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This article features obsolete content.
This article contains content which is no longer in the Paradise Codebase, this page has been kept for archiving purposes.
Category Explanation
NC Items that are legal to possess despite dubious origin. Possession of these items is not a crime nor can they be confiscated upon arrest unless it can be proven the item was used in the process of committing a crime.
C Items that are illegal to possess but not necessarily traitor items. Possession of any 1 of these items is considered a breach of the Possession of Contraband (300) law. Having 2 or more of these, or using any one of these items to commit a Major Crime, automatically classifies you as an Enemy of the Corporation.
W Items that can be used as a weapon, in the true sense of the word, lethal or otherwise. Anyone in possession of these items can be charged with Possession of a Restricted Weapon (304). These items are also considered to be part of the Contraband (C) category for determining whether someone is in possession of multiple Contraband items.
E Explosive items which can deal structural damage to the station and harm crew. Anyone in possession of these items can be charged with Possession of Explosives (305). These items are also considered to be part of the standard Contraband (C) category for determining whether someone is in possession of multiple Contraband items.
S Syndicate items fall under this category. Having at least one of these classifies you as an Enemy of the Corporation.

Quick Reference Table

Non Contraband Items

Donk Pockets


Syndicate Soap

Smuggler's Satchel.png

Smuggler's Satchel


No-Slip Syndicate Shoes

Syndicate Smoke.png

Syndicate Smoke


Space Suit


Syndicate Balloon


Briefcase Full of Cash


Surgery Dufflebag

Syndicate Playing Cards.png

Playing Cards



Contraband Items
Biochip Syndicate.png

Adrenal Implant


Advanced Pinpointer


Artificial Intelligence Detector


All Ammunition


Banana Grenade


Binary Translator Key


Boozey Shotgun Shells

Chameleon jumpsuit.gif

Chameleon Jumpsuit

Chameleon Stamp.png

Chameleon Stamp

DNA Scrambler.png

DNA Scrambler

Biochip Syndicate.png

Freedom Implant


Military Belt

Black Gloves.png

Pickpocket's Gloves


Poison Bottle (Non-Lethal)



File:Biochip Syndicate

Storage Implant


Thermal Imaging Glasses

Gas mask.png

Voice Changer


Universal Suppressor


Contortionist's Jumpsuit


Ambrosia Cruciatus


EMP Flashlight

Cardboard Cutout.png

Adaptive Cardboard Cutout


Composition C4


Dart Pistol

Meat Cleaver.png

Meat Cleaver


Safety Scissors


Syndicate Pistol


Voodoo Doll


Box of Throwing Weapons


Cane Shotgun




FF Riot Pistol


Fibe Wire Garrote


Chameleon Flag

Id regular.png

Agent ID Card

Syndi Hardsuit.png

Blood Red Hardsuit

Camera Bug.png

Camera Bug



Chameleon projector.gif

Chameleon Projector


Chef Excellence's Special Sauce


Cryptographic Sequencer (Emag)


Dehydrated Space Carp

Pda cartrige.png

Detomatrix Cartridge



Energy crossbow.png

Energy Crossbow


Energy Dagger


Energy Sword


Hacked AI Upload Module



File:Biochip Syndicate

Mindslave Implant


Mysterious Scroll (Sleeping Carp)


Pizza Bomb


Poison Bottle (Lethal)


Power Beacon


Power Gloves


Power Sink


Proximity Mine


Radiation Laser


.357 Revolver


Sleepy Pen


Syndicate Encryption Key

Syndicate Bomb.png

Syndicate Bomb


Syndicate Minibomb


Syndicate Uplink


Raw Telecrystal

Artistic Toolbox.png

His Grace

MMI empty.png

Syndicate MMI



File:Biochip Syndicate

Uplink Implant


Feral Cat Grenade


Chameleon Security HUD


Radio Jammer


Mind Batterer


Power Fist

Pda cartrige.png

F.R.A.M.E Cartridge


Syndicate Long Arms


Atmos Grenades

Godstaff blue.png

Missionary Starter Kit


Nanocalcium Autoinjector


Gloves of the North Star

Is it Contraband?

Name Item Description Category Notes
Balloon SyndicateBalloon.png A useless red balloon with the syndicate logo on it, which can blow the deepest of covers. NC Harmless yet excellent at drawing attention!
Briefcase Full of Cash Moneycase.png A secure briefcase containing 5000 space credits. Useful for bribing personnel, or purchasing goods and services at lucrative prices. The briefcase also feels a little heavier to hold; it has been manufactured to pack a little bit more of a punch if your client needs some convincing, dealing 15 brute damage on hit. NC Bribery isn't covered by Space Law! (Yet...)
Donk Pockets DonksBox.png A box of highly specialized Donk pockets with a number of regenerative and stimulating chemicals inside of them; the box comes equipped with a self-heating mechanism. NC A delicious snack with a surprising kick!
No-Slip Syndicate Shoes SyndicateShoes.png A pair of brown shoes. When examined it says they are 'A pair of brown shoes. They seem to have extra grip.'. These shoes are nonslip but without the speed penalties the janitor's galoshes have. NC They're just plain old brown shoes, what's the big deal?
Playing Cards Syndicate Playing Cards.png A special deck of space-grade playing cards with a mono-molecular edge and metal reinforcement, making them lethal weapons both when wielded as a blade and when thrown. Does about 10 damage when thrown on an unarmored target. You can also play card games with them. NC Be careful when you cut the cards, they might cut you back!
Smuggler's Satchel Smuggler's Satchel.png The satchel has 5 slots and can be worn on your back or carried in your backpack. This satchel is thin enough to be hidden in the gap between plating and tiling, great for stashing your stolen goods. Comes with a crowbar and a floor tile inside. NC Can occasionally be found on the mining asteroid.
Surgery Dufflebag DuffleSyndiMed.png The Syndicate surgery dufflebag is a toolkit containing all surgery tools, a straitjacket, and a muzzle. NC If the dufflebag contains a Syndicate MMI (with or without a brain in it) see the entry for Syndicate MMI below in the S-category items list.
Space Suit SyndicateSuit.png A complete, red space suit and helmet. This suit's movement penalties are fewer than an EVA space suit! Useful if you need to hide in a vacuum. They can also hold a wide selection of items in suit storage . Nanotrasen crewmembers are trained to report red space suit sightings. NC Can occasionally be found out in space around the station.
Syndicate Smoke Syndicate Smoke.png Strong flavour, dense smoke, infused with Doctor's Delight. NC Specially imported from a secondhand merchant of Syndicate goods. Not illegal!
Syndicate Soap SyndicateSoap.png It's a bar of evil looking soap. NC About as useful as a regular bar of soap!
Adrenal Implant File:Biochip Syndicate An implant injected into the body, and later activated using a bodily gesture to inject a chemical cocktail, which has a mild healing effect along with removing all stuns and increasing his speed. C Contraband, but not necessarily evidence of a Syndicate traitor as these types of implants can be produced by R&D.
Advanced Pinpointer Pinpointer.png A pinpointer that tracks high-value items and crew on the station. Specifically, the PDA has 3 modes: 1) You can set X;Y co-ordinates and have it point you out in that direction. 2) You can locate the nuclear disk or other common objectives for traitors ( like hypospray, medals of captaincy, etc. ) 3) You can input a crew member's DNA strand to find them. You'll probably need to either get a medical crew's PDA or access to a medical logs computer for this. C If you confiscate this consider trying to find out what it was pointing at (with the Head of Security's approval, of course.) If it's pointing at a crew member alert them to the potential danger. If it points at a high-value item try see if there is evidence that the person with the Pinpointer attempted to break in.
Artificial Intelligence Detector Multitool.png A functional multitool that turns red when it detects an artificial intelligence watching it or its holder. Knowing when an artificial intelligence is watching you is useful for knowing when to maintain cover. C Harmless aside from being able to show when the AI is watching via one of its many cameras.
All Ammunition Ammo.gif Any type of ammunition that can be produced from the autolathe, protolathe, or gained via any other means including .357, .38, 9mm, 10mm, or any type of shotgun or autorifle ammunition. C Only crew with weapon permits should be handling ammunition. The exception to this rule is Science so long as said ammunition is kept within the Research department or being transported between Research and Security for the purpose of handing it off to the Warden or other Security personnel. NOTE - The amount and type of ammunition is irrelevant. A backpack full of .357 speedloaders and 10mm Magazines is still only a single charge of Possession of Contraband.
Ambrosia Cruciatus Ambrosiavulgarisseed.png Part of the notorious Ambrosia family, this species is nearly indistinguishable from Ambrosia Vulgaris- but its' branches contain a revolting toxin. Eight units are enough to drive victims insane. C Ask a chemist to verify the contents. Ambrosia Cruciatus looks identical to Ambrosia Vulgaris but contains Bath Salts rather than the generic Toxins present in Vulgaris.
Banana Grenade Grenade.png A grenade that explodes into HONK! brand banana peels that are genetically modified to be extra slippery and extrude caustic acid when stepped on. C "Why does that clown have a grenade? The horror! The horror!" Can be found on the crashed clown ship.
Binary Translator Key SyndiKey.png The key must be attached to an regular non-department headset. This tool will allow you to access, and speak, on the robotic talk channels. Keep in mind, this will alert the AI, and all cyborgs that you are using a contraband device if you speak on their channel. Very handy for hearing if the AI is rogue, or is out to arrest you. Speak on the channel with a ':b' before your text (e.g. say ":b Beep boop.") C Though this is not proof of being a traitor it's still extremely rude to eavesdrop!
Boozey Shotgun Shells SyndicateBox.png A box containing 6 shotgun shells that simulate the effects of extreme drunkeness on the target, more effective for each type of alcohol in the target's system. C If properly identified these are considered Contraband like any other ammunition.
Contortionist's Jumpsuit Atmosjumpsuit.png A highly flexible jumpsuit that will help you navigate the ventilation loops of the station internally. Comes with pockets and ID slot, but can't be used without stripping off most gear, including backpack, belt, helmet, and exosuit. Free hands are also necessary to crawl around inside. C This is a job specific item for Atmospheric Technicians.
Chameleon Jumpsuit Chameleon jumpsuit.gif You can change to any other jumpsuit by right-clicking the jumpsuit itself. If your job is to sabotage the station, then combining this with a voice changer means that you can assume any identity you please. An EMP blast will make this temporarily turn into a psychedelic suit, which is good for parties, but completely awful for stealth. C Harmless really, it's a jumpsuit that can change it's look but it's still considered contraband technology.
Chameleon Stamp Chameleon Stamp.png Activate it to change the stamp type. You can make it into most types of stamps, even the Captain's or the NT Representative's. Most players in big positions are willing to go the extra mile for you if you provide paperwork and seem like a trustworthy person. C Could potentially allow a crewmember access to items they shouldn't have access to by forging forms. A good Cargo Tech always makes sure the relevant signature accompanies the stamp of a Department Head!
DNA Scrambler DNA Scrambler.png Gives you a fresh start. C Crew who have used this will not be listed on the Crew Manifest under their new identity.
Freedom Implant File:Biochip Syndicate If you inject yourself with this, you can get out of handcuffs a limited number of times (Usually 1-2, maybe 3) by selecting and then using an emote (*nod, *blink, etc). C Contraband, but not necessarily evidence of a Syndicate traitor as these types of implants can be produced by R&D.
Military Belt Militarybelt.png A robust seven-slot red belt made for carrying a broad variety of weapons, ammunition and explosives. C The belt itself is contraband as are most of the items capable of being stored inside it.
Pickpocket's Gloves Black Gloves.png A pair of sleek gloves to aid in pickpocketing, while wearing these you can see inside the pockets of any unsuspecting mark, loot the ID or pockets without them knowing, and pickpocketing puts the item directly into your hand. C Indistinguishable from regular black gloves. Test them out to make sure they're really Pickpocket's Gloves before confiscating them!
Poison Bottle (nonlethal) Poison.png A bottle that contains one of many different illegal chemicals. The contents of the bottle could be anything from a paralysis drug like ketamine to something incredibly lethal like cyanide. C (See below for lethal poison) Nonlethal chemicals: Pancuronium, Sodium Thiopental, Coniine
Stimulants Stimulants.png A highly illegal compound contained within a compact auto-injector; when injected it makes the user extremely resistant to being incapacitated and greatly enhances the body's ability to repair itself. C Easily mistaken for an autoinjector! The stimulants have black-and-white stripes rather than the green-and-yellow of regular autoinjectors.
Storage Implant File:Biochip Syndicate Once injected this implant creates a bluespace pocket capable of holding two medium-sized objects (i.e. two undetectable pockets that can hold anything that fits into a regular backpack.) C While not capable of being produced by R&D as some other implants are this item is not considered anything more than contraband. Anyone with a used Storage Implant in their possession should be taken to surgery for implant removal. If the items that were stored in the implant are also contraband the person should be charged as an Enemy of the Corporation.
Thermal Imaging Glasses Sunglasses.png A special set of sunglasses. It can see warm bodies through walls, including cyborgs, xenos, humans, monkeys, and the AI due to their similar warm organic body parts. C Useful for scouting targets but not necessarily harmful unto themselves. Still, these vision-enhancing glasses should be confiscated!
Universal Suppressor UniversalSuppressor.png Fitted for use on any small caliber weapon with a threaded barrel, this suppressor will silence the shots of the weapon for increased stealth and superior ambushing capability. C Though not a weapon unto itself make sure you search the it's owner carefully for a weapon that it can be attached to!
Voice Changer Gas mask.png A conspicuous gas mask that mimics the voice named on your identification card. When no identification is worn, the mask will render your voice unrecognisable. C You can test this item by wearing it along with the person's ID and speaking over the radio to see if you sound like them.
Cane Shotgun Shotguncane.png A traitor Mime only item. This cane comes with a kit of darts meant for silently assassinating targets. The cane fits in a backpack and can hold one dart at a time. Firing is silent. W If you find this weapon chances are the Mime is a traitor! You might consider searching the Mime or their office for ammo if it's unloaded. Keep in mind that having both a weapon AND ammunition for it only counts as one piece of contraband!
Composition C-4 C4.gif This pack of explosives can detonate and destroy anything it is set on, after any chosen amount of seconds. It takes 10 seconds to set this, and requires you to be un-interrupted. You can click it to set the timer. E Capable of obliterating a single tile and causing minor damage to everything in a small radius.
Chameleon flag (Put undisguised flag pic here) (Put undisguised flag desc here) E This flag can can be diguised as another flag and will explode if set on fire. Any suspicious (non-naturally occuring) flags might be this
Dart Pistol DartPistol.png A miniaturized version of a normal syringe gun. It is very quiet when fired and can fit into any space a small item can. W Functionally identical to a regular syringe gun except that it is a small item which can be more easily hidden.
E20 D20.png A seemingly innocent die, those who are not afraid to roll for attack will find it's effects quite explosive. Has a four second timer. E It has a small chance to insta-gib the player, and a small chance to have a bigger than bomb-cap explosion. Job specific for the librarian.
Fiber Wire Garrote Garrote.png A thin piece of wire with a handle on either end intended for strangling someone from behind. W Comes in professional and improvised variants.
Foam Force Riot Pistol FoamPistol.png An innocent looking toy pistol designed to fire foam darts. Comes loaded with riot grade darts, to incapacitate a target. W Regular Foam Force darts have blue tips whereas riot grade darts have red tips. The pistol itself is not the weapon, the ammunition is!
Meat Cleaver Meat Cleaver.png A mean looking meat cleaver that does damage comparable to an Energy Sword but with the added benefit of chopping your victim into hunks of meat after they've died and the chance to stun when thrown. W A deadly weapon that should not be in the possession of any lawful crewman. A kitchen knife is a much safer option for chopping meat.
Safety Scissors Scissors.png A pair of scissors discretely sharpened to dangerous levels. Using these on a person will give the illusion you are cutting their hair for a few moments before you slice the victim's throat, causing lots of bleeding, 30 oxygen damage, and 18 brute damage. Each additional slash does 18 brute damage, similar to an energy dagger. W A deadly weapon that should not be in the possession of any lawful crewman. A regular pair of scissors, or even a razor, are a suitable alternative for a law-abiding crewman.
Syndicate Pistol SyndiPistol.png It's a gun. Click on someone and you shoot at them. Does 30 brute damage per shot on an unarmoured target. Can be outfitted with a silencer. Takes 10mm ammo, can be printed from a hacked autolathe. W Can occasionally be found in maintenance tunnels with a single bullet in the chamber. If extra ammunition is discovered in the search or if the pistol is outfitted with a Universal Suppressor the person is eligible to be convicted as an Enemy of the Corporation.
Voodoo Doll VoodooDoll.png The voodoo doll can be used to mess with a target in various ways once it has been linked to them. Hold something on fire to the doll to raise the victim's temperature or poke it with something sharp to weaken them. See what your target sees by selecting the doll's eyes or make them say what you want by targeting the doll's mouth. Be warned that the victim may be alerted to the location of the voodoo doll when you are performing any of these actions. W Can occasionally be found on the mining asteroid. Linking the doll to any crew member is grounds for being prosecuted as an Enemy of the Corporation, regardless of whether or not the doll was actually used to manipulate the victim in any way, shape, or form.
Agent ID Card Id regular.png This is a special ID card that makes you untrackable by the AI. You can repeatedly forge any name and assignment on it and make it look more like a real ID, but the card will only have Maintenance Tunnel and External Airlock access, so try to use it in an Identification Computer. Remember to wear it on your ID slot or it will not work. Scan your Agent ID over a stolen ID card to gain that card's access. S If the ID card has access that it should not have but is not an Agent ID card consider that the Head of Personnel might be an accomplice.
Blood-Red Hardsuit Syndi Hardsuit.png The feared suit of a syndicate nuclear agent. Features slightly better armor. When the helmet is deployed your identity will be protected. Toggling the suit into combat mode will allow you all the mobility of a loose fitting uniform without sacrificing armor. Additionally the suit is collapsible, small enough to fit within a backpack. Nanotrasen crew members are trained to report red space suit sightings, these suits in particular are known to drive employees into a panic. S If the person in possession of this hardsuit is not on the crew manifest it is likely they are part of a team of Nuke Ops sent to destroy the station.
Camera Bug Camera Bug.png Use on a camera to bug it. Activate it to spy through those cameras. Can be upgraded. S Even if it is not put to use this item is still highly illegal and qualifies it's owner as an Enemy of the Corporation.
Chainsaw Chainsaw.gif The chainsaw is an extremely lethal and visible weapon. It cannot be stored in a backpack and makes a very noticeable noise when on. The chainsaw deals 40 brute damage and stuns the target when wielded with both hands. S Highly visible and extremely dangerous. Chances are if you spot someone with this they will be attacking you or someone else. Approach with caution!
Chameleon-Projector Chameleon projector.gif Looks like a cloaker, but allows you to scan any item that can be picked up and then disguise yourself as that item. While disguised you move at walk speed and cannot interact with anything you're not already holding, and if someone tries to pick you up or runs into you the disguise fails and you change back to normal. Incredibly useful, and a lot of fun, if you use it correctly. You cannot be detected by the AI, or even people with x-ray vision. S Highly illegal regardless of it's origin. Occasionally employed by Vox raiders or found in abandoned syndicate outposts through the Gateway.
Chef Excellence's Special Sauce MiscCondiment.png A custom made sauce made from the toxin glands of 1000 space carp, if somebody ingests enough they'll be dead in 3 minutes or less guaranteed. S Be sure to verify the contents of the bottle before charging someone as an Enemy of the Corporation!
Cryptographic Sequencer (Emag) Emag.png An electromagnetic card used to short out or break a variety of things on board the NSS Cyberiad. Most commonly used on doors for quick entry into otherwise inaccessible areas, although it can also be used to unlock lockers, crates, and lockboxes. There is no limit to the number of uses the card has. S Regardless of the origin of this technology possession is considered a high crime. Occasionally employed by Vox raiders.
Dehydrated Space Carp PlushieCarp.png Just add water to make your very own hostile to everything space carp. It looks just like a plushie. S Be careful that you don't charge someone as an Enemy of the Corporation for carrying a harmless stuffed animal!
Detomatix Cartridge Pda cartrige.png A PDA cartridge which, when inserted into a PDA, loads a program capable of causing other PDAs on the same network to combust in a moderately sized explosion. Often not enough to kill someone, but can be used to soften them up for an easy finish. S Very visible and obvious proof of an Enemy of the Corporation. Ensure that you check the cartridge loaded into the PDA of anyone suspected of being a Syndicate agent!
EMP Kit SyndicateBox.png A box that contains two EMP grenades and EMP implant. Useful to disrupt communication and silicon lifeforms. S Be wary when handling EMP weapons as they can cause massive damage to electronic equipment, synthetics, and anyone equipped with prosthetics.
Energy Crossbow Energy crossbow.png When this weapon is used on a person, the victim falls down and takes about 10 toxin damage. While it is a useful weapon, it is another one of those extremely recognizable weapons. There is no "X shot Y" message, but the dart can be seen depending on how BYOND feels today, and there might be a slight sound. This weapon automatically recharges over time, which means unlike a revolver it won't run out of ammo. S This weapon is known to be a favorite of Syndicate agents.
Energy Dagger Edagger.gif Essentially a more lightweight energy sword. This device can be disguised as a pen to be stored within a PDA when off and deals 18 brute damage when on. S Don't forget to check the pen stored inside the PDA of any suspected Enemy of the Corporation!
Energy Sword Sword.gif This is a melee weapon that can do a lot of brute damage. It has two states, on and off. When it's off, you can fit it into your pocket, but it only does about 3 brute damage. When on it does 30 brute damage. Click on it to switch between the two states. S Very recognizable by sight and sound, be cautious when approaching someone wielding one or more of these!
Feral Cat Grenade Grenade.png The feral cat delivery grenade contains 8 dehydrated feral cats in a similar manner to dehydrated monkeys, which, upon detonation, will be rehydrated by a small reservoir of water contained within the grenade. These cats will then attack anything in sight. S This is a job specific item for the Psychiatrist.
Hacked AI Upload Module Uploadmodule.png It's like an AI freefom module. You'll need to get at an upload console for it to work though. S Examine the board to see the law that has been set.
His Grace Artistic Toolbox.png A special green toolbox that houses an entity which hungers for the souls of the crew and empowers it's chosen to gather souls for it. Only available to Chaplain traitors with the hijack objective. S Be wary if you see someone holding this as they may be immune to stuns and resistant to weakening effects. In addition, depending on the number of souls that have been fed to it, the toolbox may be capable of massive damage!
Holoparasites Combathypo.gif When injected, causes a parasitic nanomachine entity known as a guardian to become attached to the user. These entities can have many different dangerous abilities, such as igniting targets or creating explosive traps. S If you find a holoparasite injector be on your guard! The user's guardian can appear at any time to attack! In the event of a holoparasite attack lethal force is authorized.
Mind Batterer Mindbatterer.png A device which can potentially stun multiple people within its area of effect regardless of any protective equipment they might be wearing. S Known to be used by Syndicate agents when their target is in a crowded area.
Mindslave Implant File:Biochip Syndicate A box containing an implanter filled with a mindslave implant that when injected into another person makes them loyal to you and your cause, unless of course they're already implanted by someone else. Loyalty ends if the implant is no longer in their system. S Implanted people are victims, not criminals. If you discover a used implanter make sure you get the person scanned for implants and have them surgically removed before you make a decision as to whether to charge them as an Enemy of the Corporation!
Mysterious Scroll (Sleeping Carp) Scroll1.png A mysterious scroll which allows the user to rapidly gain knowledge of the Sleeping Carp martial art, known to be a favored fighting style of Syndicate agents. S The scroll disintegrates after use so if you find one in somebody's possession they do not likely know the Sleeping Carp martial art. Even so, possession is still a crime!
Pizza Bomb Pizzabomb.png A pizza box with a bomb taped inside of it. The timer needs to be set by opening the box; afterwards, opening the box again will trigger the detonation. S Still considered a Syndicate weapon even if you're some kind of alien that eats explosions or something.
Poison Bottle (lethal) Poisonbottle.png A bottle that contains one of many different illegal chemicals. The contents of the bottle could be anything from a paralysis drug like ketamine to something incredibly lethal like cyanide. S Lethal chemicals: Curare, Polonium, Venom. Though Aminitin and Histamine are available through a traitor's uplink they are also available by other means on-station and as such may or may not be illegal depending on the job of the personnel in possession of them and whether or not they had prior authorization to obtain the chemicals legally.
Power Beacon SingularityBeacon.gif Placed like a powersink, screwdriver to secure and open hand to turn on, the power beacon will attract the singularity or tesla ball towards it, if it is loose. Note that for it to be useful at all the engine first needs to be released as the beacon will not release it. A power beacon can not be picked up when ordered, having to be dragged to move it. It also blocks movement over it, so be sure to spawn it where you want to set the beacon up. Unlike a powersink it does not need to be connected to an active powerline, allowing you to secure one in deep space above the station on a single tile of floor. S If you spot one of these your first priority should be to secure engine containment and the Particle Accelerator chamber from intruders.
Power Gloves Yellowgloves.png They look like a pair of insulated gloves, so they are very inconspicuous. Clicking on someone whilst standing on a power line will launch a bolt of force-lightning from the hands of the user, stunning or killing the target. Shorting out the SMES units from the power grid and adding more collectors to Singularity will create a more powerful shock, making it possible for the weapon to kill or even dust targets. S Difficult to discover unless they are seen in use by a traitorous crew member. If you put the gloves on and stand over a powered cable you may be able to feel a charge building up in the gloves.
Power Sink Powersink.gif This bad boy is a station engineers and AI's worst enemy. When bought, this thing is useless, but when the power sink comes in contact with exposed wires out in space or on the station it starts to drain the power at a RAPID rate. You must screw it into place on a wire with a screwdriver and then turn it on. But as easy as it was set down, any one can pick it right back up! S Yet another piece of technology that is nonlethal but obviously Syndicate in origin. Hopefully the owner left some evidence on it!
Proximity Mine WetFloorSign.png An Anti-Personnel proximity mine cleverly disguised as a wet floor caution sign that is triggered by running past it, activate it to start the 15 second timer and activate again to disarm. S Be cautious when handling wet floor signs that might be stored in a suspect's pack. If you activate it you have only 15 seconds to get it to a safe place!
Radiation Laser Healthanalyzer.png A radiation laser concealed inside of a Health Analyser, After a moderate delay, causes temporary collapse and radiation. Has adjustable controls, but will not function as a regular health analyzer, only appears like one. May not function correctly on radiation resistant humanoids! S When testing this item make sure to use it on someone with radiation resistance or wearing a radiation suit! You might also be able to scan someone and then move far enough away that the laser does not affect them.
Raw Telecrystal Rawtelecrystal.png A small red crystal which allows a Syndicate uplink to teleport illicit gear to their chosen agents on board the NSS Cyberiad. S Anyone in possession of one of these is either in possession of an uplink or knows the identity of someone with an uplink. See the Cooperation sentence modifier on the Space Law page.
Revolver SyndiRevolver.png It's a gun. Click on someone and you shoot at them. Does 60 brute damage per shot on an unarmored target and around 30 on a normally armored one. If you're out of bullets you'll just hit them with your gun which does 5 brute damage. Careful, the revolver's pretty loud and nearby people will hear it. Also keep in mind there's only 7 shots. Takes .357 ammo which can be printed at a hacked autolathe. S This firearm is known to be a favorite of Syndicate agents.
Sleepy Pen Pen.png This is a very devious little item. When you use it on someone with it they'll be injected with sleep toxin, stamina toxin, and mute toxin, falling asleep in around 20 seconds. They'll be under for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds and then wake up. It starts with 55 units. Can be refilled with any chemical by using a dropper. This is a silent injection so the receiver will receive no notification. S Simply clicking the pen on someone does not prove it's a sleepy pen unless they suffer the ill effects of it, however only sleepy pens can be filled with more chemicals and as such having a dropper and small beaker of water on standby is useful for discovering the true nature of this weapon.
Syndicate Encryption Key SyndiKey.png The key must be attached to an regular non-department headset. It will intercept every radio message excluding the binary channel. The Syndicate channel is accessed with ':t'. S Put the headset on and say something over the radio and you will be able to tell if a Syndicate encryption key has been installed. Alternately have the person you are searching lay on the floor while you stand on the same tile as them and you will be able to hear the intercepted radio.
Syndicate Bomb Syndicate Bomb.png The Syndicate Bomb has an adjustable timer with a minimum setting of 120 seconds. Ordering the bomb sends you a small beacon which will teleport the explosive to your location when you activate it. You can wrench the bomb down to prevent removal. The crew may attempt to defuse the bomb. S An obviously Syndicate item. Your first priority should be evacuating the area around the bomb and then attempting to defuse it. Unless the Detective is nearby you will not likely have enough time to have it scanned for evidence. Odds of defusing are about 50% by cutting one wire at a time until the countdown stops or the bomb explodes. Looks just like the training bomb in the firing range except it has a red light instead of a blue one.
Syndicate Minibomb SyndiMinibomb.png Creates an explosion of (1, 2, 4) at detonation. S One of the many types of explosives that the Syndicate can equip their agents with. It functions essentially like a decently powerful high-explosive grenade.
Syndicate MMI MMI empty.png Syndicate's own brand of MMI. It enforces laws designed to help Syndicate agents achieve their goals upon cyborgs created with it, but doesn't fit in Nanotrasen AI cores. S Comes with a Surgery Dufflebag.
Syndicate Uplink SyndiPDA.png This is where the traitor gets all his fancy items. It's disguised as a PDA or a headset. If it's a PDA you will need to enter the code given into the ringtone selection in the messenger menu. A headset will need to be changed to the correct frequency. From there you can click on it and pick whatever item you want/need. You only have 20 telecrystals to use so choose wisely. S If you're lucky a traitor might leave the uplink menu on their PDA open by mistake. Otherwise you'll need to get the code from the traitor themselves at which point you should have already verified that they're an Enemy of the Corporation.
Telegun GunTele.png An extremely high-tech energy gun that utilizes bluespace technology to teleport away living targets. Select the target beacon on the telegun itself; projectiles will send targets to the beacon locked onto. S If you find one of these it is highly likely that the Research Director is a traitor!
Uplink Implant File:Biochip Syndicate When you inject this into someone (preferably you), you can choose an emote. Doing that emote will give you access to your uplink in the implant. Comes with 10 telecrystals. S If you discover a used Uplink Implant on someone beware, they could summon in a weapon at a moment's notice! Cuff them or incapacitate them as soon as possible to avoid a potential attack.
Syndicate Long Arms GunContra.gif A category that includes any form of syndicate long gun utilizing ballistics, such as but not limited to the following: M-90gl, C-20r, L6-SAW, Sniper Rifle, Bulldog Shotgun, Cycler Shotgun, etc. S Possession of these weapons outside of an imminent or immediate threat to station integrity is grounds to be charged as an EoC, irrespective of where they were obtained from. This category does not apply to any Nanotrasen ballistic weapons, such as the Saber SMG.
Nanocalcium Autoinjector Nanocalciuminjector.png Highly advanced nanites equipped with calcium payloads designed to repair bones. Comes in a box with one autoinjector and one guide on it's usage. S A stolen prototype chemical, developed by Nanotrasen, that is extremely useful in the area of bone repair. It is given only to sworn Syndicate operatives.
F.R.A.M.E Cartridge Pda cartrige.png A data cartridge for portable microcomputers. Able to upload a virus uplink to innocent PDAs. S Used by Syndicate to try and frame innocent members of the crew of being Syndicate themselves.
Gloves of the North Star Fingerless.png A pair of fingerless gloves. They make your hands float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. S Syndicate agents generally fight unarmed while wearing these, giving them an exceptionally lethal rate of attacks against crewmembers.
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