly limited by the creator's imagination and the already set parameters of vox society as a whole. Even with said parameters, you can be flexible about the idea of an ark you choose to make or borrow from someone else's designed arkship.

Arkships are rather ruthless in their authority and their systems. All towns and sectors within the ark are governed like districts. Either by a high-casting Armalis or subsidiary Primalis who always work as a proxy to an overseer. Each sector controls and functions in tangent with The Core to sustain life support and ensure the ark is stable. In the case of no active Auralis, Armalis are usually the head of these sectors and work together as a senate to maximize and control the Primalis.

Naming Schemes

Vox naming is tied heavily into their species language of screeches and shrieks. Composed of primarily K's and T's, the names are a combination of words within the language created by Vox based on their setting or background. There are two distinct naming schemes for Vox to choose from. Clan based naming scheme, or individualistic that only the naming vox understands.

Clan based naming Vox utilize a combination of physical or mental features, the name of the clan in question aboard their original arkship, and a short unique sound. For instance: A vox can name themselves Ka-Ke-Kori or Kakekori to translate into, Vicious-Darting-Minnow. 'Vicious' is the formative physical or mental feature, 'Darting' is the prefix of the clan name aboard the ark, and 'Minnow' is the modifier sound. This naming scheme is reserved for vox who are considered worthy of their clan affiliation and have earned such achievement by showing loyalty and devotion to their designation. Commonly used by those proudly still aligned with their home arkship.

  • Kakekori (Ka-Ke-Kori) (Vicious-Darting-Minnow)
  • Kiyaka (Ki-Yaka) (Kind-Drifters)
  • Teke-ko (Teke-Ko) (Intelligent-Watcher)

Second to this are their encrypted names. These names are one of the more unique and hidden aspects only known to the Vox speaking them. This complication is sometimes inherently done to feel unique, and confused translation to even those within vox society. Mixed naming can sound similar to clan based names, however the deeper context is changed, with a focus on individuality instead of adopting a group style name. A vox can name themselves Kotokikiya which at first can sound exactly like a clan name, but upon further context has zero affiliation to a clan. Instead Koto-Kiki-Ya is based on the Vox and its choice of meaning for words.

This allows vox to have some control over their identity, and essentially always keep their name secretive. 'Koto' could translate to Friendly, or Bitter, and even Sorrow, making it always be a mystery as to what each combination of words have meaning. This type of naming is usually done by low caste Vox who choose to pick a title instead of their designated serial number. Most who grow to further benefit their arks abandoned the names in favor of more sophisticated clan names, however those who perceive individuality and grow estranged from arkships value the freedom of their naming more.

  • Kotokikiya (Koto-Kiki-Ya) (???-???-???)
  • Takayaya (Taka-Yaya) (???-???)

Arkship Life

Once a vox inside of an ark is successfully created, their given a designation to work under, and taught the Inviolate. They follow it like a gospel until their unforeseeable promotion or demotion. If they're lucky, they can climb the ranks of their starting designation's caste in society and reach a new social level that gives more opportunity and authority from their previous position.

Inside the ark, slums and sprawling shanty towns tend to litter the ship. These sprawling makeshift homes and buildings are built around actual well-designed structures mainly to help in housing as arks tend to be overpopulated for maximum efficiency. Vox tend to spend most of their days working doing their tasks and designations. If the sector overseer declares a hull breach- every labourer and atmos tech in that sector is expected to fix the issue.

Suppose a sector fails to meet standards or is underperforming. In that case, the punishment can result from demotion to a lower caste position like slave or sector wipes- in which a percentage of the vox are executed and reset to avoid deviancy, as well as sending a message that failure is non-negotiable. However, if most work is completed ahead of time or tasks are in low demand Vox of lower caste slack off or avoid work, doing whatever they wish inside the bounds of the Inviolate. In that, they socialize with each, do productive activities, explore and exercise, and practice their designation.

Designations and The Caste

Designations however are something every Vox should have because their species as a whole was designed to be nothing but tools for the Auralis in upkeeping their ships. Vox are born to have a set of duties and tasks aboard their arkship and their societies since birth. There is no childhood for a Vox, no long lasting innonence, and no sort of free choice to what roles they are allowed to become. They are placed into a caste system inside their species and forced to work until their restack day (death of the body.) These ranks can however differ depending on arkship, and culture inside the society. Some arkships are probably more lax on work quotas, while others are extremely punishing that failure to meet standards can result in true death. When it comes to the caste system there is usually a divide between ranks and hierarchy. The most base form would be the high caste, mid caste, and low caste.

However a Vox does not need to be forced to follow the roles it is given at birth. Some Vox can turn deviant after years of struggle, lack of direction, and possible PTSD. With deviancy comes its own issues of Vox crime ill touch on later, but failure to be a loyalist to the arkship and its kin can be punishable by true death, or demotion to a lower caste. While this is the case it is still common for a majority of Vox to not stray far from their birth designations, as many believe that hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded after ascension.

However a Vox does not need to be forced to follow the roles it is given at birth. Some Vox can turn deviant after years of struggle, lack of direction, and possible PTSD. With deviancy comes its own issues of Vox crime ill touch on later, but failure to be a loyalist to the arkship and its kin can be punishable by true death, or demotion to a lower caste. While this is the case it is still common for a majority of Vox to not stray far from their birth designations, as many believe that hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded after ascension.

The caste system within Vox society plays a crucial role in maintaining order, stability, and efficiency within arkships. Each caste, High, Mid, and Low, serves specific purposes and carries out distinct functions. In this chapter, we will delve deeper into the roles and responsibilities of each caste, while many of the listed roles provide good context as to their duties and the purpose of the primalis, you can be creative and make something that fits into the scenario similar to the examples below.

High Caste

Valuable Primalis that have lived for around 1000 years aboard their arkships, High Caste Vox are extremely loyal to their master apex and the Armalis’ great goal of ascension. Restacked probably hundreds of times, they are dogmatically devoted to their work and kin, leading to them being rewarded greatly with a high position in society. Most Primalis are taught to respect and follow in the footsteps of the high caste, and those who arouse the wrath of the High Caste may be labled as heretics or accused of deviancy. Some roles of a high caste are Haruspexes, Second Command to Enforcer and Fleet squads, and even Sectoral overseer roles.

Haruspex As doctor-priests of the arkships, Haruspex occupy a unique and revered position. They are responsible for preserving the integrity of Primalis stacks, imprints, and bodies, ensuring their proper function and longevity. Additionally, they interpret the will and directives of the Apex, guiding other Vox based on these interpretations. Haruspex also perform autopsies on the rare Armalis or Auralis that experience true death, seeking to understand the causes and prevent future occurrences. Known for their eccentricity and vast esoteric knowledge, Haruspex are believed to possess a deeper neurological connection to the Vox collective, granting them unique insights into their species' nature and purpose.

Overseer Serving as high authority figures, Overseers are either Armalis commanding a sector or high caste Primalis fulfilling the role. They function as governors or mayors within their respective jurisdictions, ensuring stability, smooth production, and proper execution of orders among the Vox population. Their responsibilities include maintaining the overall well-being of their sector, addressing issues that arise, and allocating resources to ensure the prosperity and safety of their domain.

Command Enforcer Reporting directly to Overseers or the Armalis, Second Command Enforcers are responsible for maintaining order and security within arkships. Stationed primarily for home duty affairs, they ensure loyalty and compliance among the vox population, addressing any signs of dissent or potential threats to the stability of the arkship. Their role is crucial in preserving the harmony and cohesion of the Vox society. They usually command and control enforcer teams and field operations.

Logistics Officer Tasked with managing the distribution of supplies, resources, and personnel within their assigned sector or fleet, Logistics Officers work under the direction of their sector Overseer. They ensure that quotas and supplies are properly set for away missions and patrols, coordinating with other Vox castes and designations to maintain smooth operations. Their expertise in resource allocation and management is vital for the efficient functioning of the arkship and the successful execution of missions.

Quill Quills are the skilled pilots and navigators of the Vox fleet. Trained in various flight techniques and adept at operating different spacecraft, they ensure the safe and efficient transport of passengers, cargo, and military assets across the vast expanse of space. Their expertise is crucial for the success of exploration missions, resource acquisition, and military operations, making them an essential component of the Vox society.

Mid Caste

Niche specialized Vox who are born with higher benefits then their lower caste kin. While they are given much more rights and authority, they still are under the watchful eye of their sector overseer or fleet commander. They act as a buffer between the elites and the menial drones, tasked with more difficult work or dangerous duties only done by their caste. Some Primalis view mid caste as examples of loyalty being rewarded, while others see them as nothing more than tools or slaves who only look out for their own benefit. There are multiple types of designations inside the mid caste- these are not limited to; Enforcers, Soldiers, Explorers, Bio-Engineers, and etc.

War Drone War Drones serve as the main combat force within the Vox society, acting as navy soldiers authorized to work alongside Talons and Quills in fleets outside the ark. Trained in various forms of combat and skilled in the protection of the arkship and its inhabitants, they play a critical role in defending their territory and maintaining the safety of their fellow Vox, as well as being escorts for expedition missions.

Enforcer Drone Specializing in close-quarters combat and urban warfare within the arkship, Enforcer Drones employ wolf pack tactics in pairs to hunt down deviants and intruders. Their expertise in breach and clear operations, marksmanship, and tactical planning make them a formidable force in maintaining internal security and order. They ensure all vox understand their place in society, and enforce the inviolate, and designations are done.

Bio Engineer Drone As medical professionals for the low to mid caste Vox, Bio Engineer Drones are responsible for treating injuries, illnesses, and ensuring the well-being of their patients. Though they lack the privileges and esoteric knowledge of the Haruspex caste, their medical expertise is invaluable for the health and welfare of the Vox population.

Command Enforcer Reporting directly to Overseers or the Armalis, Second Command Enforcers are responsible for maintaining order and security within arkships. Stationed primarily for home duty affairs, they ensure loyalty and compliance among the vox population, addressing any signs of dissent or potential threats to the stability of the arkship. Their role is crucial in preserving the harmony and cohesion of the Vox society. They usually command and control enforcer teams and field operations.

Logistics Drone Working alongside Logistics Officers, Logistics Drones assist in the management and distribution of resources and supplies within their assigned sector or fleet. Their diligent efforts in overseeing supply chains, inventory, and allocation of resources are crucial for maintaining the operational efficiency of the arkship and its various missions.

Explorer Drone Tasked with venturing into uncharted territories, Explorer Drones gather information, conduct reconnaissance missions, and explore new regions on behalf of their arkship. Their reports and insights provide valuable intelligence to their superiors, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making. As pioneers of the unknown, Explorer Drones contribute significantly to the expansion and understanding of the Vox's domain.

Merchant Drone Engaged in trade and commerce, Merchant Drones facilitate the exchange of goods and services within the arkship's economy. They operate shops, trade hubs, and marketplaces, negotiating prices and deals to keep the economy thriving and resources flowing efficiently.

Low Caste

Called by their higher caste kin as a general term drones. The purpose of a low caste Vox is rather simple in their duties and their authority inside the arkship. Most low caste are born into the bottom during the early age of their stack to develop and show growth in their lifetime. They work many of the general duties that upkeep the ark and keep the figurative blood of society flowing. They are usually the most numerous as it takes a large amount of Primalis to upkeep a planet sized arkship and maintain the always expanding society. Many low caste however tend to grow deviancy due to inexperience, mob mentality, and their living conditions, most usually having ambitious dreams to go higher in the caste, have power in their sectors, or escape the arkship in pursuit of free rights. Roles that are commonly found for low caste are, not limited to Labour, Atmos Techs, Industrial, Slave, and any wanted Vox considered rogue (Deviants.)

Labour Drone Tasked with performing manual labour and handling physically demanding tasks, Labour Drones are essential to the daily functioning and maintenance of the arkship. Their tireless efforts ensure that the arkship's infrastructure is always in optimal condition, enabling the smooth operation of its various systems and facilities.

Industrial Drone Industrial Drones work diligently in various industries within the arkship, playing a vital role in the production and manufacturing of goods and services. From assembling components for spacecraft to refining raw materials for energy production, their skills contribute to the ongoing prosperity of the Vox society.

Cleaning Drone As the caretakers of cleanliness and hygiene within the arkship, Cleaning Drones play a crucial role in preserving the living conditions for all Vox. They maintain the cleanliness of residential areas, public spaces, and work environments, preventing the spread of disease and ensuring the overall health and well-being of the Vox population.

Atmos Drone Specialized in managing and maintaining the arkship's atmosphere and life support systems, Atmos Drones ensure a safe and habitable environment for the Vox population. They monitor and adjust atmospheric conditions, temperature, and air quality, keeping the arkship's ecosystem balanced and functioning optimally.

Logistics Drone Working alongside Logistics Officers, Logistics Drones assist in the management and distribution of resources and supplies within their assigned sector or fleet. Their diligent efforts in overseeing supply chains, inventory, and allocation of resources are crucial for maintaining the operational efficiency of the arkship and its various missions.

Deviant Rogue or heretical Vox who have turned to crime or abandoned their duties in pursuit of their own goals, Deviants are considered wanted once exposed. They often operate in the black market or join separatist groups, engaging in activities such as smuggling contraband, causing riots, damaging arkship infrastructure, or attempting to escape the ark to become free Vox. Despite their rebellious nature, their actions sometimes spark much-needed change or bring hidden issues to light within the Vox society.

The Inviolate

The main body of law or rules all Vox are born to follow is the Inviolate. These laws were told to have been preached by the Auralis millenia ago, and shared across many ark vessels. While some have discarded them as old teachings or lack of reinforcement, aboard most, these are the words of a subservant and loyal Vox. The Vox Inviolate is as follows:

Kill as little as necessary. Waste as little as necessary. Preserve the arkships. Preserve materials. Adapt and expand to all circumstances.


Vox have a bartering system in which they trade to gain and amass wealth in society. Some areas have bazaars designed for trading and collecting. Merchants, Crafters, and even Entertainers like Card readers and gamblers all exist in this space to try and gain more supplies inside of an ark. The main currency that most Vox understand is food rations, a type of MRE given by Vox as they live in an ark. Not very appealing to most- but to Vox, food is food, and with nutrition to one important vessel (the body), it has value everyone can understand. Objects that are traded can range from exotic foods, amenities, rare collectibles, and illegal stuff like drugs, weapons, and implants.


Guilds are a relatively common thing that tends to pop up inside Vox society. Trader, Warrior, and even Religious guilds are usually legal organizations that work to maximize their respective field's skills. As many of these organizations are run by high caste Vox who are loyal to the ark, they are never seen as a threat to authority and work as smaller branches to control the masses.


Vox religion is comprised of many factors, all surrounded by the worship of the creator and its divine creations. The Primalis and Armalis see their Auralis as gods and the Apex as their holy creation that gives life. Auralis are worshiped as the great ascender to bring the arkship into a different plane of reality. One free from the bounds of the universe and with a holy gift of ascension. Vox loyal to this belief are told to be given a reward once ascension day comes, the right to join the creator in the higher plane for their life of work. Or any variant that gives them a divine blessing. This sort of religious belief is the standard for most arks due to; conditioning, strict laws against heresy, and isolation from the outside universe.

Many young Vox blind fully follows the dogma preached by Acolytes and Haruspex as their teachings are the holy word of the Auralis. Most Vox who reach 1000 years as loyalists will have developed into a total zealots on their ark. In contrast, others who struggle or have doubts will turn deviant or be labeled a heretic. Overly religious Vox are common in core sectors and aboard ark ships. At the same time, uncertain and heretical Vox are found in crowded areas far from the center of the ark (The Wall) or outside the arkship, where they have freedom against influences and choices in their life.

Some ark ships can have several Auralis onboard that are given titles, holy names, and niche specifications on proper worship, while others can only have a singular Auralis. This depends highly on the type of ark you design for your Vox. However, making gods should be simple and align with the primary goal they all seek- ascension.

It is said that when a Vox is loyal to the ark, it will do whatever it takes to perform its designations. This same dogmatic religious belief is how the elites keep the lower and mid caste in line, false promises all sustained on hope and rare rewards. A drone loyal to the ark and overly religious with its beliefs is more likely to be promoted and avoid true death. In contrast, the heretic who doubts their creator will be reset or demoted, depending on the severity of their heresy. This sort of behavior creates conflicts in beliefs, leading to violent actions against heretics and creating hidden groups labeled Separatists.

Loyalist v Separatist

Loyalist vs. Separatist is a general term for the conflict between the zealots versus the heretics.

Loyalist factions aboard ark ships work towards keeping every Vox aligned with their religion and beliefs. They are rooting out and destroying any sources of information that can disrupt their control of the masses and their gods' will. Many high caste Vox and mid-caste will ensure that sinful behavior is rooted out before deviancy occurs, taking precautionary measures and even policing those they find suspicious. They preach the mantra of the inviolate and believe that a Vox should be loyal to the ark wherever they are, as that is their reason for creation, to serve the gods. The most universally known worship belief is to stay in your designation and work. A Vox who does not question or doubt their orders is loyal.

Separatists work towards the ideology of a free Vox, one unchained from the arkship with the ability to act or believe whatever it wants freely. Many separatists are aged deviants who have become so cynical and doubtful of their ascension that they see it as a lie to control them. These Vox are constantly on the run to avoid punishment, or they usually form underground organizations that try to conduct a criminal activity to sustain their numbers and control. Crime syndicates or freedom-fighting groups usually work to smuggle and expose Vox to outside beliefs, all to bring down the elites and grow their numbers.

Neutral beliefs can exist, as not all Vox are aligned to the spectrum's extremes. You can have a loyalist Vox that is very loose on the following of the Inviolate, or a separatist who finds cutting corners and living aboard an ark as a fake follower a possibility, or even simply just an atheist' who wishes to leave and wants nothing to do with arkship drama. Your Vox, your decision on how you design their beliefs.

Cases of Schisms

While the arks are considered bastions of Vox authority and contain some relative control over their populace. They are not immune to the inhabitants within, and the religious zealotry that comes with the vox. In rare cases, a Haruspex can claim the death or ascension of the Auralis, which with enough persuasion can creates a snowball effect to a self destructive and violent era aboard the Arkship. The Post Ascension Era results in many religious zealots infighting and having holy wars—claiming their sector Armalis as prophets of the Auralis to attempt takeovers due to the following power vacuum. Most Vox in a post ascension ark seek to escape it, and carry on the stories or tales of what occurred, while the ark erratically moves as control changes from one claw to another.


Arkships are the home and birthplace of all Vox in the universe. All Vox originate from an ark, but many have their own sets of rules, beliefs, and culture, while still having some of the same original principles from millennia ago. While not all arkships are the same, they all follow a similar formula in their structure and society, with a caste system that is either very oppressive or freer to its Vox. There are a reported 20 confirmed arkships in existence. However, some speculate there are more hidden in deep space, a majority of them taking the position of isolationism to focus on the creator's primary goal of ascension.

They have naming schemes like Refuge of Lost Souls Searching the Stars, Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies, or even Arkship Sunborn Sanctuary of Mended Hopes, Hardened by Cosmic Sands, Esteemed Heart of the Sanguine Void, Wizened by Victories, of Many Trees and Branches. Naming of arkships are rather long and expressive.


While having their own culture, beliefs, and authority, arkships are not very similar to each other in most regards. This difference in ideology has caused what most say is a hidden war inside vox society- from inside influences and outside ones. Arkships that have a rivalry with each other tend to attempt to sabotage one another. This can be spies and traitors sent to abduct and capture vox for their ark. Destroying infrastructures like life support or hull breaches and fueling and inciting rebellions, causing a wave of deviancy to damage the ark's stability. These arks are usually at war and rarely ever settled diplomatically during the war. Wars can last for thousands of years until both parties have acknowledged a cease-fire.

Some arkships are not at odds with each other, usually sharing a sense of neutrality and occasionally trading for supplies, amenities, and even slave drones to bolster and replace numbers. Arks commonly travel in different areas of space, and the most interaction they get are traders and small explorer fleets sent by the home ark.


To describe what an arkship is, it's a giant floating vessel the size of a small planet built to house millions of Vox aboard it. It's compromised of many sectors, all with their functions to keep life support and the ship stable. Like the vox who live aboard it, each sector is given designations inside the ship. These are not limited to but primarily consist of-

The Core

The middle of the arkship, housing the Apex and most of the elites. This sector is an urban area that is the crossroad of the main ship. While being the busiest part of the ark, it is second to population density. This sector comprises mostly bureaucratic facilities, precincts, and the central Apex core, which leads to the ship's heart and houses the Auralis.

The Underbay

The ark's lower section is responsible for trade, docking, and travel. Many merchants, logistics officers, and visitors from other arks usually enter through the bay as it holds the only safe entrance into the ship. Like a checkpoint, it's guarded and patrolled by the security of the ark to maximize safety and catch contraband.

The Walls

The outer sectors of the arkship that make up the hull and walls. It is the ship's most densely populated area, composed of primarily shanty towns and cramped living conditions. Structure inside the sector are dangerous for their dense placement of low-caste drones who squabble with each other for resources. While the purpose of the sector is to keep a majority of labourer drones to fix breaches and constantly maintain the walls of the ship, it also acts as an area for artificially made passages across the ark. Hidden passages inside the thick walls have a subzone called the Tunnels- these can either be quick shortcuts around the inner district of the sector or run for thousands of miles across the whole ship, they have a vein-like structure composed almost like caverns.

There are more sectors inside vox society, but these are the three main ones found consistently inside all arks.



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