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Slime People
Basic Information
Homeworld: Xarxis 5
Language: Bubblish (:f)
System: Delta Equuleus
Height: 145cm
Lifespan: 130 years
Breathes: Oxygen
Game Mechanics
  • Slime core for brain.
  • They only have a heart, "brain", and lungs for internal organs.
  • Has Slime jelly for blood.
  • Can regrow lost limbs.
  • They cannot "break bones".
  • Lower cold threshold & 3x damage from cold.
  • +50% brain damage.
  • Cannot be cloned.
  • Have to replenish blood with slime jelly.

Slime People are a race of gelatinous and translucent beings from the vast oceans of the tropical world Xarxis 5.

Slime People and YOU

Greetings, esteemed crewmember!

In an effort to encourage inter-species cooperation and workplace efficiency, Nanotrasen has compiled a series of helpful guides on the various species that you may be working with!

(NOTE: If you are a member of the species this guide pertains to, please give it to the nearest crewmember of another species)

This particular guide refers to the species known as the Slime People.

Slime People Naming Schemes

Slime People utilize an unorthodox naming system that to this date lacks a traditional analogue or proper translation. As a result of the unusual pronunciation and characteristics of traditional names within Slime People society, many names are impossible to vocally reproduce for other species.

As a result of this language barrier and for the sake of simplicity, many Slime People choose an appropriate analogue in Galactic Common. Perhaps as a throwback to their unique physiology, many of the names chosen in Galactic Common include variations of phrases such as squish, bubble or pop.

Slime People Physiology

Slime People are made up of what appears to be a transparent jelly-like substance that varies in colour based upon the genetic predilection of the individual. Internally, Slime People possess a unique skeleton-like structure, while their overall Gelatin is similar to Ballistic Gel, the gelatins that compose this skeleton-like structure contain quintuple helixes of collagen instead of the common triple helixes, rendering the skeletal structure both extremely flexible and hard enough to offer support to the body. This renders their ability to stand as well to exercise strength. This unique skeletal structure, in combination with their gelatinous form, offers them a wide range of motion and flexibility, traits that were likely adapted due to the environmental conditions of Xarxis 5. Though this flexible "skeleton" is less sturdy than that of other species, their gelatinous exterior helps in supporting the body's overall balance as well.

Slime People have a central nervous system that operates via subtle vibrations from their slime core - an organ which effectively acts as the brain for an individual slime person. Due to this unusual internal system of communication, developments in new medical and therapeutic practices board Xarxis 5 heavily incorporate the use of ultrasound devices. Additionally, Slime People have the capability to change the shape of the gelatinous layer surrounding their head, lending them the capability to effectively change their facial expression. While Slime People naturally lack any sort of hair, this trait has been used to co-opt a variety of human hairstyles. Though the natural colour of any given Slime Person is a matter of genetics, it can be changed via the ingestion of dyes or certain chemicals.

Slime People don’t have an inherent sex, but often assume a female or male gender and the associated accoutrements to adjust to the culture encountered aboard Nanotrasen facilities.

The Bubblish Language

Slime People traditionally communicate with a series of bubbling and popping sounds produced via the vibration of their cores. The nature of these sounds make it difficult if not impossible to successfully emulate the language through natural means. Direct translation has proven incredibly problematic without immense amounts of computing power thanks in part to Slime People’s unique production of sound, along with the abstract structure of the language itself.

Despite widespread adoption of Galactic Common, Slime People still make heavy use of their native language. Fascinatingly, the native language of Slime People appears to be an innate characteristic rather than a learned one. The exact biological mechanism for this innate language is unknown and is a hot topic of debate among scholars.

Sadly, as Slime People were discovered in their infancy they appear to lack any form of standardized written version of their language. While many early writing systems appear to exist, they lack the structure and lexicon of more advanced written languages. This has lead to much of the treaties established with Slime People to be written in Galactic Common rather than their native script.

The Slime People Homeworld

Xarxis 5 is a lush, tropical world with large amounts of plant life and native fauna; the atmosphere of the planet largely consists of argon, with minute amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide. While the coastal regions show an impressive amount of biodiversity, Xarxis 5’s most interesting features are its sprawling oceans - vast bodies of water that take up much of its surface and contain most of the world's species. Xarxis 5 has a single satellite in its orbit; an icy moon with indistinct features.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the planet is its highly elliptical orbit which leads to unstable periods of cooling and heating as the planet draws closer or further away from its star. As a result of this orbit, the plant and animal life living above the vast oceans are incredibly hardy, being resilient to both hot and cold periods. While the thermal mass of the oceans is significant and helps mitigate the effects of these hot and cold periods, Slime People still make routine mass migrations to different depths to better ensure their survival. Like other creatures on Xarxis 5, they enter into a hibernation-like state after ingesting large amounts of mass during the cold season and become more active in the hot season.

Thanks to the industrial expertise offered by Nanotrasen, the world of Xarxis 5 is slowly becoming more civilized, with small towns and cities now housing larger populations of the indigenous species. Prior to intervention by Nanotrasen, industry was extremely limited outside of very primitive workshops due to the migratory and hibernation patterns of Slime People. Now, factories are rapidly dotting the planet’s surface and ocean floor, allowing for further development and industrialization.

A Brief History Slimeflag.png

Xarxis 5.png
Xarxis 5

Slime People, up until recently, lived in fairly isolated and primitive tribes. With agriculture being a recent adoption and Slime People traditionally being horticulturalists, their civilization was a long ways away from discoveries enabling wide-scale industrialization, let alone space flight.

In the year 2521, a small Nanotrasen probe discovered life in the Xarxis system, leading to the prompt establishment of formal communications with Slime People. Following a lengthy period of diplomatic talks, initially made difficult by the considerable language barrier, Nanotrasen established work agreements and began developing the first modern factories and mines on Xarxis 5. While there was limited amounts of local resistance (mostly due to isolated tribes), the establishment of Nanotrasen facilities on the planet’s surface has been met with widespread approval.

The home world of the Slime People is presently managed by a provisional government on behalf of Nanotrasen and education and employment initiatives are ongoing. Laying the basic groundwork for setting up a competent bureaucracy, these initiatives are rapidly bringing the Slime People of Xarxis 5 up to galactic standards. In fact, the best and brightest from Xarxis 5 have already become scientists and employees aboard Nanotrasen facilities. Continued investment by Nanotrasen on Xarxis 5 has not only helped the local economy flourish, but has brought many of the disparate tribes of Xarxis 5 under the folds of the provisional government. While there are some isolated tribes who have been holdouts to these recent industrial advances, efforts are being made to contact and civilize them.

Slime People Culture

Slime People culture is traditionally a collective affair and tightly intertwined with the practice of horticulturalism. Commonly forming large and extended bands, the group is often more important than the individual. These bands come together during the hot seasons of Xarxis 5 to form larger tribes, cooperating during the hot, productive seasons and returning to their band structures during cooler periods.

The religious and cultural practices of Slime People almost ubiquitously feature references to the cyclical nature of things, likely inspired by the elliptical orbit of the world and the migratory patterns it has lead to. While there are no formal religious structures, traditional beliefs are tightly entwined with the metaphysical concept of a soul. Individual Slime People are commonly believed to house the spirits of their ancestors and carry them with them, both as guides and protectors.

While many Slime People still practice their traditional beliefs, tribal and band-like structures have started to break down with the introduction of agriculture and industry. Larger communities have begun to form due to new buildings that are capable of withstanding the planet’s seasonal fluctuations. This in part has lead to a gradual abandonment of the old ways in favour of new amenities and opportunities.

Present Day

With the the assistance of a provisional government, a basic fleet, as well as a quickly developing economy, Slime People are on their way to becoming a player in the galactic arena. With the help of Nanotrasen, Slime People have been able to find employment on a variety of stations as both labourers and scholars.

Though a great deal of Slime People prefer the comforts and traditions of their homeworld, many more have decided to take their chances among the stars, trying to find a better life for themselves and their species.

Remember, crewmember, the road to success is paved with the foundations of initiative and productivity!

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