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One of the unique additions we have on this server is the Karma System.

What is Karma?

Karma Verb

What is karma you ask? We get asked this question every round. Basically each player has their own karma count, you can check it by using the the check karma verb (OOC => check karma). Karma can be used to purchase things from the karma shop, and it lets you know that you are a good RP-er.

How do I get karma?

Now I know what karma is and what i can do with it, how do I earn it?

Karma is earned by other players rewarding another player. At the end of the round when the shuttle docks at Central Command, you will get a pop-up window which tells you to spend karma on someone (special verbs => award karma).

There are multiple reasons a user may award karma to another. Here are some of the most known, yet not limited to.

  1. Good, well though-out role play manners.
  2. Efficient at the chosen role.
  3. Efficient and/or interesting antagonist.
  4. Stunts. Ex. Escaping the supermatter by running, being the last one alive, etc.

I've got my karma. What next?

Right so now you've got your karma and you now have 2 options. 1. Spend the karma on something in the karma shop and 2. Save it for something more expensive.

Spending Karma

To spend karma go to the in-game karma shop which then will give you a pop-up window and a list of all available species that you can buy.

Species unlock panel

If you have enough karma to be able to afford what you choose, that amount will be deducted from your account and the species will be unlocked for you to enjoy.

Saving Karma

Pretty self-explanatory. You won't have the required amount of karma to purchase anything straight away and will have to save up until you earn enough. Don't worry karma will never be deducted from your account without you purchasing something so keep saving!

Karma Rules

Yes, as awesome as this system is, it also has rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban from the karma system and a place on the karma wall of shame.

Swapping Karma between friends repeatedly or other methods of 'Farming' is an offense that may result in being banned from the Karma system and all of its unlocks. Our Karma system is in place to reward good players, not those who have a friend to swap with every round. You are also forbidden to attempt reverse-engineer the code from the game to attempt at cheating the karma system's functionality.

Karma Unlocks

Karma unlocks are currently only unique to player Species. Originally Karma unlocks used to be used for both Species and Job Roles but the latter has since been retired.

Species Unlocks

15KP - Machine People

30KP - Kidan

30KP - Grey

30KP - Drask

45KP - Vox

45KP - Slime People

45KP - Plasmaman

Removed and Refundable Unlocks

The following karma unlocks were removed from the Karma Shop, due to various reasons. Anyone who purchased these unlocks prior to their removal will be able to refund the purchase via the Refund section of the Karma Shop. Do note that you cannot refund other unlocks at this time, only the following eligible ones. Refunding will reimburse your account with the karma spent on the unlock. Not refunding the unlock has no benefit beyond bragging rights.

5KP - Barber

5KP - Brig Physician

10KP- Nanotrasen Recruiter

30KP - Customs Officer

30KP - Ambassador (Per racial ambassador unlocked)

30KP - Security Pod Pilot

30KP - Mechanic

30KP - Blueshield Officer

30KP - NanoTrasen Representative

45KP - Magistrate